I wrote the app I explain in this article, because it is one that I wanted for myself. The main thing I miss is my car reading my text's. Drivemode simplifies how you manage calls and messages while driving. Perfect for when you’re driving, or when using your phone is unsafe, inconvenient, or illegal. You need to first ASK to see the latest text messages (and it will only show up to five! Features. I am not able to receive text messages while in a moving vehicle. Verizon Messages - Android Smartphone - Turn Driving Mode On / Off. I have a 7plus, IOS 11.2.5. There may be an issue with the software when a picture message (or emoticon or sound file) comes through while driving which locks up the system. Here's how to configure Driving Mode settings for the Verizon Messages (Message+) app on your Android smartphone. How it used to be: Paired my WP with the car (Honda Civic 62 plate) and if I got a message while driving Cortana would read it out and give me an option at the end to reply. ). Everything works great besides incoming text messages. Yes, that is before the birth of the iPhone! Plus, the Android system works so-so. My point is this: my mobile automatically detects when you're driving, offers to read out any new text messages, should you so wish and lets you reply to them using your mouth, all without it leaving your pocket. Completely prehistoric! I have checked my settings and DND is turned off, DND while driving is set to manual. How do i describe it. Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes. Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time; Hands Free - No need to touch the phone while driving Generally I do not notice her reply because I am already driving and I'm very disciplined about not looking at my phone while driving. I am reading that if you delete all your saved text message threads, then un-pair and re-pair your phone it should work. I often send a quick text message to my wife before leaving work for the day. I have not tried yet so I can't say for sure that this is a solution. Android being Android, you can find plenty of third-party apps for managing your incoming texts and dealing with them automatically. It doesn't seem to matter if my phone is connected to bluetooth and also whether I'm a passenger or driving. Below are some methods you can try to get reading texts out loud feature in Android. Android Auto worked great on my S9. When i press the text notification play button google just sits there flashing the 4 dots like its thinking. Use voice-control, a broad swipe, or a single tap and move seamlessly between applications. Not so great on my S10+. ping automatically reads your text (SMS) messages, Email, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Slack and ALL other messages out loud! Windows phones have been reading/responding hands-free to text messages when on driving mode since 2003! ping is NOT a free app, we offer a 14 day free trial. With a streamlined interface to safely answer calls or send and hear messages, Drivemode’s voice-enabled commands and large buttons let you to focus on driving. The only drawback is it still does this if someone else is driving … DriveSafe.ly ™ is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. Thus, Android users can use the feature to get reading texts out loud. While you are driving it is not possible to read text messages even though you receive an important one. ... Verizon Messages - Android Smartphone - Turn Driving Mode On / Off. DriveSafe.ly is the solution to texting while driving.