Usually, the Serval is boldly spotted black on tawny, with two or four stripes running from the top of the head down the neck and back, transitioning into spots. “F” designations in Savannah Cats tells us how many generations removed from the African Serval the Savannah is. Call: 859-925-2242 document.getElementById('p4y-sidebar-top-cont-harness').innerHTML = ''; They are all hand raised. Whether you're looking for a breeder or a pet, they'll surely be a … Send us a Message Are you looking for a Savannah Kitten for your family? amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; This is a secretive medium-sized cat, constantly searching for vulnerable prey. They also pant much like dogs – very unlike most felines. Serval Kittens For Sale in Cantonment, Florida United States, Kittens For Sale!Serval Kittens! You can choose and order a kitten on our web-site. Savannah cats. All our breeder-cats are kept in truly royal conditions. The African Serval Cat which is a native of africa ( Scientific name Leptailurus serval) is a medium-sized African wild cat native to sub-Saharan Africa. But I do know it was somewhere around the turn of the century. A breeder with great knowledge and information is John K. Babb, the owner of Valley Stables and Exotic Servals in Berea, Kentucky. 3 boys just born (863) 259 6644. "Servals have been kept as pets in the past in Africa as well as many other parts of the world for thousands of years, just as they have been hunted for their pelts during this same time period. It was once also found in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Large website famous for Serval cat videos, over 800 Serval photos. Yet one couldn't ask for a more unusual and exotic-looking animal. The greatest source of information on raising Serval cats as pets would be an actual breeder/owner of a Serval cattery. They are not an endangered species, with the exception of one sub-species known as the 'Barbary Serval,' however I have never known of one of these to even be within the U.S." (Note: in spite of there being no federal law prohibiting Serval ownership, prospective owners should be sure to check their own state and local ordinances before buying one.). If you are planning on getting a serval or any other exotic cat for a pet or know some one who is, then you must have this book. This can only help one's understanding of their instinctual behaviors, thus enhancing the relationship between the cat and human when put in the close relationship we refer to as "Pet" (Serval) and "Owner" (human). AVAILABLE SAVANNAH KITTENS FOR SALE in Canada and USA . If a Serval is raised from infancy with a great deal of attention and loving care, it has been my personal experience that, although they are still a wild creature and not by definition domesticated, they can become comparatively as tame and friendly as many species of animals which are termed 'domestic.' kittens should receive 2 vaccinations, the first at around 8 weeks of age and the second, two to three weeks later. we have cubs of Serval kittens , Caracal and Ocelot kitten for sale all ready for sale at very affordable prices. Should you decide to adopt one of our Savannah kittens in Canada or USA, we will send you updated pictures so you can watch your Savannah kitten grow and … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Savannah Kittens For Sale. That is why the 75% F1 savannah kittens that mirror the closest to the African serval are the most expensive and largest cat in the world. Classifieds. The Serval also has a high-pitched chirp, and can hiss, cackle, growl, grunt, and meow. The "Servaline" form has much smaller, freckled spots, and was once thought to be a separate species, though it is not. They are able to climb and swim, but seldom do so. Their fur pattern varies but is typically tan or orange with dark brown or black markings on its body. Female African Servals for sale. Serval Kitten for sale , they are well trained and socialized with kids, adults and other pets at home, if you are interested just get back to me for more information and current photos of them.they are all both Tica and Akc registered, for they are coming with a year health guarantee and vet check. amzn_assoc_asins = "B071F3N8WZ,B01N21WGAN,B07QCYV7M7,B01M8JT6FT"; A Wild N Sweet Bengal kitten has received lots of love and will seduce you, as much by his endearing and affectionate behavior as by his legendary beauty! Also has Llamas. Like a lot of F1 kittens she was born premature with very little hair and the color has not descended into the hair shafts yet. Much of the information in this text comes from studies done on Servals kept in captivity as early as 1951. Female African Servals for sale. Find Serval Kittens For Sale on California, San Francisco, 94110 +1 (405) 252 0264. Accepting Deposits for Winter 2016 Litter! Feel free to contact us for more info at: … The Serval needs water within its territory, so it does not live in semi-deserts or dry steppes. Weight ranges from about fifteen to twenty-six pounds in females, and from twenty to forty pounds in males. Kittens For Sale!See our YouTube Channel for Hundreds of "Example" Videos!!! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Serval Kittens For Sale in Tennessee United States. In Egyptian history, Servals were kept not just as terrific mousers—they were also kept to protect a dwelling from the evils of night until the Egyptian sun god, Rajh, arose in the morning light. The F2 savannah kitten prices range from $4500 - $7500 based on exotic aesthetic, size, intelligence, coat, ears and personality. The serval (Leptailurus serval) is a wild species of cat native to the African continent.Servals and other species of wild cats were kept as pets by humans in Egypt thousands of years ago, and they were also kept to keep the rodent populations from consuming grain stores. They can be reserved with a £200 non refundable deposit. The Serval In Captivity A Serval is a wild animal and usually doesn’t make a great house pet. Serval Kittens for Sale. If bottle-raised, some kittens come very close to behaving like common 'lap cats,' while others, with the same upbringing, don't care much for being held for any length of time. Is the kitten or cat up to date with their vaccinations? With Thanks To: Valley Stables and Exotic Servals, if (window.location.pathname != '/wolf-dog/') { I have been feeding her since day nine. His website, which follows this article, contains a fantastic amount of information about the Serval, which is used with John's express permission. Assistance always available. F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 savannah kittens for sale. "In my opinion, the Serval is the 'top of the line' when it comes to choosing among the exotic cats that are commonly kept in captivity. The head is small in relation to its body, and the tall, oval ears are set close together. Savannah breeders Savannah kittens for sale in Arizona. If you want to get on the waiting list for one of these beautiful well socialized domesticated serval kittens, call MeChel 334-449-2443 ( serious inquiries only). Threat displays between hostile wild Servals are often highly exaggerated, with the animals flattening their ears and arching their backs, baring their teeth, and nodding their heads vigorously. We are a USDA and FWC permitted facility. If yes, here is a list of all the Serval Cat Breeders in the United States. Due to human population taking over their habitats, the number of Servals in existence has dwindled. Exotic Animals for Sale Exotic Animals Wanted Animal Equipment for Sale Exotic Animal Auctions. 10/05/2017 ask Contact with owner. "I encourage everyone who owns a Serval to go to the library or the Internet and take in as much information as they can on the activities of the African Serval Cat in the wild.