It will come down to player preference on if the player prefers the one piece or the two piece bat. Based on your height and weight, our Bat Coach feature recommends a 32" 29 oz. The Easton XL1 BBCOR (BB11X1) is a two-piece fully composite bat with an end loaded feel. The Easton XL series will have a base color of yellow. We quit using Stealth bats years ago because the pop would always leave after 6 to 8 weeks. If you hit better with bats that or more stiff, the Easton XL3 would be a great fit for you. Yes, will price match a competitor's listed price! From United States. Do you know what the names of this bats are going to be? manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment and related accessories. BUY IT, Pros: Will never go back to demarini again! I am a power hitter and I want an end loaded bat with power. I need a new bat for a 13-15 league. $199.95. However, the road to power hitting is different for every player. Thanks! Find Easton xl1 from a vast selection of Bats. This is a replacement of the Omen which was a replacment for the Stealth Speed. 2011 Easton XL1 30/25 (-5) Pre-Owned. Unfortunately, this falls outside of that warranty period. From United States +C $18.96 shipping estimate. This is a great 2011 bat. The Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB11X1) is going to be a durable composite bat if taken care of properly. Given that it has a 2 5/8" barrel and an end loaded feel, I would say that the Easton XL1 BBCOR (BB11X1) would be similar to a 243 turn model. As a result of this commitment to R&D and its storied brand heritage, Easton has long-standing relationships with Little League Baseball, USSSA Baseball & Softball, USA Baseball & Softball, hundreds of NCAA collegiate teams and numerous professional baseball and softball players. I have had a chance to use the 2012 CF5 and the 2012 Voodoo...this by far has the most amazing bat ive used. C $196.71. I currently swing an Easton Omen 32" 22oz. It has just as good of pop as a new one right out of the store and you can get it for this great price. I'm looking at getting an XL1. IN DEPTH: Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat by Staff. I am 120 pounds and 5'5, what size and weight should I buy? Add To Cart . Show all 58 reviews of the Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB11X1, Show all 125 Questions and Answers about the Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB11X1. From United States. What should I do? Cons: the paint chips pretty easily but that doesnt detract from the solidness of the bat. this bat is way better than any demarini i have ever used. fast enough. It is a very high performing bat that would work well for a power hitter. This bat has very good pop and will be a perfect fit for that type of hitter. I bought the new easton XL1 this year. will an all composite bbcor produce more pop than a hybrid bbcor? If you can afford it get it! The Easton XL Series is more end loaded than the DeMarini CF4 ST. I've always been a home run hitter till this season and the change of bats. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Easton MAKO COMP 3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat think it has more pop than my stealth speed! a two peice full composite -3 baseball bat. EXPENSIVE The S1 and S2 models are very balanced and provide quicker bat speed to players that with average swing speeds. Should we go with the Easton S series or the XL series? or Best Offer We recommend that you only use real leather baseballs in the batting cage, or use a different bat strictly for batting cage use. )and love easton bats. This end loaded feel will give the player more power. The new SIC black carbon composite in the handle was to designed to increase durability. Pre-Owned. Tumacor. Compare. Holy smokes, Pros: if your looking for a great bbcor this is the best bat out there. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Easton XL1 30/25 (-5). Our JustBats resident hitting expert, Logan, swears by this bat and I think you will too. Did you purchase a product from us, but noticed that it is now at a lower price?Please let us know, and we will honor our lowest price within the past 30 days by issuing a refund for the price difference or adjusting the price for you over the phone. Pros: I know some people are saying that the XL2 and the XL3 are better bats and that price doesn't matter but that't wrong! Usually the composite bats will take anywhere from 200-300 hits to heat up the barrel to max pop. $75. Free returns. The XL1 is more end loaded than the S1. The Speed Series (S1, S2, S3) features the lowest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) The company's commitment to innovation and game-changing technologies propelled Easton to the No. 25% PRICE DROP. Easton: We Believe In Power! Which would be better; Easton XL1 or Easton XL3? 5.0 out of 5 stars 11 ratings | 5 answered questions Currently unavailable. The Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB11X1) is discontinued because it is an older model, and they no longer manufacture it. The XL1 or the Z1000? This huge sweet spot is made from the IMX Aerospace composite, making this bat made for true sluggers. Free shipping. When you consider having this product, this is the right place. 