The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships manages ACS’ Community Partnership Program (CPPs) and the Family Enrichment Centers (FECs). The Office of Family Engagement & Youth Advocacy works to ensure that the youth and families we serve in have a voice in ACS policy development and program planning. Child Welfare Programs is an umbrella group which integrates and aligns the work across the Divisions of Child Protection (DCP), Family Permanency Services (FPS) and Preventive Services (DPS). The Office of Planning, Policy and Performance is responsible for monitoring detention, placement, aftercare, and community-based service providers’ performance, and to support the providers through technical assistance. It also oversees alternative programs that prevent youth from being detained or placed in a residential setting. New York City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) should improve oversight to ensure that non-profit agencies that place foster children are doing home visits and other critical functions required to protect those children, according to an audit released today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The Legal Support and Training Unit provides training for attorney and child welfare staff as well as litigation support for the FCLS court units. During aftercare, providers focus on family engagement and home-based services to help the youth and the family adjust to the transition. City of New York. The Office of Special Investigations investigates reports that involve foster parents, child care providers, and ACS staff. The Office of Advocacy responds to inquiries, complaints, and concerns of parents, youth, foster parents, and the general public. ACS gathers information about the youth from different sources, speaks with the youth and the family, and matches the youth to the NSP or LSP provider that can best meet the youth’s needs. ACS works with the aftercare provider, DOE staff, the family, and the youth in considering an extension of placement. In New York City, the Administration for Children’s Services (”ACS”) is the agency in charge of making ... ACS must inform relatives of their options to be a placement resource for the child. The Office plays a significant role in implementing agency goals and carries out ACS’ mission to foster a collaborative, community-based, integrated approach to child and family safety, permanency, and well-being. The Developmental Disabilities Unit (DDU) is a technical assistance unit that works on behalf of the intellectually disabled (ID) and developmentally disabled (DD) child, youth, and parent during the protective, preventive, and foster care phases of their ACS involvement. The Division includes the following Offices: The Division of Youth and Family Justice (DYFJ) provides a wide range of services and programs for youth at every stage of the juvenile justice process. Job DescriptionThe Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Office of Child and Family Health…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. The CPPs will start new 11 contracts as of January 2019 and serve as a key connection point in order to leverage resources and make connections in order to strengthen children and families throughout NYC. All requests will be confirmed via mail. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides IT solutions to address the agency’s overall business and operational needs. Foster care agencies are independently-run organizations hired by ACS. WHAT IS ACS? Advocates provide support to youth and families and gather information to understand the impact of ACS’ interventions. ACS would consider extending a placement only if the youth is in need of continued support despite efforts to work with the youth over the course of many months. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) works to ensure the safety and well-being of children and families residing in New York City (City) by providing child welfare, juvenile justice and education services. The Labor Relations Unit maintains an effective relationship with union and labor organizations representing ACS employees, and resolving local labor-management issues. A voluntary placement Download What You Should Know About Close to Home brochure. The Investigative Consultants program, a team of former law enforcement investigators, provides training, consultation and support to ACS investigative staff. The unit’s focus has expanded to include a Parent Resource Manager (PRM). EMPLOYER AND NONMEMBER AD PLACEMENT _ Rates: Non-Display (Standard Set) Ads are $57 net By Phone Help protect a child by making a report. Location. July 14, 2017. Administration on Children’s Services . Within sixty days after the end of each fiscal year, ACS shall post a report on its website containing the following data: i. the number of allegations made during the fiscal year that a child in a detention or placement facility was a neglected or abused child; and ii. The James R. Dumpson Scholarship is available to any ACS employee who meets the eligibility requirements and is enrolled in an accredited master’s degree program in social work, public administration, public policy, urban policy and management or an approved equivalent. Our goals are to build stronger and safer communities and advance public safety by preventing juveniles from entering the New York City’s juvenile justice system, to provide therapeutic treatment and services to youth in our custodial care, and to help juveniles develop the tools to leave the justice system for good. The Office of In-Kind Contributions and Pro-Bono Resources works with ACS leadership and external stakeholders to identify needs and provide programming