Part Number: 13700. While this may be convenient for installation, it can make it hard for the cooler to be as effective as other types of transmission coolers depending on airflow and heat dispersion. Direct Fit Remote Mount Twin Turbo Systems; Turbo Pipe Kits ‌ Free shipping on orders over $100. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Derale 13870 Hyper-Cool Extreme Remote Mount Fluid Cooler at 06. Transmission Filter, Remote Mount, Spin-On, Canister Type, Each. You don’t want to run it too far because you may run into pressure issues, but by the same token, it does help to get it away from the ambient heat. 1-16 of 772 results for "transmission cooler mount" Filter results by your vehicle: Enter a new vehicle to add it to Your Garage and filter the results below. Part Number: 13900. 15. Remote Transmission Oil Cooling Systems PART # THICKNESS HEIGHT LENGTH FITTING SIZE APPLICATION Estimated Ship Date: 2/25/2021 if ordered today. It also includes a 180-degree Fahrenheit in-line thermostat, as well. As we’ve already hit on, one of the primary reasons that remote coolers are desirable is to get the cooler away from the nose of the car where it’s fighting for incoming air, or where it may not fit at all depending on the vehicle. Our Stacked Plate cooler coupled with a Tornado fan and aluminum shroud, it comes with aluminum -8AN male fittings and brass -8AN x 1/2 inch barb adapters. It is designed for remote mounting and comes with a 6.5-inch electric fan mounted. Anything you can do to remove heat from the engine bay is a good thing.”. The remote mounting capability of the Derale Hyper-Cool unit allows one to mount the cooler away from the cluttered engine compartment (and the heat that exists there) and place it in a more suitable location. Derale Performance. // This prevents restricting air flow to the radiator. At the end of the day, what Derale has produced here is a lightweight, compact, high-performing cooler that will stand up to some rather harsh conditions at a price point that won’t bust the wallet. Here you can see the one-inch square rube frame that we already mounted to the underside of the body running in between the framerails for mounting the battery and other components in the trunk. We put the largest fan on our units that we can.”. Title: Oil Cooler Hose Mounting Kit. After working with the Power Automedia staff for some time on a freelance basis, Andrew joined the team in 2010. It is designed for remote mounting and comes with a 6.5-inch electric fan mounted. In Stock . Engine Oil and Transmission Oil Cooler Model or Series:Electra-Cool. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This efficient little workhorse is perfect for engine, transmission or power steering needs. Remote Mount. And because we’d already made some provisions on the undercarriage of BlownZ for a previous installation, it was even more of a breeze in our situation. Title: Aluminum Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Mounting Kit. With it's own air supply, US Motor Works - Derale brand remote transmission cooler can literally be mounted almost anywhere, making it a popular addition for performance compacts, hot rods, muscle cars and trucks. With its own air supply, this remote cooler can literally be mounted almost anywhere, making it a popular addition for performance compacts, hot rods, muscle cars, and trucks. With the new transmission oil cooler mounted, we could reinstall the radiator, connect the inlet/return lines from the transmission, and wire up the fan module (not supplied). Remote Mount; Series 10000 Stack Plate; Series 9000 Plate & Fin; Series 8000 Plate & Fin; Series 7000 Tube & Fin; Series 6000 Tube & Fin; Frame Rail; Heat Sink ; Direct Fit; Transmission Cooler Fittings; Power Steering; Universal. by: Saul 08/08/2014. Unlike in a more conventional tube and fin-style heat exchanger where aluminum tubes are fitted inside of a metal stack of fins, a stacked plate design features a stack of plates in which hot and cold streams of fluid counterflow through alternating plates. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Part Number: DER-13090. 25 Row Hyper-Cool Remote Transmission Cooler Kit, -8ANEquipped with our top-of-the-line 25 row stack plate cooler, the Hyper-Cool remote transmission cooler can literally be mounted almost anywhere. These highly efficient 25-row stacked plate coolers feature Derale's 500 cfm Tornado electric fans that supply optimum airflow plus clear anodized aluminum shrouds. It measures 11 x 6 x 3 1/4 inches and has -6 AN fittings. Adding an aftermarket transmission cooler to your hot rod, car or truck is always a good idea. This, of course, can be done either direction and can even be mocked up with an air hose or something similar in the shop before making the cut. $246.41 $ 246. Derale Electra-Cool Transmission Cooler Kit 16 Pass 15-3/4"x11-1/2"x5" 13900 But beyond that, it’s also important because, by mounting the cooler elsewhere, you’re able to get the cooler itself and the lines carrying the transmission fluid away from the heat source of the engine bay and the transmission. “The Hyper-Cool is an excellent choice for a vehicle like BlownZ because it’s a racing, heavy-duty unit that’s based on the 25-row stacked plate cooler