Here, you will find and fight Champion Gundyr, a much tougher version of Iudex Gundyr. The Untended Graves is a dark and foreboding area that serves as an exact replica of the Cemetery of Ash. First, you'll need to find one of the hidden areas, the Untended Graves. 0. PSN ID: Toan_Greenlow-16. The untended graves is the exact same place as the the cemetery of ash. It is said, that the strongest among us are those that suffer through silent pain. Next Walkthrough Grand Archives Prev Walkthrough Consumed King's Garden. Toan 4 years ago #1. Find guides to this achievement here. I wouldn't rely too heavily on the logic of areas being physically connected for anything. First take down the shaman to delay the process of transformation. In terms of the map its located behind lothric castle. this seems to suggest to me that at the entrance to the untended graves (illusion wall) there seems to be an invisible barrier to somewhat blend together a past version of firelink shrine as well as maybe the future. Can you do the tree jump glitch in Untended Graves? I don't want to waste all night trying. User Info: psolitsa. What was your experience when you first discovered Untended Graves, everyone? Post Comment. In the Untended Graves, use his summon sign and call him to fight against Champion Gundyr. Xethuminra 4 years ago #2. The guide simply suggests Untended Graves before Archdragon Peak since the Untended Graves are right after Oceiros, who you need to beat to get the gesture needed for Archdragon Peak. User Info: Toan. Untended Graves is a dark version of … Untended Graves is an optional location that you get to, from another one - Consumed King's Garden.To reach the Garden from a chapel, where you fought the Dancer, use the ladder and head left.The path will be protected by a temple knight and the lift will take you … Destroy the illusion in the chamber, jump down and light up the bonfire. I honestly didn't think we would be gettin Continue through Ocerios' boss chamber until you find an altar of sorts. Second edit: Read through everything. 8 Consumed King's Garden. psolitsa 4 years ago #4. That area won't mess up any quests, it's just pretty hard to run through. 0. Goat. Untended Graves achievement in DS3: Reach the Untended Graves - worth 15 Gamerscore. Dive through it and the wall will disappear. The Consumed King's Garden can be accessed after defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Untended Graves Dark Souls III Guide. In untended graves we beat him and afterwards he becomes the sheathe for a coiled sword or in other words the giant shish kabob we encounter as the very first boss at the start of the game. via: User Info: Xethuminra. There are posts about the clever design in the way it … Title. After defeating him, hit an illusory wall at the middle front of the next area to enter Untended Graves. 3. If you dare trek through this optional polluted area, be sure to pack some Blooming Purple Moss Clumps.