‘The offenders' liberty, in the absence of sentence remission, would actually be restricted for a longer period than if incarcerated.’ ‘There are much tighter restrictions on the administrative capacity of prison authorities to grant either some remission of the length of a sentence or to provide release.’ Special remission of 120 days per year for the date of sentence for female prisoners who have accompanying children and are serving sentence of imprisonment for crime, except those who were convicted on charges of culpable homicide and terrorist acts, as defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. for I shall easily and quickly get plenary remission of any guilt and penalty whatsoever (cujusdam culpae et poenae) by absolution and indulgence granted to me from the Pope, whose writing and grant I have bought for 4d. In contrast, interleukin (IL)-2 produces long-term durable complete remission in a subset of patients. This remission may be either total (plenary) or partial, according to the terms of the Indulgence. I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins "; the Athanasian Creed, " Who (Christ) suffered for our salvation. 2. It refers to a structured system with criteria for prisoners to meet in order to encourage good behaviour, rehabilitation and self-improvement, with the ultimate benefit being the release of the prisoner. Partial remission means that the disease is significantly improved, but residual traces of the disease are still present. ... (Law) a reduction of the term of a sentence of imprisonment, as for good conduct: he got three years' remission. The remission, however, arrived before the 2nd of April 1547, and was refused by the murderers. 14); the remission of ordinary business belonged to both 1 See the Mishnah, tract. [I believe] in God the Lord of all, that made the heavens and the earth and the seas and all that in them is; [And in our Lord Jesus Christ] [the Son of God,] God, Son of God, King, Son of the King, Light from Light, (Son and Counsellor, and Guide, and Way, and Saviour, and Shepherd, and Gatherer, and Door, and Pearl, and Lamp,) and first-born of all creatures, who came and put on a body from Mary the Virgin (of the seed of the house of David, from the Holy Spirit), and put on our manhood, and suffered, or and was crucified, went down to the place of the dead, or to Sheol, and lived again, and rose the third day, and ascended to the height, or to heaven, and sat on the right hand of His Father, and He is the Judge of the dead and of the living, who sitteth on the throne; [And in the Holy Spirit;] [And I believe] in the coming to life of the dead; [and] in the mystery of Baptism (of the remission of sins). In Matthew and Mark, Jesus says of the bread " Take ye it, this is my body," omitting the idea of sacrifice imported by Paul's addition " which is for you "; but in them Jesus enunciates the same idea when he says of the cup: " This is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many," Mathew adding " for the remission of sins," a phrase which savours of Heb. His cancer has been in complete remission for three years. Indeed, some patients have exhibited a spontaneous remission of symptoms. The President uses the powers vested in him by the Constitution and the Correctional Services Act to grant remissions which effectively means cutting the sentence short. On returning to his native place about the year 397 he was chosen to head an embassy from the cities of the Pentapolis to the imperial court to ask for remission of taxation and other relief. The politicians no longer claim that remission of debts is impossible. Corrections Act 1997). , Due to the remission of the man’s arthritis, he could now move his joints easily enough to run a marathon. The last demanded that the peasants should be freed from the payment to the state, which represented the purchase price for the remission of feudal burdens. After this there is a remission till about 1620, when plague again began to spread in northern Europe, especially Germany and Holland, which was at that time ravaged by war. 1 Restriction on powers of remission or Commutation in certain cases. remission induction was 60.5 %, with a 48% rate of subsequent relapse. For example, homeopathic treatments cannot put cancer into remission; however, they can provide comfort to the patient without the major side effects sometimes caused by traditional medications. … Natural history The natural history of oesophageal reflux is not well studied, and the frequency of spontaneous remission remains unclear. This case represents one of the longest survivors, in complete remission, after syngeneic transplantation for MM. 2. Sasikala has already paid ₹10 crore fine to a civil court in November 2020. According to the committee, every convict should have it in his power to earn a remission - in other words, to shorten his sentence by his industry. It describes his entering Rome on foot, amid the rejoicings of the citizens; his liberality towards his soldiers and to the citizens of Rome, a liberality that was extended even to persons under eleven years of age; his charities for the maintenance of the children of the poor; his remission of succession-duties in cases where the property was small or the heirs members of the testator's family; his establishment of free trade in corn between the various parts of the empire; his abandonment of vexatious and petty prosecutions for "high treason"; his punishment of informers; his abolition of pantomimes; his repairs of public buildings and his extension and embellishment of the Circus Maximus. Parents should be educated on the signs of relapse and of adverse reactions to the medication, and encourage children in remission to self-report any possible signs of relapse. Define remission. in the section on the Mass merely protests against the view that " the Lord's Supper is a work (opus) which being performed by a priest earns remission of sin for the doer and for others, and that in virtue of the work done (ex opere operato), without a good motive on the part of the user. