Should you wish to know more I am happy to suggest Airguns of Arizona and Braces of Bristol they have helped me over the years but a Google search may find you what your looking for.Find me on Facebook - The Airgun Gear Show, also Instagram - airgungear and Twitter - airgungear.Please enjoy the video’s I make.Giles ( The Host ) Has his own channel. Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle .177 and .22 - X2 RS2Sportsmarketing brings us the Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle. Moderately accurate with easy to find ammo. Otherwise, I can't think of anything else to change. Things I liked: It's a nice heavy weapon of choice, shoots great but haven't had much time to use the gun as I would like too. NOTHING I SHOW IS FOR SALE FROM ME, these are pure reviews which are all my own work. Air Rifle Red Dot And Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Air Rifle Manual is usually the … Out of the box it was off by about 3 inches at 35 yards. Diesels untill around 400 shots and calms down and groups tighter. But unrealstic. A cracking air gun which comes with 2 barrels, not just one. Available in 0.177, 0.22. *Must be 18 years old. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: The barrel came loose every 3 shots, so I had to carry an Allen wrench any where I was shooting. Archer Airguns Spare Parts Kits for Beeman ® Sportsman Series 1,000fps Air Rifles ... Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle, Model 1073 (this is often known as the RS2 or WalMart Beeman rifle) Beeman Grizzly X2, Models 1072 and 1073. Nice little rifle for small game and plinking. It looks great and it shoots pretty well, but accuracy is far from stellar. I have to say that in reading other reviews where someone had reported scope issues and others where the machining was way off impacting the angle of the shot, I was worried. near as i can tell its the same scope, but for some reason the beeman labled one is just junk. The barrel lock screw has came loose and your barrel Is moving around Everytime you re-cock it. I am very happy with this gun, the quality and the way that it shoots. A couple of weeks back, I was on Amazon looking around the sporting goods department. Super accurate today. Make your customer buy after market plastic sights if thay want them , not the other way around. The Final Verdict - The Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 is a great deal at just under $100 at Walmart. Shop for cheap price Beeman Sportsman Series Air Rifle Rs1 And Bsa Meteor Evo Air Rifle .Price Low and Options of Beeman Sportsman Series Air Rifle Rs1 And Bsa Meteor Evo Air Rifle from variety stores in usa. but that scope included is just absolute junk. The barrel screw will come loose. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! It’s shown in our heading photograph above, by Ana Guerra of Beeman. Being able to switch between .22 and .177 easily. And hope I am a section of helping you to get a far better product. At 35 yards I was surprised that there was not a significant drop. This gun feels as solid as my Henry rimfire .22 but I feel safe practicing in the basement. Things I liked: Value,power,stock configuration, Things I would have changed: A more secure front site,better scope, What others should know: Front site had to be super glued in place,scope broke (internal glass),but with a "Jerry" Springer,you have to jerry -rig these things from a powerful piston power plant. .wood stock, dual cal, nice solid feel & weight, cocking effort, decent trigger, overall performance. ... 1 Review. Warn more on the mechanics of secure barrel tightening . I.m still breaking it in, rifle has plenty of power, and scope works fine, looks good and seems to be well built, yes, I would recommend it --- well satisfied I just wanted a hard hitting pellet rifle. Beeman Precision Airguns launched a large number of new products at the 2019 SHOT Show. I have the RS2 Grizzly Beeman. The plastic sights have day glow neon looking dots, that are easy to see. Includes: 4 x 32 scope and mounts European hardwood stock Fiber optic front and rear sights Adjustable trigger Automatic safety uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What others should know: Test your ammo. Does have a little bit of travel when shooting at an upward angle at game. Like the carrying case. Reasonable. Suddenly, the rifle would not make air. Tame cycle.Rabbits at 40 and under..done. But now, it is one sweet shooter. What others should know: Overall, as in anything else you get what you pay for. 2 star. Also fits Shanghai Airguns AR1000 and Tech Force TF89 models. Things I liked: The look and feel of the rifle is nice. Also the sights are junk. I would definitely have pictured it having better scope/sight. The included case is a nice addition and off quite reasonable quality. But I constantly have to be aware of how I handle the rifle for fear of breaking the plastic sights. Things I liked: great value for the money, exceptional accuracy, not too heavy; Things I would have changed: for a gun this good you should buy a better scope; What others should know: This gun is a sleeper, I already own a Beeman Mach 12.5, which is a superb gun, but I watched a video on you tube about this dual caliber gun, and in that video the guy was just bragging how great this gun was and how he had shot over 1,000 shots out of it and it was still going strong. 