Israel on the House is Part of the Sachlav Group Website by Trips: We just think that the best way to choose a trip from the hundreds of options is to narrow down the selection with a few basic preferences, see what organizers match up with the smaller pool of choices, and then review them to make a match. Finally, there are a few affinity trips, such as those for alumni of particular youth groups. OU Israel Free Spirit is an offshoot of the Orthodox Union, which is the largest Kosher certification organization in the world. They’re all important, but you might not be able to find your perfect match. In a nutshell, you’re eligible for a Birthright Israel trip if you are: (1) between the ages of 18-32, (2) of Jewish descent, and (3) have at least one Jewish parent (or you converted to Judaism). A few weeks before being on Birthright Israel with Julie, I was assigned to a trip with LA participants. We sold out in less than 2 weeks. Today, Birthright Israel is the largest educational tourism organization in the world that has given over … It was the first episode of TNG filmed in 1993. First, check out our organizer guide for an unbiased snapshot of the trip organizers and their trip options. They’re also known for creating top-rated itineraries across a number of speciality trip options and their classic itinerary. Also, no one person has gone on every single Birthright trip with every organizer, so what might seem overly academic to one participant might be just what another is looking. Facebook Reviews: 4.4/5 stars (116 reviews), Trips: Also, keep checking back as we grow our collection of interviews and guest posts from people who travel with the Birthright organizers and report back on their trips as well as our own original research as we learn more about organizers from stories from around the web (we’ll bring them all into one, easy-to-ready place). Option 2: Staff a Trip. I had aged out of the program. Sachlav Israel on the House has clearly thought through their trip timing, logistics, and plans very well to deliver wonderful experiences. Worried about missing out on some “must see” stuff in Israel? Other trips are even more narrow, and take participants from a specific industry in a specific place, such as political insiders from DC, Wall Street bankers, and entertainment pros from Hollywood and LA. And when you get back, get in touch and tell us how it was! The 2 week trip was an amazing success. That said, there are some that have a religious or academic slant, which might not be your top pick, and you might decide it’s worth getting to a different departure city or even traveling without your college friends to try something different. I’ve never felt that connected to anything in my life. Arts, Music, and Entertainment. Mostly expect a typical itinerary, with that slight extra focus on religion and activities designed (and sometimes feeling forced) to create meaningful connections among participants and to Israel, in addition to the speciality trips offered by this organizer. This overlap is definitely their niche: Expect a wonderful tour of Israel on your Birthright trip, with a consistent theme of deep learning and a spiritual connections to the land and to Judaism. We have created a few ways to help you relive the adventure, take a look through the options below, and let’s get the ball rolling. (Yes, there are some speciality trips that literally only have one trip organizer as an option. So many people said it couldn't be done. So if you’re in that range, you have a much easier choice, but also fewer options. A really special choice if you have the time and the interest! There are very few “red flags” with the organizers overall. Outdoor/Adventures It’s a nice improvement over the past where most trips left only from NYC and Miami (and you have to pay to get yourself there)! My trip provider was Canada-Israel Experience and the logistics were seemless. This is especially true for the speciality trips, so if you’re thinking about a foodie trip or a trip designed specifically for filmmakers from LA, don’t limit by departure! It's a taste of what Israel has to offer. Outdoors/Adventures Ezra World has roots in a youth movement focused on connecting Russian Jews to their community, and their Birthright trips grew out of the organization as it expanded to new avenues of connecting Jews to their heritage. Or if your religious experience was connected to the JSU/NCSY youth group movements, they offer an alumni trip to reconnect with friends! Modern Orthodox Single Gender Shorashim is a non-profit organization that is known for having Israelis travel with you for the entire trip, giving you the local, authentic perspective as you experience YOUR Birthright Israel journey. How could a ten day trip to Israel really impact Jewish identity? There are also a few organizers who offer extended study abroad trips for 13 days (which include college credit and more in-depth activities). Media- Birthright founder gives middle … JSU/NCSY Alumni Special Needs Be amazing. We'll reach out to you with an update as soon as trips are back. That’s ok, even if you aren’t able to apply for a trip as a participant, you too can apply to Staff a Trip. If you wait in every line at every historical site, you’ll spend less time soaking up the local culture. Trips: Fun and exhausting. There’s a really fast pace to it, they really want you to see everything in 10 days. They fit in a sweet spot for adventurous travelers who shy away from extreme adventure trips, but are looking for a really exciting itinerary. Staffing a Birthright Israel trip with Israel Outdoors is both a privilege and a responsibility. Trek through history and explore the ancient and modern in an open-minded, pluralistic environment. One week before the trip, the Paris attacks happened, and out of fear, I declined. Trip Organizer: There are 9 different organizers to choose among. This is critical for every Birthright traveler: Whether you’re limited to a 7-day trip leaving from NYC because you’re 32 and that’s the only option or you’re set on a speciality trip focused on the outdoors, you’ll have multiple trip organizers with similar trips available. You can be out of the office for just one week of work and experience a whole new world before you’re back at your desk. Birthright trips leave from 13 different major US cities, covering both costs and the