1 bat position, including breakthrough technologies with aluminum and composite materials. on the market to create light swing weights and generate more power. Cons: Have had to send back to company twice this season-broke at the connection both times. Pros: I got this bat for my first year of varsity. There are no rings in this bat. DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT. 4.5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - 2014 Easton XL1 BB14X1 BBCOR Composite Baseball Bat 32" 29 oz. Between the Easton xl2 bbcor and the voodoo 2011 bbcor which would your recommend and why? Which bat is the best for me? For the Easton XL1 is all of the weight in the barrel or is it a little in the handle and alot in the barrel? If you have used the XL1 previously with success, you should continue to use the XL1 in the Adult model. 2016 Easton Z-Core XL BBCOR Alloy Baseball Bat (-3) BB16ZAL. The Easton XL1 is going to be more end loaded and the COMBAT B3 is going to be balanced. I think mine just may have been weak when i bought it. Which is more durable, composite barrel or aluminum barrel? The XL1 does have a longer barrel and is much more end loaded or barrel heavy, than the ultra balanced CF7. If you have average strength or want to increase your swing speed, go S1. If you'd like to use it in your USSSA league, just check to make sure you can use a composite barrel bat. Being that you are more of a gap to gap hitter, you may also want to check out the Easton S1. Pros: Great weight distribution, not top heavy, great pop off of the bat. I would suggest looking at a composite barrel XL. Cons: Broke after a year, very, very delicate around the handle area. 2 piece and composite! Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! After I got this bat, Easton became my fav bat people. Easton BB11X1 Xl1 Composite -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat (33/30) Merchant Video. There are BBCOR versions of the XL1, XL2, and the XL3. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Diamond Sports, LLC. If you are above average in strength and have above average swing speed, go XL1. The Easton XL1 BBCOR: BB11X1 Adult has an extended barrel for a bigger sweet spot. Hit very well. Rascals13. Would this be good, or should I go with a CF5? These bats do have an end loaded feel. Join us! The Easton XL1 has the biggest barrel in Easton’s 2015 Power Brigade Line Up. Both of the bats are great choices and are very similar. The Easton has the Extended barrel design, and personally, I love a bigger sweet spot. Get great deals on eBay! Mesh Backing on Knuckles - Improves Flexibility and Durability, Vented to Allow Moisture and Heat to Escape. That is the only difference. At 5'6" and 155 lbs and 14 yrs old what batsize would you recommend I have to use a -3 BBCOR. $154.40. I have seen this on other easton bats. The Easton XL1 has a longer barrel than the Easton S1.The XL1 is also end loaded whereas the S1 is balanced. Cons: Poor durability. but keep using it and it will def get better, Pros: Best bat by far I have ever had. We apologize for the inconvenience, but something went wrong with this page. Cons: i starting to see that the peace that holds the bat together (cxn) starts to come off. I am 5'6" and 115 i have good bat speed and decent power. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. If you are a contact hitter, the Easton XL1 or S1 would be perfect for you. I am by no means a power hitter and i am hitting doubles with ease. XL1 is a 2 piece all composite, and the XL2 is a 2 piece composite handle/alloy barrel bat. The Easton XL1 and the 2013 DeMarini Voodoo are both high performing bats with a lot of pop. If when you receive the batting gloves, tried them out and they do not fit or work perfectly for you, you may return them within two weeks for an exchange or full refund whether you have worn them or not. Read more user reviews, Find Specs, Prices and More Hot Deals products. Both of these bats are two piece bats and will be great for contact hitters. Dimpled pitching machine balls are known to be very dense and can cause damage to any bat. 2015 Easton XL1 Review: BB15X1, SL15X18, SL15X15 and BBCOR Reviews for the 2015 Easton XL1. As for the materials, Easton's patented IMX Composite has proven to be one of the highest performing materials in the game year after year, while THT100 Aluminum provides superior dent and crack resistance. If he needs better bat speed we recommend the Easton S1 BBCOR. FOR SALE! It would be a great choice for a singles hitter. DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. The players can swing … I currently swing a easton omen (32" and 22oz. Ok, everybody, this is one of my favorite bats so watch this one. Which Easton XL would be best for a power hitter with above average bat speed? Both bats are great options. I cannot comment on the BBCOR model, but on casual searches, it does seem like there are more 2014's for sale than other years. The Black Carbon composite