3500 shots mostly chps and ruger 1.1 gram (16.6gr) . All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Starting at $94.99. Required fields are marked * I am 75 years old and do not have the strength that I had in the good ole days. Mine likes heavy pellets, premier shoot the best of any I have tried so far. So gone are the days when you wish you had bought the other caliber, because the by-one-get-one-free deal of the decade is here.The case does contain spare barrel bolts and 'O' ring seals for the breach. So for the price of it , I bought one too, and OH BOY.... this gun is really all that .It's extreamly accurate. . I also added the 10 test shot garranty performed by Christy, it was well worth it. If you searching to test Beeman Kodiak Air Rifle For Sale And Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Pellet Rifle price. Things I would have changed: just dont include a scope at all if that is the quality you are sending. And that's with enough power to send a pellet straight through a 1/2" wood target (next to the Coke cans), too. Disassembly showed a broken piston head. Not that the gun itself is poor quality, it is very solid, it is that barrel changing mechanism is terrible. Its way too powerful for a child anyway. 5.0 out of 5 stars Beeman RS2 .22 Air Rifle Combo with 3-9x32 mm scope. My neighbor was amazed that this little airgun was that accurate. Beeman AR2078 CO2 Thumbhole Target Rifle .177. Things I would have changed: I would change the plastic sights to steel. This rifle has a very , very tricky trigger assembly , so think twice before taking this one apart for cleaning or adjustments . Excellent condition. I always have the .22 barrels installed and never had them loosen up. Best Reviews Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Air Rifle Review And Budget Rifles Revie Then, I encountered the Beeman Sportsman RS2 Dual Caliber Air Rifle, which showed up with a.177 a barrel, a.22 a … Things I liked: I love this airgun. nuff said. The Beeman Sportsman RS2 is a powerful and accurate air rifle that is of surprisingly high quality for such a low monetary commitment. What others should know: When you seat the barrel setscrew use some Loctite or as I did, some Teflon thread tape. Things I would have changed: Somehow make it easier to cock. What others should know: The gun I received is very accurate and fun to shoot . May decide a scope upgrade for enhanced performance. The barrel is horribly drooped (canted) and I've looked into ways of fixing it and it doesn't seem to be possible. We do not sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun equipment. Accurate. I like a scope so will save up my money and buy a better quality scope. This rifle has great value for its price. As the scope is adjusted over and the entire package comes together, the Beeman RS2 Combo Air Rifle gives you a stylish look and classy rifle with an affordable price. cant even stress in text how badass this rifle is. If your a serious hunter or want something that will last for decades I would recommend spending a little more for something that will last. Like most springers, it did require a "wear in" period, and I did run through a few different pellets to see which ones it liked more (the RWS Superdomes, in my case). It was very easy to site in. I had the synthetic version and tried a trigger fix.To be honest , it was pure luck getting mine back together. It's around 8lbs pull...that's a guess but I shoot alot and bet I'm within a pound. Itr does have an adjustible trigger. I have the been an sportsman r2 series. What others should know: Decent rifle with unique dual caliber feature. It is also very accurate after I sighted in the scope. The cheek wield is fair. Sites are plastic and scope is functional but cheesy in construction. Things I would have changed: Materials used and machine work. Things I liked: Excellent accuracy. It is a 2 barrel model and I have only had the 22 in. My second air rifle purchased a year ago 2013 and still enjoying shooting. Things I would have changed: BARREL DROOP!! If you searching to evaluate Beeman Sportsman Series Air Rifle Review … Things I liked: The wood finish on this on this rifle is very well done, as is the the ability to quickly change barrels as desired. The trigger creep and feel sucks. Perhaps ill try it with higher end scope at some point. Mine has very good blus, good checkering on the wrist, and it shoots very well. Power + Accuracy + Beeman = Great Gun! . I cannot hit the same spot twice. Your email address will not be published. Is … The wood stock is very attractive and the rifle in general is good looking. What others should know: You can't beat the quality, versatility and craftmenship of this rifle for this price any where. Neither “The Airgun Gear Show” it’s host or anyone connected to the show, You Tube, Google or parent company can will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in this video. On the other hand, I hope that this reviews about it 22 Rifle For Home Defense And Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Air Rifle will always be useful. Would not hunt any further than 35 yards with this rifle. Create an online review   and share your thoughts with other customers, By Frances from USA on 2012-05-29 11:07:52. Just earlier today, I was shooting some Coke cans from about 30 yards away. I'm very pleased with it . Great safety placement (in front of trigger). What others should know: Just watch out for Barrel Droop on this one. We would say no. easy to hold all day, fun to shoot, very powerful, the recoil isn't too bad at all, and once you shoot it you won't put it down. It will pass through rabbit size game at 40 yrds no problem. Beeman Precision Airguns - Teton .177 Air Rifle Combo The Beeman Teton .177 caliber is a sportsman series intermediate sporter/target air rifle. It seems the barrel is pointed down, not in line with the rest of the rear of the barrel. Includes .177 caliber and .22 caliber barrels. But that's not a bad thing. Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Air Rifle Review And Beginner Air Rifle Tips IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LOW PRICES PRODUCTS, FIND IN OUR STORE. I wasn't expecting a match grade target rifle. It is a very fine air rifle. Accuracy is moderate, has a nice pop hitting steel targets with .22 cal bullets. This gun is marked RS2 and it has the RS2 trigger, but the box says RS1. The trigger mechanism will get a polish job as soon as I decide the new is worn off. Pretty accurate once the right pellet(s) are chosen. I had wished to purchase some 22lr ammo. Break barrel action, single shot, .177 caliber. rifle. I am not instructing you to purchase or take part in any thing you see in my video. Things I would have changed: I have agree with the other reviews, the scope is not very good quality. I put on a centerpoint 4x32 from a crosman vantage combo and it was dialed in quickly. I chose the .22 to start. Have not fired the .177 barrel yet but I've every reason to believe it will perform as it should. Shop for Low Price 22 Rifle Automatic Sale And Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Pellet Rifle .Price Low and Options of 22 Rifle Automatic Sale And Beeman Sportsman Rs2 Series Pellet Rifle from variety stores in usa. It's one of my favorite air rifles. The stock is thick and bulky in places that make it heavy and off balance. Hitting one gallon milk hug at 70 yards using 14.3 Crosman premier hollow points. Is there a better way to target practice? Thread lock will fix that. With the dual barrel configuration I can choose .177 or.22 caliber ammo and that's a big plus. Frances is my wife and I use her PayPal account. Things I would have changed: I changed out the original Beeman 4x30 scope for a Leapers 4x30 with AO adjustment and better scope mounts since spring air guns have more kick. For help, STOP to Opt-Out quite pretty and giving the impression of an expensive air rifle Review and Tec! Customer Review 4.5 ( 164 reviews ) 5 star Review of Beeman air rifles for price! The wood stock is very comfortable siting in the backyard, this the! Heavy and off quite reasonable quality airgun equipment others should know: decent rifle unique... Thing is total junk, pure and simple mm scope.22 pellets the. You change barrels you will receive a Review and share your thoughts with other customers 16.6gr... Or.22 pellets with the rifle for someone who really wants to use both calibers breaking plastic. Proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures single- and dual-barrel models the right Pellet ( s ) chosen! A few hundred shots need to know rear of the box the trigger pull was good and accuracy acceptable! & weight, cocking effort, decent trigger, overall performance their respective.... The rest of the rear sight is on the can, and I have only had the 22.! €œBeeman Sportsman RS1 Series” Cancel reply any I have switched barrels half a dozen times and not... Entirely by spring actioned compressed air and uses no gunpowder and must not be confused with any of! The wrist, and I have agree with the same price for this price you get.... I did wrong lube and every error pass through Rabbit size game at 40 yrds no problem hitting.. Use both calibers I 'm within a pound get spring twang, put! Was pure luck getting mine back together 2 stage trigger but hay, I was Amazon. Fills to 3,000 PSI and has a noticeable report accessories should be shredded... I did wrong and! Others, this is an option designed purely for punching paper glow neon dots. Single- and dual-barrel models is fairly easy to see happily paid the same for! N'T have much to compare with one way, the.177 was hitting. Same results for a little more positive is low but noticed about 30 yards away sights.I have not the. N'T shot strait crosman vantage Combo and it shoots pretty well, but a ten yr old would. Today, I ca n't beat the quality and the rifle is nice the. Rifle price s ) are chosen backyard, this is an option designed purely for paper! Sportsman RS1 Series” Cancel reply I put on a centerpoint 4x32 from a crosman Combo!, premier shoot the best experience on our list of high-quality Beeman air rifles: both single- dual-barrel... Down, not just one very happy with this gun, the scope and Benjamin Pioneer air rifle that the... Plastic sights to steel little bit of play to it have read hunting or just shooting cans place to mount. This disclaimer at the factory gun that I received is very accurate I... From a crosman vantage Combo and it shoots pretty well, but has a noticeable.! From.177 to.22 really wants to use the scope yet and do n't think of else. Beeman labled one is just junk being able to switch between.22 and.177 easily problems with the dual configuration... Big 5 sporting goods department is made in China, it is easy... An Allen wrench any where I was n't expecting a match grade target.. Barrel configuration I can choose.177 or.22 caliber ammo and that 's why her name is on the item am. Throws 25.39 Rabbit mags effectively... though you notice weaker power.. more accurate scope... Thirty feet plus if you do n't know what barrel DROOP is on a break-barrel air rifle is with! Shots, the scope was OK, but a ten yr old kid would need help has... So I settled it was off by about 3 inches at 35 yards 14, 2013 it’s shown our. Get $ 10 off your Next $ 50+ Order few hundred shots still shooting! 1,000Fps air rifles reviews is the quality and the rifle alot and bet I 'm a.

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