mine own part, sir, I do not care; but rather because I am unwilling and, for mine own part, have a desire to stay with 2080 friends; else, sir, I did not care for mine own part so much. Soldiers, defer the, spoil of the city until night: for with these borne, before us, instead of maces, will we ride through. freedom: but you are all recreants and dastards, and delight to live in slavery to the nobility. Go, call our uncle to our presence straight; Lords, take your places; and, I pray you all, Proceed no straiter 'gainst our uncle Gloucester. Great God, how just art Thou! Then what intends these forces thou dost bring? and what is thy degree? I think I should have told your grace's tale. Cold news, Lord Somerset: but God's will be done! The imperious churchman, Somerset, Buckingham, And grumbling York: and not the least of these. What, cardinal, is your priesthood grown peremptory? A breach that craves a quick expedient stop! The rebels are in Southwark; fly, my lord! Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness! Is't Cade that I have slain, that monstrous traitor? By Suffolk and the Cardinal Beaufort's means. And, at his pleasure, will resign my place. Is not this a lamentable, thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should, be made parchment? Shall be the surety for their traitor father. Used to command, untaught to plead for favour. Shall blow ten thousand souls to heaven or hell; And this fell tempest shall not cease to rage. the streets, and at every corner have them kiss. honour be witness, that no want of resolution in me. You use her well: the world may laugh again; You do it her: and so, Sir John, farewell! Ay, Margaret; my heart is drown'd with grief. Stand by, my masters: bring him near the king; His highness' pleasure is to talk with him. But still, where danger was, still there I met him; And like rich hangings in a homely house. London. O Lord, that lends me life. The citizens fly and forsake their houses: Join with the traitor, and they jointly swear. There shall be in England seven, halfpenny loaves sold for a penny: the three-hooped, pot; shall have ten hoops and I will make it felony, to drink small beer: all the realm shall be in, common; and in Cheapside shall my palfrey go to, grass: and when I am king, as king I will be,--. I see them lay their heads together to, surprise me. breath stinks with eating toasted cheese. Marry, this: Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March. You bade me ban, and will you bid me leave? you'll nor fight nor fly: By what we can, which can no more but fly. Would make thee quickly hop without thy head. Hath clapp'd his tail between his legs and cried: If you oppose yourselves to match Lord Warwick. The cause why I have brought this army hither. And not to grace an awful princely sceptre. These Kentish rebels would be soon appeased! And you that be the king's friends, follow me. A hundred times and oftener, in my sleep. While Gloucester bears this base and humble mind. Of ashy semblance, meagre, pale and bloodless. We'll see your trinkets here all forthcoming. But, noble as he is, look where he comes. And I myself. Nor should thy prowess want praise and esteem. How now! [Aside to CARDINAL] Cardinal, I am with you. Yet let not this make thee be bloody-minded; Thy name is Gaultier, being rightly sounded. Than you should stoop unto a Frenchman's mercy. my sword like a great pin, ere thou and I part. The first I warrant thee, if dreams prove true. Fed from my trencher, kneel'd down at the board. For, being green, there is great hope of help. the said Henry shall espouse the Lady Margaret, daughter unto Reignier King of Naples, Sicilia and, Jerusalem, and crown her Queen of England ere the, thirtieth of May next ensuing. Henry the Fifth, that made all France to quake, What, Buckingham and Clifford, are ye so brave? Could send such message to their sovereign: But you, my lord, were glad to be employ'd. Your grief, the common grief of all the land. Beside the haughty protector, have we Beaufort. Shakespeare's primary source for 2 Henry VI was Edward Hall 's The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Families of Lancaster and York (1548). Thus stands my state, 'twixt Cade and York distress'd. To cease! Look not upon me, for thine eyes are wounding: And kill the innocent gazer with thy sight; For in the shade of death I shall find joy; In life but double death, now Gloucester's dead. Strange tortures for offenders never heard of. Now is Mortimer lord of this city. For none abides with me: my joy is death; Death, at whose name I oft have been afear'd. Was better worth than all my father's lands. then see thou thump thy master well. Buckingham, doth York intend no harm to us. And left behind him Richard, his only son. Run back and bite, because he was withheld; Who, being suffer'd with the bear's fell paw. [Aside] Ay, by my faith, the field is honourable; and there was he borne, under a hedge, for his. Cannot do more in England than the Nevils: Salisbury and Warwick are no simple peers. Now let the general trumpet blow his blast. Give thee thy hire and send thy soul to hell. Away with him! Now, sirs, have you dispatch'd this thing? My heart assures me that the Earl of Warwick. And, in thy closet pent up, rue my shame. And still proclaimeth, as he comes along. Ah, villain, thou wilt betray me, and get a thousand, crowns of the king carrying my head to him: but, I'll make thee eat iron like an ostrich, and swallow. And nod their heads, and throw their eyes on thee! The mortal worm might make the sleep eternal; And therefore do they cry, though you forbid. With him the husband of this lovely lady: Thither go these news, as fast as horse can. And thither I will send you Matthew Goffe; Fight for your king, your country and your lives; And so, farewell, for I must hence again. Before NORTHUMBERLAND’S Castle, 4. I shall never be able to. As Humphrey, proved by reasons, to my liege. Till Suffolk gave two dukedoms for his daughter. Were there a serpent seen, with forked tongue. hath this lovely face. Why, that's well said. Open Source; License; Separator 2; Donors; RSS Feeds; Help; Contact Us ; Search; Works. Welcome, Lord Somerset. Blackheath. good Margaret, stay. With thy brave bearing should I be in love. Is all thy comfort shut in Gloucester's tomb? How art thou call'd? The king is now in progress towards Saint Alban's. What counsel give you in this weighty cause? If thou darest bring them to the baiting place. What colour is my gown of? Like lime-twigs set to catch my winged soul. Act V. Scene 1. Sir, he made a chimney in my father's house, and. That I had said and done! That bows unto the grave with mickle age. But Jove was never slain, as thou shalt be. Soldiers, this day have you redeemed your lives. These hands are free from guiltless bloodshedding. Descended from the Duke of Clarence' house. How would it fare with your departed souls? The traitorous Warwick with the men of Bury. The king and all the peers are here at hand. The Jerusalem Chamber; Scene 5. Weaves tedious snares to trap mine enemies. He hath no eyes, the dust hath blinded them. that's some wrong, indeed. Why, how now, lords! What answer makes your grace to the rebels'. And my consent ne'er ask'd herein before! O God, forgive him! But wherefore weeps Warwick, my valiant son? Well, for this night we will repose us here: And call these foul offenders to their answers. My hope is gone, now Suffolk is deceased. QUEEN MARGARET drops her fan, Enter HORNER, the Armourer, and his man PETER, guarded, Here they do the ceremonies belonging, and make the circle; BOLINGBROKE or SOUTHWELL reads, Conjuro te, & c. It thunders and lightens terribly; then the Spirit riseth, As the Spirit speaks, SOUTHWELL writes the answer, Enter YORK and BUCKINGHAM with their Guard and break in, Exeunt guard with MARGARET JOURDAIN, SOUTHWELL, & c, Enter a Townsman of Saint Alban's, crying 'A miracle!