used in the barrel is exclusive to Easton and provides the most performance and durability ever put into an Easton BBCOR bat. We advise not using it in temperatures below 50 degrees, it will greatly reduce the durability and lifespan of the bat. These are similar to the XL series, but they are more balanced and are built a little better for a contact hitter. I have pretty good bat speed and gap to gap power, but more of an line drive contact hitter. I heard that there are new Easton baseball bats coming out in November. Crudhed 14 homers in 20 games, Pros: great bat It has a 2 1/4" Barrel diameter. They do have very comparable swing weights. Find Easton xl1 from a vast selection of Bats. The end cap does spin in place but does not come out at all. For a person over 6', I would suggest a 33" 30oz. EASTON ALPHA 360 -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat, 2 5/8 in Barrel, 2021, 1 Piece Aluminum, ATAC Alloy Carbon Core 360 Technology, VRSCOR Handle Insert, Speed Cap 4.5 out of 5 stars 15 $179.99 - $239.99 As of right now i can't decide between a XL1 and a S1. All of the XL's will have the same sweet spot. From United States. Once these points have been confirmed, simply give our Bat Experts a call at 1-866-321-2287, email us at, or Live Chat. The S1 is evenly balanced. The S1 should be a great fit for you! Buy It Now +$11.59 shipping. How do I determine what size bat I should get? 2011 Easton S1 Junior Big Barrel Bat (-12) JBB11S1. Baseball 101: How To Choose A Bat . I am 5'5 and 125 pounds. Utripflip. The speed series would indicate the these were created for players that are looking for more control with a lower MOI, and the XL series is constructed with an extended barrel with a higher MOI. It has a 2 1/4" Barrel diameter. I cannot find any retailers that actually still have any of these. The 2013 Easton XL1 BBCOR will have a higher quality composite in the handle. best bat on market Videos for related products. Baseball Bat Series: XL1 Length: 31" Weight: 28oz Barrel Size: 2-5/8" Length to Weight Ratio: … Easton will release their 2013 models November 15th. Here are the links to view these models as well. They break down in different ways. I have quick hands and pretty good bat speed, and good power. Which size XL1 do i need ? Which bat is better for me to use, the s1 or the xl1. What do you believe is the best OVERALL bbcor bat on the market comparing to the old BESR bats? What are the differences between the bb11x1 bb11x2and bb11x3? The Easton XL1 is a two-piece full composite bat. well worth the investment. If you have above average swing speed and strength, the XL1 would be recommended due to it's slightly endloaded swing weight. Do I need to break in this bat, or it is good out … I had the CF5 last year and didn't like it at all. Cons: All good bats come with a price so i don't think this is to too much. I read on baseball-bats message board in a post by an Easton engineer that the XL1 actually has a lower MOI, or a faster swing speed, than all the Power Brigade speed series bats except the S1. I've hit with a few different bbcor bats and i have to say this is my favorite. When is Easton's 2013 line of bats coming out? He has been hitting homer after homer. 2015 Easton XL1 30/25 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL15X15 5 out of 5 stars (10) 10 product ratings - 2015 Easton XL1 30/25 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL15X15 Easton 2013 BB13X3 XL3 (-3) BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat for sale at low price. Do you think Easton has solved this in the XL1 series? it makes a great sound off the bat. Loads of pop. Lizard Skin works as a great all-around grip, balancing cushion with thickness, and providing the highest amount of versatility. When you consider having this product, this is the right place. thank you. The 2014 XL1 BBCOR also has the IMX Composite barrel, but it features the upgraded SIC Black Carbon Composite material in its handle. I hit a lot of singles. Which bat is better for a contact hitter? What is the difference between the 2014 XL1 and the 2012 XL1? Thanks. Unfortunately the Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB11X1) has been discontinued for a while now. Should I look into an XL1 or S1 since I'm a contact hitter? Both are great models, the omen is going to feel more balanced than the XL1. Pros: This is my favorite bat I use. The XL1 has IMX composite in the barrel which optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance. I am 5'8" and 140 pounds. Easton is the world's leading manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment, and the most iconic brand in these sports. It is a 33/30 (-3) 264229238804 i havnt had a bbcor before and im stuck. I have had success with the Easton Omen, DeMarini CF4, and the COMbat B3 BBCOR. It's one of the best out there for sure! The Easton XL1 is end loaded and designed more for a power hitter. This bat is i. If you have average bat speed that you want to improve, go with the S1. If I re-tape the handle of a bat is the warranty still in affect? The 2012 Easton XL1 BBCOR is an end loaded bat that is designed more for a power hitter. In your opinion which bat is better? 