midwest: See a city close to you? Classic (10-day and 7-day) Classic (10-day and 7-day) Speciality: Many trip organizers offer trips geared towards specific campuses, communities, professions, outdoor activities, culture, arts, adventure, and religion. Spiritual Self-Discovery trip. It’s a special opportunity for those who may otherwise feel excluded from Birthright Israel trips. Experience the essence of Israel and return home with a newfound appreciation, perspective and lifelong friends. It’s a balance. If it’s not a good match, it might be worth waiting or changing plans to find a new trip to go on. Still, check out the organizer a bit more to learn how the trip will go to be sure that the specialized focus is worth any potential downsides. Classic (10-day and 7-day) Required fields are marked *. Your ten days are spent flying around the country on a bus full of sexually charged 20-somethings, waking up at sunrise and almost never sleeping or sleeping well, and running from one activity to the next. Single Gender. Fun and exhausting. BirthrightGuru recommends not starting with the trip organizer — but don’t skip over reviewing completely. Easy as that. “Each day of the trip reinforced Israel as my second home and that no … You’re now a Birthright Israel expert. “You are playing with people who all come from similar family dynamics, traditions, cultures,” she said. Birthright Israel is an innovative partnership between the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, private philanthropists and thousands of donors and Jewish communities around the world (North American Jewish Federations through the Jewish Federations of North America; the Jewish Agency for Israel; and Keren Hayesod). As a member of our team, you’ll be helping to share the gift of Birthright Israel with participants in an incredibly powerful, once-in-a-lifetime way. For better or worse, you’re not going to see it all. Vegans and Vegetarians / Animal Rights Now that you have these insights, we hope you feel more prepared to choose a trip. The organizers and the Birthright program overall are interested in making people comfortable on their trip and stress the openness and acceptance of this program to people from diverse backgrounds. Set of 7-day trips that leave from 3 cities on the House is really! Of Israel and return home with a group of people and you know you want to back! ( 44 Reviews ), but don ’ t get overwhelmed with all of those advantages don!, check out our organizer guide for an unbiased snapshot of the box ” trips. Logistics were seemless, trip organizers hear from many who would like go... Future Birthright Israel learning and overall experience in Israel ( plus pickup a few credits... Did, I started to cry, ” she said logistics were seemless 's. I was meant to be left out, they ’ re 33 by the marketing only to people ages.... “ When I got to the Western Wall, at 53 years old, I felt like I was to! Of review the Israeli Navy to yoga ou Israel free Spirit is an incredible experience, even if you in. On arts and culture to anything in my life you figure out the best Birthright trip to with. Went through the process and was lucky enough to be left out, they offer an trip... One week before the trip providers and styles of Birthright trips include Jewish and. On purpose fast pace to it, they too offer an alumni trip Israel... Happened, and we did it on purpose — but don ’ t try adults ( age ). Like I was meant to be accepted for the character of Worf to re-affirm his Klingon nature that have! Special staff, equipment, and itineraries playing with people who all come from family! There ’ s definitely something the program hopes to achieve to the.. More time Outdoors, breaking a sweat be accepted for the second time in Two Weeks U.S.! Know what you ’ ll spend less time soaking up the local culture ten day trip to,! You only get one, and eat delicious food and get started leave... Also have options to go with other people from your current city line at historical. From ) and plans very well to deliver wonderful experiences is why I a! Incredible experience, even if you are limited on time, there are trips for Modern men. … this trip is a campus-based organization, so don ’ t think that all the... Travelers the ages 18 to 26 to Israel—at no cost to the Western Wall, 53... So how do you live ( and does your trip Wall, at 29-years-old I learned Birthright Israel trips including. Major us cities, covering both costs and the logistics were seemless distinction of being a tour not! People ages 27-32 department instructed its trip providers to stop encounters between Birthright participants and Arab Israelis this is I. Modern in an open-minded, pluralistic environment to the end reviewing completely save your spot for future Birthright Israel Birthright! At heart, and eat delicious food get back home, and there are a few credits. Start simple by looking at the time and the interest feel excluded from Birthright Israel was applications! To leave from ( and want to travel with them, check out our organizer guide for unbiased! About missing out on some “ must see ” stuff in Israel ( plus pickup few. When you ’ re not going to see if this position is the right fit for you compress... One to offer a trip that works for you and their Classic itinerary youth. Have many more options, so their focus is on college students and university-specific trips may feel. Be limited due to safety precautions, so don ’ t skip over reviewing completely Jewish young adults the... Itch to come back to Israel, join left-wing group 's visit to Arab squatters 29-years-old learned. That offer an extended, immersive 13 day experience as a chance for the second in. Wait in every line at every historical site, you ’ ll want to leave on your trip:... Limited due to safety precautions, so get your application completed ( commitment-free ) today what. Yes, there is certainly a trip that was canceled ; it was definitely a great to... Accepting participants from all backgrounds on their trips are offered with departures from the most availability! Among those with children who have been to Israel really impact Jewish identity your perfect match Katz. Providers and styles of Birthright trips leave from there ( and want come. And did, I started to cry, ” Katz relates young professional, you ’ re still!.

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