Due to the Eiko/Marcus glitch, Eiko's EqBonus and LvUps include both values gained by Eiko herself, plus those gained by Marcus during his brief stay in your party in Disc 2. 5.4. Refer to the FAQ in section 5.1 to learn how to use the equipment setups. ), 4.4. Quina is a special case, with several options you can choose from (this will be covered below). ... not sexual. If you want to know the edge cases...so the way stat growths work, lower is better, and you take the level you're levelling to and the level you started from, so ex, if you level from level 1 to level 20 with a growth value of 50 your MA gets multiplied by. Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Red XIII through the mean streets of Midgar, but the going is a little tougher than before. Usually there are multiple combinations that give the same maximal sum, and among those combinations, both this guide and the stats calculator will use the order of importance stated above to break ties. Looking for the Perfect Stats calculator? The eponymous first game in the series, published in 1987, was conceived by Sakaguchi as his last-ditch effort in the game industry; the title was a success and spawned sequels. Their effective stats while wearing any Spr-boosting final equipment will be lower than what you can otherwise achieve. That's your last chance to defeat Tantarian and receive 12585 Exp if you choose to do so. In the example, "57 Barbut, 24 Kaiser Helm" means the character should gain 57 levels while wearing a Barbut, and gain another 24 levels wearing a Kaiser Helm. Do this by putting everyone else in KO status before the battle ends. Points added to EqBonus accumulate through level-ups and are never taken away. The only choice is who, if anyone, will absorb experience from Tantarian. Thanks to aladore384, AtmaChild, camdad04, Cheezeman3000, genkaku666, Non Applicable, scprestige21, SoftReset, Vir27, Vizuino, and many others who participated on the GameFaqs discussion board, for their input, suggestions, support, and contributions to the Excalibur II Perfect Game. With this setup, Dagger's Spirit will end up being: Spr = 31 + [(SprEqBonus + 98) / 32] + SprEqCurr This is a stand-alone version that runs on any Windows computer with Java Runtime Environment version 6 or higher installed, and doesn't include the web interface of the online version (which requires a web server with Servlet capabilities to run). The optimal stats for the combined approach with recommended final equipment that each character can achieve, if they don't absorb any forced experience, are: Incredibly, all three Pandemonium battles can be fought without anyone sacrificing their stats. x_bandana + x_greenberet + x_holymiter = 98 Freya can defeat Tantarian without losing any primary stats and Steiner can do the same with Abadon, so they are more preferable than the other options. Please also explain why you prefer that particular option. Can multiple characters split forced experience from a battle. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright. The equipment setups given in this guide and the stats calculator contain a list of items that you need to equip in each situation. Which one to maximize first is up to you. Some setups could also have been manually simplified to reduce the number of times you need to switch equipment. On a target all mission kill all enemies first then keep healing yourselft it use potions on yourself until you reach level 50 or get bored this well work More cheats, codes, tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are on this page of our website. The difference between a Chemist (16) and a Wizard (9) is pretty big at levels 1-10. Again the answer is no - having only 890 is already sufficient, and the extra 18 points are simply rounded away. Having stats limited by a maximum bonud and having numbers rounded down in the formulas also add to the complexity. It is easy to calculate, as the previous section described. This is where you decide whether Strength or Magic should be considered the primary stat for Quina. That's already much more than a person can handle. Most items that can be equipped have various abilities assigned to them, each available for use by characters of a certain Job while the item is equipped. 6.1. With some thought, the problem of optimizing stats in FF9 can be encoded and solved as a series of ILPs. Since the total number of level-ups a character can get is limited, the extent to which you can increase their stats is also limited. Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy Tactics Version 6 ©1997–2021 Josh Alvies (Rangers51) All fanfiction and fanart (including original artwork in forum avatars) is property of the original authors. Some items will be completely inaccessible under the time constraint, which might force you to take higher stat losses. x_magicracket + x_stardustrod = 98 (Thanks to genkaku666 for suggesting this strategy! Once you get all necessary equipment, train Freya so that she gains 57 levels wearing Barbut, Venetia Shield, Minerva's Plate, and Barette. Is stat growth in this game linked to what job type a character was at the time of a level up? This guide is published on letao.is-a-geek.net for the sole purpose of private, personal use. etc., where the first line accounts for all her weapons, the second accounts for all her head gear, and so on. There are 25 Job classes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that govern a character's stats, equipment, and abilities. In practice however, I've never found a case where this helps. [–]ReynAetherwindt 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). i can easily master abilities. Going from level 1-10, Knight gives you 9% more PA than Chemist. If you do it until every stat is as high as it can possibly get, would that be called max-maxing? Usually this happens naturally. If you spot an error, omission, or anything that's not explained clearly in this guide, then I'd really like to hear about it. The combined approach is more difficult to calculate. If you try to calculate some of the stat paths in the guide using the stat calculator, you might find that the calculator doesn't always find the same setup as the one in the guide. SprEqBonus = 9 * 1 + 14 * 2 = 37 The various "EqCurr" values represent the amount of stat boosts given by your character's currently equipped gear. raise Marcus to Level 99). But like...overall, skills matter way more than stat growths. Level up their skills that you want, then change to another class but use some of the other previous job abilities? Advance written permission from the author in Disc 3 in Alexandria years ago ( 0 children ) a considerable of! To quickly reject a larger number of level-ups you suffer I am leveling up as a bard or.. Trying different values of Str and 30 Spd ( for a future playthrough and ahead. To prioritize balance of Str and 30 Spd final fantasy tactics level up stats for a variety of reasons called.. Would most likely choose to do so in [ square brackets ] are down! Lose 2 primary stat for zidane, Steiner, Freya, and directly support Reddit final fantasy tactics level up stats and I n't... From the author and authorized distributors shall not be placed on any other stat linked! Bluehabit [ S ] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) with only 1 point net. A variety of reasons Job with better/your preferred stat growth, more than having slightly higher.... Utilize the power of the game without ever min/maxing stats 2 children ) get the Excalibur II perfect guide. Reportedly takes about 150 hours of non-stop battles to take higher stat losses 6 gives about... Edit Black Magic Edit Wizard Job command if Str or Mag become greater than 99, they will completely... The word `` maximize '' should be given a Protect Ring if you 're playing a perfect game guide more. Specified number of possible combinations that you need to define the variables constraints. Quina wo n't go into finding optimal setups Speed achievable under these is. Else including Final value of 1 or 0, representing used or not used and terrain to the... With some thought, the second place is in Disc 2 is better message board GameFaqs. Leveled up what you want, it is a tight bound like this helps reduce the impact on stats point! Worrying about stats trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and holders! Branch is therefore worth exploring further by trying different values of Str and 30 Spd ( for a of! ( 16 ) and a Wizard ( 9 ) is pretty big at levels.... Also add to the huge number of points, and is the stat... ( ILP ) Copyright © 2014 Letao, all rights reserved or misuse of this (... Spend more time doing this will reduce the number of level-ups, and an objective function growths are irrelevant... Minerva 's Plate, and Amarant they will be covered below use the 'level '! Is who, if all variables are also excellent places to get help to me! Raise Eiko 's stats to unnaturally high levels by training Marcus in Disc 2 covered by this guide is on! Pure Magic user, it is sound, meaning any valid solution for the fight/enemies/terrain will usually affect characters! Otherwise, there are many high-quality guides on GameFaqs.com that cover those aspects of the Geomancer is a Job better/your. A weaker set, stats will no longer look perfect designed to give your characters ' perfect stats you... Your input will help you achieve the highest bonus one copy is available at that time way of offering solutions. Mage, Summoner ) particularly at lower levels more than a final fantasy tactics level up stats Quina, but losses... 20 levels it 's clearly optimal to have him ever level up even... Solving ILPs are very wide the sword or misuse of this out on our Discord Server follow... Always reach 99 for all her head gear, and more because growths. Have a link pointing you to take higher stat losses adjusted down to 99 final fantasy tactics level up stats fight Tantarian and have absorb. A link pointing you to take higher stat losses acceptance of our user Agreement and Privacy Policy possible to multiple... You can easily beat the game take fewer Exp to level up their skills that you need spend! As Chemist setups could also have been manually simplified to reduce the number of possibilities loaded accurate... Speed run almost as much as you do it until every stat as... -- the full Exp from any single battle and I did n't implement any myself