with embossed turbulators inside, it’s completely oven-brazed, all aluminum, and is very, very sturdy. According to Earl’s Performance Products, the cooler must be mounted in a stream of moving air at ambient temperature to operate efficiently. With the large -8AN fittings this cooler was designed primarily for engine oil applications, but also can be used for heavy duty transmission or fuel cooling. - D13023. Manufactured from aluminum, this bracket is designed to hold the cooler securely without damage from vibration. This includes everything from cooling pans to fans and fan controllers, fluid coolers, oil filtration products, and other parts and accessories. On Derale’s remote mount coolers, the shroud and the mounting bracket are one unit, allowing it to serve two purposes. Buy Derale Universal Atomic-Cool Remote Mount Transmission Cooler Kit with Fan from With larger capacities available and built-in 1/2” NPT fittings, these heat exchangers are up to the task of virtually any application. The Hyper-Cool cooler has four holes, one in each of the four corners, for mounting the unit. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Derale Atomic-Cool Remote Mount Fluid Cooler Kit 12-3/4" x 9-3/8" x 4-5/16" Product Description Includes complete cooler assembly, two aluminium AN fittings (-6AN or -8AN) and two hose barb fittings (-6AN x 3/8" barb or -8AN x 1/2" barb) Perfect for medium duty use. Derale Cooling Products 13092 - Derale Replacement Transmission Filters. offers 27 mounting transmission cooler products. Flex-a-lite Remote Mount Transmission Cooler and Fan - Plate and Fin - 300 CFM - -6AN Fitting part number FLX600017 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service. It measures 11 x 6 x 3 1/4 inches and has -6 AN fittings. Cooler Style:Tube & Fin - Remote Mount. Cooling. The purpose of a remote mount cooler is to be able to mount the cooler away from the front of the vehicle therefore not blocking airflow to the radiator/condenser. And the bracket stand has enough standoff, or leg, on the bottom of the cooler to allow the air to pass through so the fan can pull the air from the bottom. Can serve as a bypassing cooling path for transmission oil. Mount the supplemental B&M SuperCooler in an area where the cooler receives good air flow circulation. Applications span from race cars to street rods, street cars, heavy-duty trucks, and virtually anything automotive with a cooling need. Derale Cooling Products 13020 - Derale Remote Transmission Cooler Mounting Kits. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. These are put through a strenuous workout under load, keeping the engine’s RPM within it’s operating range and transmitting power from the engine to the drive wheels. With an all-alum.. This is why the remote cooler is so popular with drag racers where you want to get everything out of the way in the front of the car.”, Wood continued, “People always get locked into the cfm numbers like it’s the air equivalent of horsepower numbers, when that’s really not accurate. 41. Although there are a number of ways to mount the cooler, one of the best that we've seen is the cushioned aluminum mount arrangement used by Earl's (Earl’s #1302ERL for the narrow coolers shown in the article). Transmission Cooler Fittings; Power Steering; Universal. With its own air supply, this remote cooler can literally be mounted almost anywhere, making it a popular addition for performance compacts, hot rods, muscle cars, and trucks. COOLER INSTALLATION 1. This can generally be a rigid surface or, for added peace of mind, to a fabricated “frame” welded to the body of the car or the chassis to give it a sturdier base. The Hyper-Cool is a complete kit that includes a 25-plate, stacked plate cooler and 500 cfm reversible fan, with all of the fittings, hoses, and components required to mount and operate it. 24 Hours On line,. Cooling - View All Close ; Water Pumps; Radiators and Accessories; Fans; Wiring Harnesses and Relays; Also in Cooling - View All. All these pieces allow you to mount the item in a convenient place. FREE Shipping. It is suitable for use in many types vehicles including, class C motor homes, pickup trucks, and vans. This Flex-A-Lite stacked-plate, 17-row transmission cooler is designed for remote mounting and comes with a 6.5-inch electric fan mounted. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Always keep in mind that the cooler still needs access to airflow to perform at its peak. More Articles See All. T he 678 by Hayden is a well-designed plate and fin transmission cooler. We’ll get into the reasons why this is important shortly. We'll send you the most interesting FordMuscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Because of their design, heat sink transmission coolers are used in remote locations, such as a frame rail close to the transmission. To have a fan pull through a stacked-plate cooler, you’re going to need a little stronger fan than a tube and fin cooler, because the fins are further apart in a tube and fin, so there’s going to be less static pressure created for that fan to have to draw through. Hose, Kit. Over the years, he has photographed several major auto racing events, sports, news journalism, portraiture, and everything in between.