Each push of the bulb sprays a fine mist of gasoline along with air needed for starting. Other times, the bowl is empty. This could be due to a crack in the fuel lines, the primer bulb, a missing or damage gasket, etc. All of the information for this primer bulb replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Echo, Zama, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Ryobi, Homelite, Green Machine Any idea of what is going on here? They cost around 2.95. Buy a Primer Bulb [188-17-1] for your Lawn Equipment - This is a genuine OEM replacement part designed for use with Walbo carburetor. Remove primer bulb and probe passages - primer bulb replacement is a good idea during yearly tune-up > @ start of trimming season. On the carburetor where your primer bulb is, unscrew the four screws that hold the top plate that is around the bulb and take the plate off. Add a comment Handy info - this is a purge bulb, which means you can't flood the carb by pushing it too many times. Hi, I have a Poulan WT 200 leaf blower with a brand new 530071775 carb,new fuel lines and a new fuel filter.I can't get the primer bulb to fill with fuel.I've tried with the carb attached & unattached to the engine block.I took pics of the fuel line configuration before I started so they are re-connected properly. Krischan for model number 571219913 asked on 2019-10-24. ... Can you tell me if this part would work on a hyper tough weed eater . FLYPIG New Pack of 3 Replacement Poulan Crafstman Weedeater Chainsaw 530071835 530-071835 Primer Bulb 1950 1975 2050 2150 4.8 out of 5 stars 20 CDN$ 9.99 CDN$ 9 . How do you route fuel lines on a troy-bilt jump start 4 stroke with primer on the cover. $7.74. Step 1 Pull the cover off the air cleaner mounted on the side of the mower engine. Looking at the unit (with the filter in front of you) the bulb is on yout left. 1 Construction jobs in Vietnam on Careerstructure. So there's only a few things that can go wrong. From what you are describing it does sound like you have an air leak in the fuel system. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . It does move the gas and once started the trimmer runs just fine. It's job is not to pump gas but to purge the system of air. 10Pcs Screw On Primer Bulb For Prime Line Poulan Craftsman Weedeater W188-513. You need a t-27 torx to take off the screws to remove the back cover, and the carburetor. The primer bulb on my Echo SRM 230 trimmer is very hard to depress and very slow to "rebound." A few of these carbs you will need a special tool that cost about $5-$8 to adjust the carb since the adjustment screws will not allow you to use a regular flat head screw driver. Primer bulb discharge to fuel tank connection . Podoy 0057003 Primer Bulb for Poulan Crafstman Weedeater Chainsaw 530071835 530 071835 Walbro 188-512-1 Wt-23a Wyj-33 Wyj-86 Ryobi 791-683974 B 683974 Replace Stens 615-764. 68 Primer bulbs on small engines take the place of a choke on the carb . Wow, it's really not that complicated. 3. 50Pcs Primer Bulb for Echo Husqvarna Poulan Weedeater Stihl Shindaiwa Zama Carb Homelite Ryobi OEM# 0057003 0057004 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 CDN$ 12.68 CDN$ 12 . Routing Fuel lines on weedeater. This causes a vacuum in the carb that pulls fuel through the carb from the fuel line connected to the filtered fuel connection. Can you bypass the primer bulb on a weedeater. The primer bulb sucks air from the carb and sends it to the petrol tank. Empty out old gas from gas tank and add NEW fresh gas .. New spark plug - new air filter - new fuel filter and adjust carburetor. Free shipping ... 10X Primer Bulb for Poulan Craftsman Homeliter Weedeater 188-513 Bulb. can you tell me what else to look for or what i … At some point, the primer bulb will need to be replaced. 4.8 out of 5 stars 172. The part number is 4130 350 6200. A cracked bulb can cause an air leak, leaning out the saw. If your carb has a choke on it then you could probably bypass it . The most common reasons for replacing the primer bulb are when the string trimmer leaks gas or won’t start. Free shipping . Take a little extra care to wipe dirt and oil away from the recently disassembled carburetor before putting it back together. If it's not working, then you either have a bad primer bulb, plugged fuel lines or in-tank filter, or plugging in the small ports of the carburetor on the fuel pump side. Most designs pull fuel through the carb and return it to the tank. While some machines have a choke plate, others have a primer bulb made out of rubber. Will let you know what I find. Find and apply today for the latest jobs in Vietnam. I'm thinking of eliminating it altogether and running the fuel line directly from the tank to the carb. Is there anyway i can start it without the primer? I ordered 3 because tractor supply doesn't carry them in stores. For the T242, the primer bulb can be pressed into place in the mount plate from which the old bulb came. I have a Weedeater gas trimmer that is about four years old that will not start because the priming bulb will not fill. I would suggest that you start at the fuel tank and work your way to the carburetor. What is a Primer Bulb? I connected this up and my Ryobi 790r weedeater … I pulled the gas line out of the tank and backflushed the fuel filter with air. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! A purge bulb pushes or pulls fuel through the carburetor to purge air from the pump and metering section. 10 Pack Primer Blubs Replace For WALBRO 188 Homelite Stihl Poulan Echo Shindaiwa. The primer bulb pulls fuel from the carb and pumps it back into the fuel tank. how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater This is a topic that many people are looking for.newyorkcityvoices.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. Clean the carburetor and primer bulb components. Install the new primer bulb. Take the primer bulb to a small engine repair shop or hardware store. A Craftsman mower primer bulb is a thumb-size soft plastic bubble that can crack over time. When the primer bulb on your lawn mower isn't priming, it puts the carburetor at a disadvantage. I would start by replacing the fuel filter since there's absolutely no way to … Make sure gas tank is … I'm thinking that all it will require will be a few extra pulls on the stater cord to prime the carb, … Only thing i can see that's physically wrong with it, is it is missing the actual bulb off the primer. Even if it is a weak primer bulb, this shouldn't be the problem with running--it will start and run strong for just a few seconds (primer is not cracked and leaking). If you can picture a garden sprinkler system (a Y with a blub on it and a 3 inch brass shaft_ then you have a good idea what the part looks like. $3.29. The purge/primer bulb on my poulan chainsaw is damaged. Posted via Mobile Device If you have a mower with a missing or broken primer bulb, you can still use the mower by employing an alternative method for priming the carburetor. 98 $9.79. Rated 5 out of 5 by Walker Texas Rancher from Replacement Purge Bulb Fit perfectly on my Husqvarna 450. When you pull on your mower's starter rope, the gas you pumped into the carb with the primer gives the mower engine juice to start. If you only have 2 lines from the primer bulb 1 has to go to tank an 1 goes to carb.l have 3 on mine 1 to carb drain and 2 to stick inside tank. i know what a primer is for, but is there any 'trick' you can utilize to get it going without one? Thanks much. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Firstly check your fuel filter you should be able to blow gently through it and hear the air bubbling in the fuel tank. 5. A primer bulb/pump sprays fuel into the intake to prime the saw for cold starting.....usually in place of a choke. I have taken the spark plug out and put gas/oil mix directly into the cylinder, and it starts quickly and runs for a few seconds. $7.59 $ 7. I know that it can be very frustrating to have issues with your weed eater. An air bulb, or primer bulb, on a weed eater forces gasoline into the carburetor to start the engine. 4. If the carb has a built in primer, the fuel line closest to the primer bulb is your fuel return back to the fuel tank while the other fuel line is your main fuel feed. i have a echo pb-4600 blower and i can't get gas to the primer bulb.i replaced the fuel filter and all gas hoses,also rebulid the carburetor. Folluw from the bulb to the carborator and you will see the spring with the shaft inside of it. With a primer bulb, starting the lawn mower is especially easy because it sends gas into the carburetor bowl only when you need it. 03/01/2020 by Timothy Boone. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 30. Today, newyorkcityvoices.org would like to introduce to you How to start an engine with a broken primer bulb. The primer bulb is all one piece. Free shipping . Then vacuum power pulls more gas into the carb as the mower runs. 2Pcs Primer Bulb Snap Pump for Stihl HT250 FS36 FS40 FS44 FS120 FS120R FS250 FS250R For RYOBI 683974 791-683974 B For 188-512 188-512-1 4.8 out of 5 stars 14 $7.98 $ 7 . Pop it back in the hole and re-screw all four screws and bam you're done. 59. Hopefully today I can take a look at it--will remove filter 1st and try. 99