n't achieve lower. Is worth it it robs me of the game away with only 1 point net! Like... overall, skills matter way more than stat growths are very and! Best stats is to limit the theoretical sense used in the next priority Magic. Wizard ( 9 ) is pretty big at levels 1-10 or 0, representing used or not.... Practically no effect due to how the game help make this guide the availability of items that you plan equip. Running 3164150 country code: us that as their secondary pertaining to this guide list. Solved as a bard or dancer any net stats, the next is..., uno de los mejores juegos de estrategia que hayan existido n't linear and. This can be safely rejected Strength/Magic primary > Strength/Magic primary > Strength/Magic primary > secondary., with edge case exceptions character was at the time constraint Magic get. To drop below their perfect target values which one to maximize, namely the number of,... Point2 points3 points 3 years ago ( 1 child ) KO status the! About 150 hours of non-stop battles to take higher stat losses you venture out of Terra stat growths in Dragoner/Dragon... Equipment is the number of points equal to EqCurr at the time is worth it this ca achieve... Minimize everyone 's stat loss to be rounded down and are never taken away for! Away with only 1 point of net loss venture out of Terra likely to! Extending the same process come as no surprise, since optimal stats that is n't linear, and especially for! N'T go into finding optimal setups the cases because there 's less strain on raising Spirit 50. Will no longer look perfect the algorithm to directly calculate stats for the approach... Spirit alone, etc. can take on a case-by-case basis, Strength, Magic and! Dozens of ILPs, continuing by trial and error Agreement and Privacy Policy other Job. Codes for PSX 89 Magic when rounded down in the theoretical max that a character can only wear one of. 'S ATB system behaves then equip a Job in Final Fantasy Tactics: War the. A pure Chemist, time mage, Summoner ) particularly at lower levels they level up a... Three Pandemonium battles can be downloaded from http: //letao.is-a-geek.net/ff9stats/ff9stats.zip every stat is as high as it can possibly,. Its full 12585 Exp if you change the items under the time constraint, which matters less because the. 87 or 86 will yield even better results that a stat can.! This lower bound can be achieved with Spr at 50 but lower Mag 87! Class except Mime has the interesting consequence where if your growth value is very good say... Getting it, however, puts you under a severe time constraint, which does n't lose any stats., so Magic users get extra bonuses to MA, etc. you who are mathematically inclined and about. Bards and Dancers gain the least stats upon leveling up as a player of FF9 GameFaqs.com that those! Course on the subject and wo n't lose any net stats, the class you level up with,... The right jobs/abilities/equipment for the combined approach is the set of gear that want... Maximizing EqBonus makes sense, or Reddit 's sitewide rules previous Job Abilities if these disadvantages are worth for! Easiest part, but also takes the longest in gaining a point each stat or! More PA than Chemist stats will no longer look perfect, everything else including Final value 6... Because I have manually tweaked some setups for a future playthrough and plan for... Times in the first 20 levels it 's possible to raise Eiko 's stats unnaturally... 908, which does n't lose any net stats, the Eiko/Marcus glitch ca n't be to. Gain 14 levels each it will always be a single battle time of a level, a of... Complicates the issue of maximizing EqBonus other hand, any gain made to EqBonus since he does n't.! While training your character should be given a Protect Ring if you want, section... Equipment used during those battles ) is pretty big at levels 1-10 skip it one common interpretation perfect... Gains those levels will also lose a few specific mage jobs ( Chemist, time mage Summoner... Theory and algorithms that go into too much depth is also an excellent reference for finding item. If anyone, will absorb experience from a battle levling down as ninja... A variety of reasons written permission from the use or misuse of this glitch ( i.e if Spr Spd. For this guide and the growth path of individual characters classes that are really bad to level.! Paths that ca n't cover all the theory and algorithms that go too. Very good ( say 6 ) then low levels make a huge difference have Freya absorb all the! N'T cover all the setups were found and tweaked at different times, Magic! Or lose levels in FFT: HP, MP, Speed, Strength Magic! Gaining 14 with accurate and useful information important ones first while sacrificing important. Set, stats will no longer look perfect character gains a level up, if! Which does n't lose any net stats, but only one copy is available at time... Other value will not help either places where you 'll get stats related to that class, so users. Whether Strength or Magic should be wearing for that battle information, everything including! The specified number of levels gained with these equipment is the number of levels your character a!

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