Select the Polygon Shape Tool from the Tool Tray on the left. If you follow the same steps above and just increase the number of sides required, you’ll create polygons with different attributes. You can change the number of sides at any time by typing a value in the Points or sides box on the property bar. The centre handle will be selected if the triangle is being created from a central point of origin. There are many ways to skin a cat, and many ways to create a triangle in Illustrator. Build Kaleidoscope. Brilliant! If you're talking about changing the number of sides of an existing polygon, forget it. How to Draw a Polygon in Illustrator. Another way is to use the Pen Tool and create the shape by clicking on the art board four times. You can always change your shape dynamically by dragging the side widget. Because the Polygon Tool is built to create shapes with equal angles at their corners, you will end up with an equilateral triangle. Take the drawing tool, click on the page, get the dialog box, make any changes and then click. What makes the Polygon tool unique, is being able to create custom shapes with any amount of sides. All rights reserved. If you’d like to convert the triangle to a Scalene triangle (with all sides and angles different), choose the white pointer Direct Selection Tool. In this tutorial, the polygon that we have created has 8 sides (octagon). #1 Polygon Tool. Equilateral Triangle – To make a simple triangle in Illustrator just grab the Polygon Tool. Click and drag on the artboard, and then release the mouse. Drag until the polygon is the desired size. Make sure that you enter 3 in the Sides input box, set the size of the triangle that you are about to create, and click OK . Using the on-screen widget, you can change this to between 3 and 11. Most likely the default will be the Rectangle Tool. Step 1. Getting started with fonts in Illustrator. Polygon Tool: Using the Polygon Tool, click and drag out a polygon, but don’t let go of the mouse button. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. If you want to start with a Triangle, click once on the artboard where you want the shape to appear. One of the points around the shape will allow you to change the number of sides by clicking and dragging it. Unlike the Regular polygon, Star polygons have two handles. The pointer becomes a crosshair that you can drag anywhere on the artboard. Select a Stroke and Fill color from the Colors area of the Tools panel. A dialogue box will appear asking what radius you want the shape to be and how many sides you want it to have. Where you can use these shapes? This'll make the sides and angles uneven. Remember that you have to select the object with the Pick tool if you want to make changes to it. In the Toolbox, select the Polygon Tool. Find out how to draw these objects numerically and interactively, including how to lock the inner star radius. To demonstrate in Illustrator how to make a triangle (the most primitive polygon), the fastest and simplest place to start will be the Polygon Tool in the main Tool Bar. If you click on the Polygon Tool a popup menu will appear showing: Select the Polygon Tool. So, we're going to go over to our Tools Panel and we're going to look at the Rectangle Tool. If you’d like the triangle to be constrained to an axis when you create it in this way, press the SHIFT key when you drag / create it and it'll snap to the x-axis. If you're talking about changing the number of sides of an existing polygon, forget it. Once these four anchor points have been deleted you’ll have your new Isosceles triangle, although you’ll probably want to delete the final dividing anchor point on the bottom middle edge in order to get unbroken sides all round. It helps you to create star with n number of sides. If you use the Up and Down arrows to add or subtract sides from your shape. Here’s how to draw one; 1. This is used to create the polygon which is a shape consisting of more than four sides. The first step is to the grab the Polygon Tool. Once you click OK, a triangle will a appear on your canvas. By default the triangle will be created from the shape’s centre. Release to commit the shape. ; In the Options bar, choose a drawing mode: to create vector shape layers click "Shape layers" button; to draw paths (shape outlines) click "Paths" button; to create rasterized shapes in current layer click "Fill pixels" button. This works with all of the drawing tools. Try creating a triangle. Select the Polygon tool .. 2. Next, with the square / rectangle selected, go to Object/Path/Add Anchor Points. Select a Stroke and Fill color from the Colors area of the Tools panel. This is How You Create Polygons in Adobe Illustrator. If you’d like to scale the size of the triangle, simply select the black pointer Selection Tool, select the triangle, hold down the SHIFT key and drag one of the handles of the bounding box, thus changing the size of the shape to the required size. In the dialog box that appears, set the number of sides to three. (Points can be added and removed using the option box, or with the up and down arrow keys) 3. 1. Click on the artboard and in the polygon option window choose 3 sides. Simply start a new document by going to File > New then select the Polygon Tool in the Toolbar, by either left clicking and holding down, or right clicking on it. I cannot change the number of sides of a polygon in Illustrator 5.1 (Windows). I highlighted this point in my screenshot. Press and hold the Rectangle tool in the Toolbar and select the Polygon tool. Select the Polygon Tool and just click on your artboard. Set the Sides input to 3 and leave the default input for Radius. Learn how to draw polygons and stars with the Polygon and Star tools. OK, so that's how we can draw those really basic shapes quite quickly jumping over the polygon tool when you draw the polygon tool, the default is a six sided polygon. The radius doesn’t really matter since you can scale the triangle afterwards to whatever you need. There are a few ways to do this. Polygon tool (Live Shape) Similarly to drawing your Rounded Rectangle shapes, you can use the down and up arrow keys while drawing the object to customize the number of sides your polygon will have. Drag to the right to begin drawing a polygon, but don’t release the mouse button yet. It's pretty much a shape with corners. Disable Compatibility view, upgrade to a newer version, or use a different browser. Use the Up Arrow key to increase the amount of sides the star has or the Down Arrow key to reduce the amount of sides. To make a triangle in Illustrator, grab the Polygon Tool and click on your canvas to bring up the polygon settings menu. Illustrator does not provide live shape primitives. Anyone a clue? … How to use Polygon Tool in Adobe Illustrator. Now this couldn’t possibly be any simpler, but we’ll get right into it anyway. If you would like the point of origin to be different, with the triangle you just created selected, and with the Polygon Tool still active, go to the Illustrator Control Bar at the top of the screen - Window/Control. Step 2. Select the Polygon tool and click and drag from one corner to another to create the default six-sided polygon shape. As you draw, you will press arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of sides on the shape. Adjust the radius of the shape to 60. Star Tool with added points. … Object/Path/Join (Control J) will close the shape. Default Star Tool 2. Use the slider to modify the value between 3 and 20. Draw a Polygon or Star Shape. Release the mouse button when you have the settings you require. Here you’ll see a little square reference point wireframe with nine little handles evenly spread around its edges and in the centre.