August Smart Lock Wi-Fi is a easy to install fantastic home monitoring device that will enable you to :Remotely lock or unlock your door. This means that if you have matched keys for your deadbolt and door handle, there’s no re-keying … It all starts with downloading the August app. In its stead, find a more traditional lock with a classic thumb turn built, as August says, to be “more accessible” and, yes, considerably cheaper. Silver. The August Lock 4th generation is of course the best lock to date and here’s why. The August Smart Lock 3rd Generation is a solid lock, especially for the price. Model: AUG-SL03-C02-S03. Features: August (4th Gen) Summary: Being the two best smart lock platforms on the market, Nest and August have a lot of similarities. This August smart lock is simple to install and lets you track activity via your phone with i. The August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) with Connect Hub is on sale for 50% off today. 07. With regard to appearance, the two smart speakers have their share of differences. Automatically lock your door behind you. This feature also works with the app to show if the door is open or closed. Installation was a snap: 15 minutes for the lock itself, another 5 minutes for the lock sensor, and 5 more for the WiFi bridge. The August Smart Lock Pro has the most features and the best compatibility. August Smart Lock 3rd Generation by August. August’s Smart Lock Pro is smart, simple, and responds to your voice By Terry Walsh November 22, 2017 August Smart Lock Pro + Connect (3rd Generation) Last update on 2021-01-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Once the final version of the app was released, I factory-reset the lock and tried setting it up again. Posted on May 18, 2020 by George Pang. Beyond those changes, it is designed to work very much the same way as other August locks. I purchased the latest version with the connect module got them installed in a matter of moments and was elated with my newfound ability to lock / unlock the door with my phone. The August Smart Lock Pro is a Bluetooth, WiFi, and Z-Wave enabled dead bolt handle designed to replace the interior handle on your existing deadbolt. We have tested August on many different types of single cylinder deadbolts. Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. A smart lock that enables you to enter your home with your mobile phone through Bluetooth connection. That drops its price from $229.99 to $115.99, the lowest price ever. The auto-locking system that engages after you wander 200 meters away from your house also works fine, and is arguably more reliable with DoorSense in the mix. The unit plugs into a power outlet and has to remain plugged in so as to access its features. You can use it to create virtual keys for guests. You can also provide instant access to family and friends, check on activity at your home, and control the lock easily with most voice assistants. In addition, the August Connect also allows the user to connect with an added smart home hub called Z-wave plus. Traditional keys are kept only for back-up. We followed the advice on the website for android phones but it's not helped at all. TechHive |. However, I did have a difficult time adding this new 4th generation to my home wi-fi network. 07 $177.07 $ 177. Furthermore, it is the lock to purchase for users with Z-wave plus smart home hub since it will provide additional functionalities such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more. The range and features of the August Smart Lock 2nd generation can be upgraded by purchasing the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. With DoorSense, the auto-lock won’t engage if the door has been left open. This eventually got things going, but only after literal days of troubleshooting. We also tried changing my access from a guest to a home owner to no avail. While this lock does have a lot of similarities between the last two that we looked at, it’s also benefitting from August’s most up to … Frequently, when someone unlocks the lock/unlocks manually (with a key) there is no notification or record. The difference is that you do not have to purchase the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge separately. And now for something completely different: Introducing the new third-generation version of the entry-level August Smart Lock. The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best smart locks that you can install on your front door. While that’s handy, it remains disappointing that August didn’t integrate the Connect directly into the lock itself. Unlike competitors, it fits on your existing lock, allowing you to maintain the look of your home and keep your keys. August. As indicated earlier the August smart lock pro is the recently launched product of the two. August Smart Lock 3rd Generation. Unfortunately, as easy as the Smart Lock Pro (and 2nd generation Smart Lock) is to work with, the 3rd generation still has some kinks in the system. Editors' note, 9/21/2017: Our initial review, conducted just days before product launch, was based on beta software. The August Smart Lock would’ve been my saving grace, however that is not the case. The August Smart Lock Pro uses four standard AA batteries. I'm using an Android phone and my father just bought the 4th generation August WiFi Smart Lock and we're trying to set it up. Welcome home to an even smarter home. When you use an iPad Smart Folio or Smart Cover, always pick up your iPad directly—don't try to pick it up by the cover. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind in one small package with the 4th-generation August Wi-Fi smart lock. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn fees by linking to and its affiliated sites. It is, however, somewhat limited without the August Connect Bridge or August Doorbell, which provide Wi-Fi connectivity, access to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. My bottom line recommendation remains: If you’re retrofitting, you won’t find a better choice than the August Smart Lock Pro. Once calibrated, DoorSense mostly worked well, both indicating the door status through the app and suspending auto-locks until the door was closed. August has attempted to remedy this by the inclusion of DoorSense, which is designed to tell August whether the door is ajar or not. If the front door is ajar after the time elapses, DoorSense will not allow the lock to engage. The device is included in the price as a combined package. This model requires a … Turn your front door into a smart … This can, however, be solved by purchasing the August Pro connect. August Smart Lock (3rd gen) walmart $ 112.67. ... Wi-Fi Smart Lock 4th gen vs Smart Lock Pro 3rd gen Auto-lock. The August Smart Lock Pro is the most widely compatible smart lock we’ve ever tested, and August has consistently updated and improved its products over time. ... Home August Smart Lock 3rd Generation. ... go to Settings > Display & Brightness and turn on Lock/Unlock. It is relatively cheap, and being the base model does not come with many added features. You can also provide instant access to family and friends, check on activity at your home, and control the lock easily with most voice assistants. The August Smart Lock Pro now comes bundled with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. You will be happy to know that the August Doorbell works with all the models of August Smart Lock. In addition, this model can also be upgraded by purchasing the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge optional extra. And at long last, August has released the third generation of its flagship product: the August Smart Lock Pro. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) and August app allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys and always know who’s coming and going. However, I believe you can invite people and adjust schedules without the connect, as the … The new August Smart Lock Pro now supports Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave Plus. All August Smart Locks attach to your existing deadbolt, on the inside of your door so you can still use your keys. The August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation is one of the top selling locks on the market, and for good reasons. While installation is easy—almost identical to the Pro setup—I encountered some serious issues setting up locks during the beta period. Connect with other products or control your lock through Z-Wave Plus, Siri, Homekit, Alexa, and Google Home with certain setups. Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge. As a 4th-generation product, August was able to utilize newer, smaller Wi-Fi chipsets to reduce the size of the smart lock by 45% when compared to the 3rd-generation August Smart Lock. This device also uses Bluetooth to operate. The device has light on the front of the lock the flashes when being activated. While the app crashed repeatedly during DoorSense configuration and sometimes reported the wrong door status (ultimately requiring recalibration), again I will chalk these issues up as beta growing pains for now. The significant change is that the August Connect—a separate device that bridges the Bluetooth-only lock to your Wi-Fi network and myriad smart home hubs, including Alexa and Wink—is now included in the box and does not have to be purchased separately. The August Pro is still one of the most expensive retrofit locks on the market, but the company has done a great job of making improvements since the 2nd Generation—this new model supports Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave Plus. The app has been designed to increase the level of control that the owner has over the device. This model has a feature called DoorSense, which is absent in the 2nd generation. Or you can simplify even more by using the Smart Keypad which doesn't require keys or a smart phone for key less entry. Kwikset Premis Touchscreen. To get things working, I ended up nuking my existing August account, calling August tech support to aid with a remote factory reset of the lock, and starting setup from scratch. Overall, I love my 4th generation August lock and think it looks great. There is no light on the front of the lock. David Ludlow Contact via Twitter | November 3, … It has a sleek “hockey puck” design that will integrate with most types of lock hardware that you are looking to improve. After manual installation, the August app takes over, and it lets you set up your key chain. Home › August Smart Lock (3rd generation) August Smart Lock (3rd generation) ₱11,995 00 ₱11,995.00; Add to Cart. August says it is 45% smaller than previous locks and it also sports a new pattern along the edge. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. This page will help you troubleshoot issues for the August Smart Lock. 2) My iPhone, AppleTV and August lock are both fully up-to-date on versions. 4.4 out of 5 stars 8,145. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone. Editor's Note: August has a newer model, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which has a Wi-Fi module built in and is 45 percent smaller than the August Smart Lock Pro. It may, however not be ideal for iOS users since it does not support Homekit. The most significant change is the design. August Smart Lock - 1st generation (ASL-1) August Smart Lock - 2nd generation (ASL-02) August Smart Lock - 3rd generation (AUG-SL04-M01-S04) August Smart Lock Pro - 3rd generation (AUG-SL-CON-S03) August Connect WiFi Bridge (AC-R1) Kwikset* Kwikset Zigbee SmartCode 910 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt One of the biggest issues with all smart locks is that while the lock may know if it is engaged or not, it doesn’t necessarily know whether the door is open or closed. We've been using technology around our homes for years, so finding the right tech is our bread and butter. The 4th Gen Echo is a spherical device that is 5.2 inches tall, which isn't all that different from 3rd Gen Echo's size, despite the latter's cylindrical appearance. However, August has an edge due to its auto-unlock feature and in-app warning if your door isn’t fully shut. I didn’t encounter any lock jams during my testing either, a problem that was common in my 2nd Generation testing. The second generation August Smart Lock retails for $199 though you can often snag it for around $175. Average Rating: (4.3) stars out of 5 stars 29 ratings, based on 29 reviews. The August app performs the same functions with this device as with the other models. TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. Have a pack of AA batteries handy for when the batteries on the lock run low.