and resources to our children, youth, and families. from Administrative Data Sources and ACS: Similarities and Differences in Methods and Findings W. Webb Sprague, PhD Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Research and Data Analysis Division Office of Data Analysis American Community Survey Data Users Group Alexandria, Virginia May 11, 2017 Getty Images/Photodisc The Office of Research and Analysis provides data, reports, and analysis for the agency, as well as for other agencies, the public and elected officials. Volunteer as a tutor, mentor, or coach. ACF aims to keep children safe and thriving in their own homes and prevent the need for removal in the first place. Its hoped that the oversight and intensive monitoring will affect a positive change in … Go to to complete the census. Using a two-generation framework and equity lens, CFWB focuses on leveraging resources, eliminating disparities and barriers, and creating critical connections to valuable information and services that will enhance whole family social capital, health and well-being, education and economic supports. Visitation. OGC includes the following units/offices: The Division of Policy, Planning, and Measurement works to assure quality of practice at ACS and its partner agencies, professionalize the frontline workforce, bring knowledge to practice, provide research and analytic support, and plan and develop new programs and policies. Background, Scope, and Objective ACS is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of New York City’s children who are voluntarily or involuntarily placed in foster care. Within the Unit are: the Policy and Procedure team, which performs all tasks to ensure compliance with regulations that govern our city, state, and federal funding streams; the Data Management and Systems unit, which oversees the data collected through ACCIS (Automated Child Care Information System), the centralized database for subsidized early care and education services; and the Administrative Services team. ISLA ensures that all non-citizen youth in care who may be eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status or other forms of relief are appropriately referred for legal services. Office Administration – Executive (EXS) Starts in September, January. By Stephanie West. The PPS regularly assesses the youth’s progress and connects the youth and the family to additional services as needed throughout placement. The Division includes the following Offices and program areas: City of New York. The Placement module in CONNECTIONS is designed to assist districts and voluntary agencies in matching children to the best available foster care placement. In order to receive input from young people and families involved in our systems, the Office meets regularly with youth and families to hear concerns, thoughts, and ideas for system improvement. to American Chemical Society, Department of Career Services, 1155-16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036; fax (202) 872-4529. The Division of Family Permanency Services ensures that high quality services are provided to children in foster care by providing partner agency staff with technical assistance and services support. Seneca@York. 3. Identify the signs of child abuse and maltreatment. Child welfare procedures including letters verifying dates of foster care placement. The decision on the length of stay in residential placement is made based on the needs of the individual youth. The Office of Placements Services coordinates with foster care agencies to help ensure that children are placed in the best possible setting in foster care. Training requests may be sent to Other information about the Administration for Children's Services or Agency workers. The unit also develops policies and procedures for the division and provides input into agency policies and legislation. In the Spring of 2018, ACS Workforce Institute launched the Supporting Knowledge Into Practice (SKIP) Initiative in collaboration with the ACS Division of Child Protection (DCP). The Office of Children and Family Health manages health care issues throughout the agency, providing expert technical assistance to our child welfare, juvenile justice, and child care programs. The Office of Placement Administration (OPA) is identified as the sole source of referrals for foster care placement of children placed or remanded to the case and custody of ACS. In addition to the assessment of the quality and safety of preventive agency practices, OPTA identifies needs and provides support to contracted provider agencies to address and improve performance gaps. Revenue Maximization ensures the accurate and timely eligibility review of child welfare cases for the agency and the maintenance of accurate case data for those cases. Medical Office Administration - Placement Opportunities. ACS contracts with non-profit agencies to provide aftercare services. Once the Family Court orders the placement of a youth with Close to Home, ACS begins the process of evaluating the needs of the youth. The degree must be relevant to the mission of ACS. the number of findings made during the fiscal year by the New York state office of children and family services substantiating allegations that a … 2. “ACS thanks the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and … The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Interagency Affairs is the main point of contact for elected officials within the agency, and is responsible for working with elected officials and other stakeholders to advance the agency’s mission. Duration 3 Semesters (12 Months) Credential Awarded Ontario College Diploma ... hands-on experience in a formal work environment.