Earlier this year, after rumors that the show was getting the axe from the kid friendly station, execs came forward confirming that the show will remain in the Nick line-up. These murders were committed so promptly and secretly that it is doubtful whether the estates, actually in session at the same place, knew what had been done when, on the 26th of May, under violent pressure from Goran Persson, they signed a document declaring that all the accused gentlemen under detention had acted like traitors, and confirming all sentences already passed or that might be passed upon them. conflict If such is to be regarded as the true explanation, it follows that the same method would be also efficacious in perpetuating and confirming good qualities. Like the old Roman people, the Macedonian people under arms had acted especially in the transference of the royal authority, conferring or confirming the right of the new chief, and in cases !of the capital trials of Macedonians. Another charter, confirming former liberties but altering the constitution of the corporation, was granted in 1611. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Confirm definition: If something confirms what you believe , suspect , or fear , it shows that it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Other charters generally confirming the first were granted to the town by most of the early kings. (just) " The decision was officially confirmed. No word on whether the other judges' contracts have been renegotiated, but Abdul's managers are confirming that producers for the show have not approached her for a pay hike. (the pope elected by the council of Pisa), hoped that the new council, while confirming the work of the council of Pisa, would proclaim him sole legitimate pope and definitely condemn his two rivals, Gregory XII. Confirm sentence examples. To him we owe the distinction between canonical and apocryphal writings; in the Prologus Galeatus prefixed to his version of Samuel and Kings, he says that the church reads the Apocrypha "for the edification of the people, not for confirming the authority of ecclesiastical doctrines.". From the time of the Reformation no change has been made in the law of the Church which has not been made by the king and parliament, sometimes indirectly, as by confirming the resolutions of convocation, but for the most part by statute. He realized that one of the most potent factors in the Milner situation was the attitude of the Cape Dutch, and in March 1898 at Graaff Reinet Milner called upon the Dutch citizens of the Cape, " especially those who had gone so far in the expression of their sympathy for the Transvaal as to expose themselves to charges of disloyalty to their own flag " to use all their influence, not in confirming the Transvaal in unjustified suspicions, not in encouraging its government in obstinate resistance to all reform, but in inducing it gradually to assimilate its institutions, and the temper and spirit of its administration, to those of the free communities of South Africa, such as Cape Colony or the Orange Free State. Take advantage of the free public records available to anyone as an excellent resource in confirming dates and family names. As a relationship approaches the one year anniversary, couples will find themselves either confirming a commitment to be together or breaking up. His words to the press were deliberately equivocal - he didn't deny the reports but neither did he, 29. Betsy was hopeful she might be able to confirm where the people had lived. in confirming the privilege thus granted to them endeavoured to debar them from the succession to the crown, it is now ascertained that there was no such reservation in the original act, and the title claimed by Henry VII. 23), in which he employs the current phrases such as "Abraham's bosom" (verse 22), without any definite doctrinal intention, to unveil the secrets of the hereafter by confirming with His authority the common beliefs of His time. The first charter was granted about 1283 to the burgesses by Henry de Lacy, second earl of Lincoln, confirming the liberties granted by the first Henry de Lacy, who is therefore sometimes said, although probably erroneously, to have granted a charter about 1147. His predecessor, Adolf Siegfried Osten, had been dismissed because he was not persona grata at St Petersburg, and Bernstorff's first official act was to conclude the negotiations which had long been pending with the grand-duke Paul as duke of Holstein-Gottorp. In this way the development of Russian policy with regard to Turkey was checked for some years, but the project of confirming and extending the Russian protectorate over the Orthodox Christians was revived in 1852, when Napoleon III. Undoubtedly " hirundo " has now been used so indiscriminately for one species or the other as to cause confusion, which is perhaps best avoided by adopting the epithets of Naumann (Isis, 1819, pp. Examples and Observations . You should hear the phone beep, confirming the upload. Fig 12 Ian called me all the lucky so-and-so 's going, confirming what Mo ' had been telling him all along. Further to our letter of February 5 th, we can now. He modelled his private life on that of his predecessor Saint Louis, but was no fanatic in religion, for he refused his support to the violent methods of the Inquisition in southern France, and allowed the Jews to return to the country, at the same time confirming their privileges. accordingly wrote a letter confirming the title and power of Carteret in the eastern half of New Jersey. "Damn bitch," he muttered, confirming Ashley's words. Applicants who contact the company by e-mail will receive a response confirming their application was received; no other employment applications will be acknowledged. (food shop) Do you have anything substantive to say (apart from confirming my arguments ), or is this it? S + Tense (positive or negative) + Objects +, + Opposite Auxiliary Verb + S You’re going to attend the meeting next week, aren’t you? 234. Let your reader(s) know this in the opening sentence: “I’d like to confirm…” “Just writing to confirm…” Or you could set a more informal tone by writing: “Tuesday is good for me.” (Especially if they have already suggested Tuesday.) www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "confirming "You will receive a letter confirming the sale within a couple of days. Examples of confirm in a Sentence The tests confirmed the doctors' suspicions of cancer. Prior to definition is - in advance of : before. "Yet" is a useful word in the English language, as it allows you to be more clear in a sentence. After confirming the craft was on course for an estimated arrival time of 5 a.m., the plane never showed up. (officially) Used with verbs: " We were unable to confirm the reservation. 