©2002-2021 Adoption Exchange Association. The primary service provider in Utah is Utah’s Child and Family Services Adoption Connection. Raise the Future Select state, territory, or tribe: Adoption through Utah Foster Care All children deserve a permanent home. There are 2,100 to 2,600 children in Utah foster care. Prospective foster parents must be at least 21 years old. There is a need for adoptive families for older children, sibling groups, and children with significant needs. They come from many different backgrounds and reflect the cultural diversity of the state. It’s easy and we’re there every step of the way. Guides: Adopt a Child Adopt a Baby Arizona Adoption Open Adoption Foster Care Adoption Unplanned Pregnancy Oklahoma Adoption Texas Adoption Florida Adoption Adoption Costs Adoptive Family Transracial Adoption Adoption Agency Christian Adoption International Adoption Affording Adoption Adoption Search In Utah, each prospective foster/adoptive family is required to participate in standardized training before becoming a licensed foster parent. Utah Foster Care finds, trains, and supports foster families for Utah children. Utah Foster Care is your starting point for fostering or adopting thru foster care in Utah. When this happens, the State is responsible for finding these children a new and permanent home—often, this is done through adoption. Utah Foster Care. Begin today! Adoption through Utah State Foster Care is a very affordable option since many of the court, lawyer, and legal fees can be waived or reimbursed by the State itself and other organizations who support adoption. Children in foster care stay with a family who provides safety, nurturing, and support. On any given day in the state of Utah, 2,400 to 2,800 children are in state custody and guardianship because their primary caretakers are no longer able to care for them. These vary widely. To schedule a consultation, please call 877-505-5437. Scroll past the listings to learn all about the legal guidelines for families adopting in Utah whether you’re adopting a newborn through domestic adoption, an infant or older child from U.S. foster care adoption, or a child through international adoption. In Utah, the average time a child spends in foster care before adoption is about 18 months, and the average age of a child adopted is about 5 years old. Please call 877-505-5437 or visit Utah Foster Care for more information. Adoption services are used by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) when children in state custody cannot return to their original home. Too often, families find a child on the Exchange, only to have that child placed with another family during the wait. When it is safe to do so, returning home is best for the children. While most of those children will be able to reunite with biological family members, 13 to 18 percent will not be able to do so and will likely become eligible for adoption from foster care.. American Adoptions specializes in the adoption of newborns and is unable to provide Utah foster care adoption services. Spending time as a foster parent is required to adopt a child through the system. We find, train, and nurture foster families for Utah children. Children available for adoption reflect the state diversity. Utah Foster Care finds, trains, and supports foster families for Utah children. The state office of licensing determines if a family and their home meet the minimum requirements for health and safety. There are three major steps and three separate agencies involved in completing the process to become a resource family for foster, adopt or foster/adopt. Families choose this route to adoption because: They are interested in… 1 (877) 505-5437 Because of this, we encourage foster families to complete that process before visiting Raise the Future in search of available children in Utah. Finally, there are legal fees associated with the adoption proceedings. Families pursuing domestic adoption need only be 10 years older than the child they are interested in adopting. Utah Foster Care offers public information nights statewide. They conduct a home study. There a… Foster-adoptive parents Ryan and Suzie-Marie McCorriston, and Amy Bates share how foster care and adoption changed their perspective forever. 801-265-0444, For foster care: The qualifications for adoption in Utah vary depending on if a family chooses to adopt domestically, from foster care, or internationally. Below, you’ll find adoption agencies and adoption lawyers offering services to Utah families. We find, train, and nurture foster families for Utah children. On any given day in the state of Utah, 2,400 to 2,800 children are in state custody and guardianship because their primary caretakers are no longer able to care for them. For children who are considered Level 1 the adoption assistance rate is up to 40 percent of the Level 3 foster care rate. 13K likes. Children available for adoption reflect the state diversity. State adoption and foster care information. Can’t foster but want to help? The role of foster parents is to care for displaced children and support the process of reunification. These 20+ hours of preparation are called “pre-service training” and can take as little as a month to complete. For information on becoming a foster parent, please visit: Utah Foster Care Website. At this website you can also access Utah’s Adoption Connection Lending Library. 1 (877) 505-5437 About Us In the event that reunification is not possible, adoption of children in the foster care system is possible. The children who are placed in foster care by the Division of Child and Family Services range in age from infants to teenagers. If you are brand new to the adoption process, it is highly recommended that you attend Raise the Future’s foster care and adoption orientation webinar. Foster Care Adoption Children succeed when they are surrounded by encouraging and nurturing families, where they can emotionally connect with and thrive in a positive environment. You may see Utah’s waiting children at the state adoption website. Families choose this route to adoption because: There are no guarantees and the welfare of the child always takes priority, but this has been a successful path to adoption for countless Utah families. Utah’s Adoption Connection works with Utah’s Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) and is managed in partnership with Raise the Future, a non-profit child welfare agency serving seven states in the west, including Utah. This booklet provides the basic information a person would need to know about adopting a child from Utah's foster care system. Utah Foster Care. The primary goal of foster care is to provide a nurturing home for children until it is safe for them to return to their biological families. There are two ways to adopt children from foster care: the first is foster-to-adopt; the second is adopt a waiting child. The adoption assistance rate is based on child’s level of need, which is determined by the regional adoption assistance committee. Through child-focused recruitment, adoption resources, and long-term family support, Raise the Future is raising the bar for what it means to help youth in foster care. The training prepares families for the experience of providing care to children who have been removed from their birth family and need foster, foster/adopt or adoptive families.