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. She went into remission after six months, but had to take oral medication to battle the disease through early 2011. The Director of Prisons may grant remission to a prisoner as an incentive to, or reward for, good behaviour while the prisoner is in custody. GODIVA, a Saxon lady, who, according to the legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry to gain from her husband a remission of the oppressive toll imposed on his tenants. As of May 2010, he is in almost complete remission. Some children recover without any relapses; however, most children with the disease have periods of remission alternating with recurrences of the symptoms. They will also receive a £ 1,800 fee remission grant. Does dietary fish oil maintain the remission of Crohn 's disease: a case control study. The usual pattern throughout life is that there will be occasional flare-ups of symptoms followed by varying periods of complete or near-complete remission. When treated by a combination of drugs and behavioral therapy, some patients go into complete remission. And first he gave to the woman, saying: This shall be to thee for remission of sins and release of eternal transgressions. With treatment, about 87 percent of patients have a remission of the disease, but 53 percent have recurrences. [i]Remission and suspension are different in their extent and meaning. With a variety of different treatment methods, these stars went into remission and have since spoken out about their struggles. surrogates) may win remission of sins and life eternal.". Italian Translation of “remission” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Valdemar cheerfully undertook a new crusade "for the honour of the Blessed Virgin and the remission of my own sins.". Not so the mark system, or the plan of earning remission by steady industry. If possible, plan on trying to get pregnant when your symptoms appear to be in remission. prognosis of typical childhood absence epilepsy: remission or progression to juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. At the time, doctors were hopeful they could get Hopper in remission and his prostate cancer under control. The introduction of infliximab was followed by complete remission of the disease. In remission in a sentence (esp. Soon after this, Rachel's cancer went into remission. In Tonbridge, UK, 73% of patients entered remission 11. thou dost promise so much remission of sins for a mere halfpenny or penny, that thousands now trust thereto, and fondly dream to have atoned for all their sins with the halfpenny or penny, and thus go to hell " (ed. [(2016) 7 SCC 1 = 2015 (13) SCALE]; As far as remissions are concerned, it consists of two types. Once the patient shows no obvious signs of leukemia (no leukemic cells are detected in blood tests and bone marrow biopsies), the patient is said to be in remission. The doctor was optimistic that this treatment would put his patient's cancer into remission. If money could be spared, moreover, for the remission of taxation, the paper duties were much less oppressive than those on some other articles. This approach may help to keep the myeloma in remission for longer. It is difficult to tell how many children with Tourette syndrome experience complete remission over their entire adult lives, but it has been estimated to be about 8 percent. 3. Chronic epilepsy All hospital studies of newly diagnosed epilepsy have consistently demonstrated that 20 - 30% of patients do not enter remission 1-3. These days, he is in remission from prostate cancer. Another resolution, of importance for the history of the treatment of heresy, was the canon which decreed that armed force should be employed against the Cathari in southern France, that their goods were liable to confiscation and their persons to enslavement by the princes, and that all who took up weapons against them should receive a two years' remission of their penance and be placed - like the crusaders - under the direct protection of the church. She has been granted a remission of sentence. JA is often characterized by a waxing and waning course, with flares separated by periods during which no symptoms are noted (remission). Remission and suspension differ to a large extent. The remission or abatement lasts generally throughout the morning; and about noon there is an exacerbation, seldom ushered in by chills, which continues till the early morning following, when it remits or abates as before. Remission can sometimes be achieved after treatment with oral doses of activated charcoal. Of the three patients who achieved a complete remission, two had evidence of GVHD. He painted in lurid colours the terrors of purgatory, while he dwelt on the cheapness of the indulgence which would purchase remission and his prices were lowered as each sale approached its end. 161. This board reported strongly in Porter's favour, but at the time the remission of the disqualifying penalty was all that was obtained in the way of redress. Do those in hell have remission or. Examples of Remission in a sentence. Mr Ritchie's remission of the shilling import-duty on corn led to Mr Chamberlain's crusade in favour of tariff reform and colonial preference, and as the session proceeded the rift grew in the Unionist ranks. 3. In the administration of finance, in addition to the remission of arrears already mentioned, a revision of claims was ordered to be made every fifteen years, thereby anticipating the "indictions" (see Calendar; Chronology). perdonare, to remit a debt or other obligation on a penalty), the remission, by the power entrusted with the execution of the laws, of the penalty attached to a crime. indulgentia, indulgere, to grant, concede), in theology, a term defined by the official catechism of the Roman Catholic Church in England as " the remission of the temporal punishment which often remains due to sin after its guilt has been forgiven.". Less than 20 percent of these patients go into remission. The prognosis for chronic ITP is also good; most individuals experience long-term remission. A remission may be due to treatment or may be spontaneous. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. induce a remission for as long as possible. Having earned his remission the convict enters upon the third stage of his punishment. As the name suggests, during this phase, the main aim of the treatment is to reduce the number of leukemic cells as far as possible and induce a remission in the patient. But after ten years they may enter the "C" division, earn a special gratuity therein, and enjoy the various privileges accorded to the "B" or habitual criminals' division with the additional advantage that there is no interference with their remission. 4. There is not only the remission by indemnification but the remission by abnegation. His first appearance as an author was in 1761, when he published the Scripture Doctrine of Remission and the Rudiments of English Grammar. 126+5 sentence examples: 1. Remission is forgiveness or the decrease in symptoms of a disease. A – Death Sentences. His social reforms included a redistribution of land, the remission of debts, the restoration of the old system of training (6,ycoy17) and the admission of picked perioeci into the citizen body. These agents appear able to induce a sustained biochemical remission of disease with associated symptomatic improvement. It is usually the treatment of choice and is used to relieve symptoms and achieve long-term remission of the disease. Diet is a very important factor in keeping herpes in remission. 4. And in one baptism of repentance for remission of sins, io. In fact, with lupus, preconception counseling is essential to determine the optimum time period for getting pregnant, which is when the disease is in remission.