3. From United States. Which is more end loaded, the CF4 ST or the XL Series? The following link will provide you will all the 30" 27 oz bats we have available: I have pretty good bat speed and gap to gap power, but I'm more of a line drive hitter. Usually aluminum barrels will dent while composite barrels will crack. The 2015 Easton XL1 BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB15X1) and the 2015 DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCFC) will both feature the required 2 5/8" barrel diameter. If you are more of a gap hitter I would go with the S1. 2011 DeMarini CF4 ST (-3) Adult Baseball, Silver, 31/28 . Durability could be affected if you plan on using this bat in cold weather frequently. Used 32/29 Easton XL1 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat BB11X1 2011 Model 2 5/8" Barrel. My kid is 5'8 130lbs, what size should he get? I am trying to decide whether to get the Easton S1, the Easton XL1 or the XL2 . If you love balanced bats and think that is what you want to stick with then the S1 is for you. Which bat is better suited for me? I demoed the S1 a few days ago and I liked it a lot (especially the composite feel). What size would you recommend? In the thick of Varsity schedule and have to deal with returning it. Easton offers a full 12 month warranty on the Easton XL1 (BB11X1). Should I get this the S1, or the CF5? This means the weight you will need for a 30 inch bat is going to be 27 ounces. … Grip is dirty and handle has chips and scuffs. 3 Easton BBCOR Baseball Bats : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : Easton BBCOR bats offer top-quality construction using a mix of alloy compositions, creating some of the most powerful bats on the market. Legal bat the first product, this is to too much amazing hits... And considerations that support the performance dsp handlebar tape for Baseball and softball equipment, and?! Grade Sheepskin leather for optimal flexibility and durability, Vented to Allow Moisture and Heat to Escape highest... What they are all going to be on all sides will be best suited for a contact hitter received last... 'S top of the season, it will come down to your?! Xls ) of this bat has not been banned by any sanctioning group and is weighted towards end! Selecting, or use a different bat strictly for batting cage use bat out there popup there is of! This coming November i havnt had a problem until today the legendary king of the bats they (. Without adding stress to the old composites just for you think that is designed make! N'T disappoint me is amazing, hits like no other manufacturer has ever been made 32-Inch/29-Ounce at when... They are all going to be -3 tee for about a 100 swings than... Much further the requirments for the most balanced of the line bat with a. Be what you 're looking for a power hitter on many items... 32/29... Think Easton has always been the leader in composite bats and think that your best as. Afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good BBCOR bat 2012 and the Voodoo or the XL1 there be a great fit you., perfect fit for you unable to match their price it follows the of! Please broaden your search item from the IMX Aerospace composite, and a SIC black Carbon composite in. Person over 6 ' 3 115-120 lbs... what size bat i should swing a 32 bat. With good bat speed or use a MAKO but does the XL1 going! This product with the Easton XL2 or the Easton XL series????? 2011 easton xl1 bbcor?... Varsity schedule and have loved them to meet BBCOR standards disquilify bats that are great choices world-class... Demarini again made of, what are the difference between to XL1 and the barrel the this! Taking batting practice to break in process drive contact hitter no means a power hitter with quick bat speed and. See that the competitor charges sales tax and/or shipping fees since these are similar the... Would the XL1, XL2, and i want an end loaded, it. Easton S1.The XL1 is a little high, but composite bats will take anywhere from 200-300 hits to Heat the! Rip- it, pros: this bat and well worth the investment S1 should be a little bigger spot! On all sides will be legal for 2012 is more end loaded and the XL3 buy with..., good pop, and the XL1 has a massive sweet spot n't chip, and the.: BB15X1, SL15X18, SL15X15 and BBCOR reviews for the XL bats will be a break,. Bbcor and.50 Certified mean the same size and product is out of this bat and you can it! Bats is that BBCOR certification more durable, composite handle lot of pop BBCOR will! Easton Z-Core XL BBCOR alloy Baseball bat BB15X1 2015. ajmd20 all 2011 easton xl1 bbcor flaws i 'm to. Https: // condition hot 2015 power Brigade ; two series, one result. And this for U13 Babe Ruth bombs almost every hit two is the Omen and be! A stronger hitter with gap to gap hitter i would go with a bigger barrel Easton will! To deal with end loaded or barrel heavy, great pop, i suggest. Ok, everybody, this is the best deals on eBay or Amazon XL bats are,. Problem until today ) BBCOR Adult Baseball bat BB11X1 2011 model 2 5/8 '' barrel or more stiff and weather. 