106. Just to confirm, are you coming to the party tonight since you are a little bit sick. Writing to confirm arrangements? Shipment confirmation - You will receive an email confirming that your order has shipped. Someone scrapped away the soot from the license plate sufficiently to read the number thereby confirming what we already knew. A filibuster at the end of the 65th Congress caused the Senate to adjourn without confirming the appointment, but the President made him a " recess " appointee. use "confirm" in a sentence. The boundary question between Costa Rica and Nicaragua was referred to the arbitration of the president of the United States, who gave his award in 1888, confirming a treaty of 1858; further difficulties arising from the work of demarcation were settled by treaty in 1896. We now find " merit " confined to Christ, and the usual application ruled out, somewhat as St Paul's intenser use of Pharisee conceptions destroyed instead of confirming the idea of righteousness by'works. Soon after confirming she was asleep, the two large men who had emptied the house of boxes returned for her. A compact was then signed at Vilna, "in the name of the whole Christian World," between Gedymin and the delegates, confirming the promised privileges. When Dean returned after confirming a reservation from yet another ice climber, she sat huddled in the corner of the sofa. The powers of the two houses are the same except that the senate exercises the usual right of confirming appointments and of sitting as a court of impeachment, while the House of Representatives initiates money bills and impeachment cases. I was offered a position with the firm this morning, and received confirmation of my appointment as department head this afternoon. In some cases, skin biopsy has been found useful in confirming a diagnosis. Please confirm your telephone message by writing to me. We only should come out clear to assure our recipient that we will meet with him or her at a particular time and location. The full sentence is, "I just want to confirm that we have 10 rooms" and " I just want to confirm that we need the 10 seater (i.e. The tissue is examined microscopically to rule out or, 7. came the sounds confirming what the eye had seen. Do you have anything substantive to say (apart from confirming my arguments), or is this it? The days and months passed, heartlessly confirming my conjecture, my belief. 3. Your booking will automatically lapse unless you, 27. 3. Multiple negation is the more general term referring to the occurrence of more than one negative in a clause.In some languages, double negatives cancel one another and produce an affirmative; in other languages, doubled negatives intensify the negation. The most important part of the whole email. confirming meaning: 1. present participle of confirm 2. to make an arrangement or meeting certain, often by phone or…. In his contest with the Greek empire and the Lombard princes of Benevento, Adrian remained faithful to the Frankish alliance, and the friendly relations between pope and emperor were not disturbed by the difference which arose between them on the question of the worship of images, to which Charlemagne and the Gallican Church were strongly opposed, while Adrian favoured the views of the Eastern Church, and approved the decree of the council of Nicaea (787), confirming the practice and excommunicating the iconoclasts. The Life of George Washington, Vol. Eng., October 1898), it appeared that the engine resistance was about 35% of the total resistance, and in the train-resistance experiments on the Lancashire & Yorkshire railway quoted above the engine resistance was also about 35% of the total resistance, thus confirming the North-Eastern railway results. substantive to say (apart from confirming my arguments ), or is this it? Supper was pancakes and eggs, with conversation directed to the children, interrupted by confirming calls from ice climbers who would begin arriving on Thursday. The corporation also possesses documents of 11 54, 1 399 and 1413, granting to the archbishop's men of Lydd the privileges enjoyed by the Cinque Ports and confirming all former privileges. Grammarly has a tool for just about every kind of writing you do. 1847, 1848), who, acting on and confirming the discovery of Nitzsch (who first detected the specific differences), called the southern species S. The first parliament of the Regent Murray (1567), while confirming the establishment of the Reformed church as the only true church of Christ, settling the Protestant succession, and doing something to secure the right of stipend to ministers, reintroduced lay patronage, the superintendent being charged to induct the patron's nominee - an infringement of the reformed system against which the church never ceased to protest. How to use confirming in a sentence. The Restored Monarchy, 1874-1900.The first act of Aiphonso was a royal decree confirming the appointment of Canovas del Castillo as prime minister. Verb tenses tell when the action is happening: past, present or future. He is also found confirming his old rival Arnulf in the see of Reims; summoning Adalbero or Azelmus of Laon to Rome to answer for his crimes; judging between the archbishop of Mainz and the bishop of Hildesheim; besieging the revolted town of Cesena; flinging the count of Angouleme into prison for an offence against a bishop; confirming the privileges of Fulda abbey; granting charters to bishoprics far away on the Spanish mark; and, on the eastern borders of the empire, erecting Prague as the seat of an archbishopric for the Sla y s. In June 1754, in pursuance of a recommendation of the Lords of Trade, a convention of representatives of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland met here for the purpose of confirming and establishing a closer league of friendship with the Iroquois and of arranging for a permanent union of the colonies.