WordPress vs Squarespace: Podcasting. About Michael Conway and Means-of-Production. In order to do this, you have to create a ‘folder’ instead of a regular content page or ‘index’. 3, Summary Blocks on a page work like an index and they can be placed in an index as well. Squarespace Index VS Folders: Website Information Architecture. Want to know more about creating Index pages in Squarespace? Adirondak. Our websites are designed to attract better prospects using blog articles and inbound marketing tactics. Which Squarespace templates have an index navigation? Folders cannot go into folders. As I was researching for this post, it seemed that one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Squarespace index pages is whether or not you can have index pages inside a folder. Here is how I made all of this work… But in Squarespace 7.0 (particularly the Brine template family), you cannot add an index page to a folder - which means if you use index pages for key pages in the unlinked section, you can’t organize them. Hi, I’m Michael Conway. A way to … Squarespace Index VS Folders: Website Information Architecture. Squarespace Index Page in Folder. Which Squarespace templates have a search bar in the top navigation? Which Squarespace templates have a folder navigation? The index page pages are added in this navigational area to display the containing pages’ content or page thumbnail to create image links. It’s purely a style & strategic-layout thing. I also wanted people to be able to click on the main BLOG link and be directed to the main blog page vs being redirected to the first folder link. My firm builds Squarespace websites and marketing campaigns for construction and design firms. It is quite challenging to index your pages. Podcasting is the fastest growing content marketing channel (learn how to start a podcast here). Commenting System. Not Linked: Add to this area pages that you don’t want to … Montauk, Julia, Kent & Om . 2 You cannot put a folder in an index page either. You cannot edit sitemaps and other XML files. You can have an index page with thumbnails of all the pages in that index but you cannot put an index page in an index page. Index pages aren’t for traditional ‘indexes,’ though I suppose they could be. Farro & Haute . Our completely integrated commenting system supports threaded comments, and all comments have individual like counts. Squarespace does offer a wide range of features and functionality; Square space has a simple interface so that your navigation panel, that allows you to move from page to … 1. About Means-of-Production. Commenting System includes content moderation, community management, bulk comment management, reader feedback to flag spam or trolls, powerful abuse filters, and customizable settings. To publish a podcast, you need: A place to host the audio files (not WordPress or Squarespace). Means-of-Production builds Squarespace websites and writes blogs for built environment firms. Read Squarespace’s tutorial about adding an Index here. Which Squarespace templates have a second top navigation? Flatiron. Wondering what I’m talking about? You also don’t have to use an Index page at all if you don’t want to. Bedford, Anya, Bryant & Hayden. Finally because there are no index pages in Squarespace 7.1, you can organize all your pages into a folder. Index: Add any pages you want to display in an overview page, called an index page, on your site.