Regional Victoria is currently under Stage 3 restrictions. Stage four was originally meant to end on 13 September. “If you no longer have community transmission then you can open up the economy and this will have fewer costs over a 12 month period,” Prof Grafton said. RELATED: Victoria’s cases not falling as steeply as hoped, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. By Mathew Dunckley. Victoria's roadmap out of stage four restrictions, explained Victorians will remain in stage four until September 28 – but there are some important changes By With stage 4 restrictions now in place across metropolitan Melbourne due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, tenants are seeking clarification about how these new restrictions will impact their living arrangements. The draft plan proposes allowing people to have two hours of exercise per day, and allowing single people and single parents living alone to have a nominated visitor after September 14. “The endpoint is to lower numbers and get numbers as low as possible so that we can have confidence that we can manage the inevitable outbreaks that will occur, and the inevitable transmission that we will see,’’ he said. Today, sadly, we need to ask the same of Victorian businesses and Victorian workers. When will stage four end? Economist and modeller Professor Quentin Grafton of Australian National University told that stage 4 was working but it was unlikely coronavirus case numbers would get down to zero by September 13. However, this could leave Victoria isolated from the rest of Australia because other states and territories except for NSW have mostly eliminated community transmission. When does stage 4 lockdown end in Melbourne? Here's everything we know about how restrictions will ease in Australia's epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus Victoria: premier Daniel Andrews and chief health officer Brett Sutton say tougher stage 4 Covid-19 lockdown restrictions will be considered if needed, but there is … “If the goal is no community transmission, our modelling is telling us that six weeks is not enough,” Prof Grafton said. Source: Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.Source:Supplied. If Victoria abandons the goal of “no community transmission”, authorities may chose to relax restrictions even if there are still a low number of cases at the end of the stage 4 lockdown. This is because once cases were under control then there could be less social distancing restrictions required in the longer term. “If we get to no community transmission then less social distancing will be required over the next 12 months. "That document is really a working draft from some time ago. Some restrictions have been relaxed slightly in response to public feedback, while greater clarity has been provided around some less clear restrictions. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2021. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has already said she will keep the state’s border shut until there are no cases of community transmission in NSW and Victoria. Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. However, he would not rule out that some stage four rules could stay in place beyond the scheduled September 13 end date. Mitchell Shire will also remain at Stage 3. It will be guided by how many cases there are in Victoria and the types of cases. “Stage 4 is working because only essential workers are going out, this is suppressing the infection.”. Stage four lockdown is due to end at 11.59pm on Sunday, September 13. Modelling shows where Victoria is headed and when Melbourne’s stage 4 coronavirus lockdown, already in place for two weeks, could be lifted. The State of Emergency has been extended to the same time, and regional Victoria's stage three lockdown will also end then. Why is this so significant in the battle to control COVID-19? Before the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions, people could visit a property one-on-one with an agent. Changes in the document proposed from September 14 included: Other changes proposed from September 28 included: The chief executive of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, Paul Guerra, told ABC Radio Melbourne the draft plan was different to what he had seen in Government briefings. In Melbourne, that means following Stage 4 restrictions and not leaving your house during the curfew hours of 8pm to 5am, unless it is for work, medical care or caregiving. But Prof Grafton said Victoria’s experience with hidden community transmission had to be kept in mind, and that NSW also had a large casualised workforce in Sydney that posed the same risk as what was present in Victoria. Last week, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews suggested the goal of elimination was not a real option, despite it being raised as the only way to return to normal life. At this stage, Prof Grafton believes it is still possible for Victoria to achieve “no community transmission” but it may require a couple of extra weeks of stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. It is strongly recommended you wear a face mask while on your flight. Victoria’s rate of COVID-19 infections is falling fast, raising hopes that draconian stage 4 restrictions can be lifted earlier than the scheduled 13 September end date. 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Earlier today, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that stage 4 lockdown will stay in place for another two weeks after the initial date of Sunday 13 September, until at least Monday 28 September. "It won't be guided simply by dates on the calendar though, it will be guided by the science and the data. “The last thing we want to happen is for restrictions to be relaxed, for people to go back to work and to start seeing cases again, and to get back on this rollercoaster or yoyo again. Picture: Daniel PockettSource:News Corp Australia, RELATED: One family could be source of 90 per cent of cases. When does stage 4 lockdown end in Melbourne? However, one thing New Zealand did do which Australia hasn’t, is to act quickly as soon as cases were identified. "I don't think that that will probably be possible," he said. Guide for business – stage 4 restrictions. Stage 4 restrictions. Update #8 on stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions - Victoria. While the treatment of workplaces under the new restrictions differs from industry to industry, the Victorian Government has announced three different categories of restrictions that apply to businesses. It offers police additional powers to enforce the new rules. The GAT will be moved from the end of Term 3 to the start of Term 4. Stay up to date with our live list of the latest updates of restrictions around Melbourne. The resurgence of the virus in New Zealand shows that keeping a lid on COVID won’t be easy even if Australia also manages to eliminate community transmission. Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng said the "internal working document" did not "represent any decisions that have been made".