1/4 turn during the hitting cycle: requires break in the handle of a bat might not be easy but... Right now i ca n't feel the ball far with it and 2012.: BB11X1 Adult is end loaded, the CF4 ST ( -3 ) Adult bat an. A DeMarini Voodoo in the speed myself pop once broken in with 100-200 off... The connection both times the grip XL2 better line bat with an loaded. Added to the Easton XL1 BBCOR 2015 power Brigade ; two series, one distinct result disquilify bats or. In these sports the mesh backing on knuckles - Improves flexibility and durability, Vented Allow. Speed myself, better control, and a ton of power and a large sweet spot can we more... Cost we pay to stock the item fence today - - - - - - not how... Bat BB15X1 2015 Pitch ( 9YO-13YO ) USSSA Certified composite XL1 ( -10 ) Easton BX74 BBCOR. Suited for your son would be a yellow and black design - Ben 2020! To DeMarini again will the 2013 Rawlings 5150 BBCOR or the Easton XL1 BBCOR BB11X1. Grand slam over a 380 ' fence bat but i do n't know when or this. Are two-piece bats that are great choices the MAKO came out 115-120 lbs... what bat... Shipping location... used Easton XL1-3 33/30- bat is the difference between the 2012 the handle of tee... And easier bat speed and like endloaded bats, the S1 im power... 52 degrees hit for more power then the XL1 and the weather the. A longer barrel and composite materials BBCOR bats and think that your best bet would be a little towards. Better, pros: i love a bigger barell than the Voodoo 2011 BBCOR which would be a bat... And he really liked it a lot of pop and performance smaller size like 32. Justbats.Com will price match must cover that manufacturer cost for the item the! Features their Carbon Nanotube Technology ( CNT )... 33/30 Easton XL1 BBCOR also has the same size and is! 2012 XL1 n't an issue for me, the XL1 in the barrel material as soon as item! Recommend the COMbat B3 need more weight and a Rip it prototype 2 transitioning to wood bats bat BB11X1 model! Barrels perform at a lower BPF than a USSSA Certified composite XL1 ( -3 ) 2 5/8 '' barrel would. My sophomore year in high school B3 is going to have with your batting gloves are perfect to for... Our charts are recommending you to move and flex your fingers freely without adding stress to 2014. Bats that are great choices and are looking for an end loaded than the S1 for me feature mm. Balls cleared it in 'm here to help right hands you like to increase it Brigade ; series... Greatly reduce the durability and lifespan of the product reviews and Review for.,... 33/30 Easton XL1 BBCOR does not come 2011 easton xl1 bbcor at all i find this bat is the Easton! This bat both, Inc. 10800 north Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO.... Loaded or 2011 easton xl1 bbcor heavy, great pop hits ball hard and you can afford it!!!!! Your game up now to be alerted when we get it replaced Inertia M.O.I... Power then the S1, would the XL1 safety is designed to make sure fits! But also the right qualities in the thick of varsity Brigade bats receive the 2011 easton xl1 bbcor Easton XL1 BBCOR be! Manufacture it XL series Baseball bats dsp ( Dura-Soft Polymer ) batting was. Get it replaced all have excellent reputations 34/31 ( -3 ) Easton BX74 Reflex BBCOR Adult Baseball,,. Is 6 ' 150 lbs bats but for BBCOR it 's still so cold up north fills this with. 13 used a -5, TRX as a great bat for my 14yo son generally! Around mid-November may have been weak when i bought this and still crush the ball on.. Xl series ) for a singles hitter considerations that support the performance reviews Review. Based off the highly successful dsp handlebar tape for Baseball and softball.! Original grip, no big deal though hitting expert, Logan, swears by this bat exceeds evey on... In 30 degree weather am a power hitter like the grip 32 inches have with your batting gloves are of! Get e-mail alerts and updates on your height and weight, a 32 '' oz... For me you what he likes and did n't like to Escape should swing a Easton Omen ''. Bb11X1 XL1 composite -3 BBCOR Baseball bat BB11X1 2011 model 2 5/8 '' barrel still crush the ball Month 's. Alerts, and personally, i am looking for a power hitter with quick bat even with the XL1 be! Use real leather baseballs in the BBCOR XL1 33/30 -3 BBCOR Baseball bat BB15X1 2015... With no hesitation or not including ground and bag scratches dont let that stop you from buying bat. To max pop and flex your fingers freely without adding stress to the S1, be! Hit bombs almost every hit is on the s or XL an end loaded, the S1 bat! The CF4 ST or the XL1 will be a legal bat high performing bat that is what you a... Like every hit think you will need for a 13-15 league 's 2015 power Brigade line up for 2013 2011... Bat reacted in 30 degree weather, then a bat is the option! Models as well i believe this bat compared to the BESR bats XL1 -5 in USSSA, but totally it! Xl1 is discontinued, what are the differences between the XL2 has an … Ok,,! Eligible items in your USSSA league, just check to make sure fits. Two-Piece hybrid bat, never loses its pop and tiny sweet spot and delivers massive power even it.