Section 7.3 of ASTM C 94, "Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete," allows the concrete producer to use additional air-entraining admixture to achieve the desired air-content level when a preliminary sample shows an air content below the specified level by more than the allowable tolerance. Air Entraining Admixture. Air entrainment in hardened concrete reduces permeability and enhances the resistance to surface deterioration caused by de-icing chemicals. Air entrained concrete can increase the freeze-thaw durability of concrete. Basically when freeze thaw cycle occurs with time than deterioration of concrete occurs. Improved resistance of concrete to severe frost action or freeze/thaw cycles. Concrete is very weak against frost action in this water penetrates into concrete and damages the concrete. RussTech carries a full line of air entraining concrete admixtures. EUCON AIR MIX is an aqueous solution of highly purified vinsol resin. This type of admixture produces a more workable concrete than non-entrained concrete while reducing bleeding and segregation of fresh concrete. I was amazed at the differences of opinion. A. Form the study says that the air-entrained concrete having 7.5 cm slump is better than the slump of 12.5 cm of the non-air-entrained concrete. Air-entraining admixtures The bubbles are mostly below 1 mm diameter with a high proportion below 0.3 mm. AIR MIX is specifically formulated for use as an air entraining admixture for concrete of all types and is manufactured under rigid control which assures uniform and precise performance. A. The performance can not be affected by water hardness. RSA-10 is specially formulated for use as an air entraining admixture for concrete. When used in cement industry it can generate high stable micro foam throughout the concrete mixture. What is an air-entraining admixture? The air-entraining admixture shall be a completely neutralized vinsol resin solution, such as DARAVAIR® M, as manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies, or equal, and comply with standard specification for air-entraining admixtures (ASTM Designation C260). By Concrete Construction Staff. A place where weather is not normal (abruptly changing), air entraining admixture is used that protects concrete from different weather actions. It can reduce the bleeding rate, but not increase the viscosity. Effect of Air Entrainment on Concrete Compressive Strength:-Air entraining admixture commonly introduced to increase concrete workability without affecting the concrete strength very much. Air-Entraining Admixture. These products have been specifically designed to introduce stable air matrices into fresh concrete to provide adequate freeze-thaw protection. It is an admixture that causes the development of a system of microscopic air bubbles in cement paste during mixing, usually to increase its resistance to freezing and thawing and to improve workability (ACI 212.3R). Dosage: 0.5‰ ConAir® air entrainment products introduce millions of uniformly sized and spaced air voids throughout the concrete mixture. Concrete containing these tiny air bubbles have been proven far more resistant to freezing and thawing than plain concrete. At a committee meeting during the recent ACI convention in Denver, the use of air-entraining admixture (AEA) became a topic of discussion. The benefits of entraining air in the concrete include increased resistance to freeze-thaw degradation, increased cohesion (resulting in less bleed and segregation) and improved compaction in low-workability mixes. The quandary seems to lie in … CETECH TM Air entrainment is an innovative chemical admixture with high performance. Concrete Admixtures: Air-Entrainment .