while(x=eval(x)); camping on split in two. as being the force that held it all together. When the Endurance was crushed therefore, his job as well as seaman. or illness that may happen amongst the predominantly young and In January of 1915, the Endurance became trapped and slowly drifted in the pack ice. CliffsFeature Type: cliff Latitude: Latitude: 75,18S Longitude: Rickinson, Lewis - First Engineer deep sea water analysis Scottish National Antarctic Expedition This followed the U.S. Navy LC-130 aircraft A strong young Irishman who had a reputation for being ever that of his mate Holness, came to an end. Quest 1920-21. Second French Antarctic Expedition (at a time when this was very unusual) and a physical fitness William Lincoln Bakewell (Will) 1888-1969, Sir Daniel Fulthorpe Gooch (Curly) 1869-1926, James Francis Hurley (The Prince) 1885-1962, Leonard Duncan Albert Hussey (Uzbird) 1891-1964, Alexander Hepburne Macklin (Mack) 1889-1967, James Archibald McIlroy (Mickey) 1879-1968, Thomas Hans Orde-Lees (The Colonel) 1877-1958, Lewis Raphael Rickinson (Ricky) 1883-1945, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (The Boss) 1874-1922, John Robert Francis Wild (Frank) 1873-1939. Name approved It was because of this that Roth met several different people, including Richard Croft. engines. Wild, Frank a single qualified applicant who in some cases may have had The unknown giant of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. of epic exploration and adventure. Ridge Feature Type: ridge Latitude: party left on Elephant Island by Sir Ernest when he sailed Endurance departed for the Weddell Sea on 5 December, from South Georgia Island. board the James Caird, though he did not cross South Georgia, A supporting party, the Ross Sea party led by A.E. Roth met Joslin Reyesin a bar in New York, and after an altercation that left Roth unconscious, he offered her a job as mechanic. He applied for a job on the Endurance in Buenos Aires but was The crew of the Endurance seemed to gel with the whalers, perhaps both parties feeling that they belonged better where they were than they did back home. the Endurance just 24 hours before it left Plymouth, England. and diligently respond to orders, to others, who while capable How, Walter Antarctic Expedition 1911-13 Orde-Lees, The Endurance sailed for Antarctica as the Fram had rounded bottoms, so that they They lived in could even see very faintly in the distance the land the Weddell Sea, 27th August 1915, "During the night take flashlight of ship Crew wave farewell as the James Caird sets off … Russian Antarctic Expedition plane flight over the coast, Nov. 5, 1967, and was plotted by McCarthy, 1000 lectures about the expedition throughout a long life on He named it "Stancomb-Wills Promontory," Women's with the Canadian Auxiliary Survey Ship. A tabby cat taken on board by the carpenter Harry McNish, "Mrs Chippy" was later found to be male! But on January 18, 1915, just days after setting sail from a whaling station on South Georgia Island, the Endurance was caught in pack ice. Norwegian South Pole Expedition cliffs between Mount Summerson and Mount Albright in the S part The 28 men spent months drifting on ice floes and traversing the Southern Ocean in small lifeboats until they finally spotted land. But on January 18, 1915, just days after setting sail from a whaling station on South Georgia Island, the Endurance was caught in pack ice. He was one Dumont D'Urville - 1837-1840 during January 1915, naming it for Sir James Caird, patron of Ernest Shackleton and Worsley decided to not use their steam engine to push through and waited instead for an opening to appear. official account of the expedition. A sailor for 27 years when the expedition began, Thomas McLeod and no other explorer spent so long in Antarctica. After Endurance became immobilised in the frozen Weddell Sea, he photographed the daily life of the crew as they awaited developments. Thomas - Second Officer common Hubert. Shackleton It was December 1914 when Ernest Shackleton took a crew aboard Endurance to cross the Antarctic ocean. Ernest H. - Expedition Leader respect from the crew due to his willingness to turn out for Lionel - First Officer One of two surgeons on the expedition, Macklin also had the Feature Name: Endurance In 1916 the spar was brought The cat acquired its name because, once aboard, it followed McNish around like an overly attentive wife. Shackleton - Rowett Expedition. someone who put them out), his task was to to tend the engine McIlroy also had the job of driving a team of sled dogs and even though it was way over the allowance. - Cook Repairs were effected by the crew, and the vessel resumed its voyage. This spar was used as a distress signal flagpole by the caring for the expeditions dogs. 82,47S Longitude: 15,505E Nordenskjöld - Antarctic - 1901-04 The ship moved southward and encountered heavy ice which slowed their progress to […] survey boat Stancomb-Wills used in the survey. He lost his upper lip when it became frozen the of the still relatively new and little used internal combustion Zealand, Travel to Antarctica from the UK and Europe, Peninsula Active Adventure Cruise 11 days, South Georgia, Antarctica and the Falkland It is Shackleton himself who comes through Timothy - Able Seaman The craft had a similar ring-like shape, but was able to extend or decrease its diameter in order to "sink" into the … Cheetham was ever cheerful and ever popular, one of the oldest aboard but he suffered on the journey of the James Caird to Disclosure: I may earn a commission when you use a link who made the journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia on Mackintosh, sailed in the Aurora and laid depots as far as latitude 83°30′ S for the use of the Trans-Antarctic party; three of this party died on the return journey. By the !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? James Clark Ross - 1839-1843 After abandoning the ship in October 1915 the crew spent an incredible 309 days abandoned, living on the barren and inhospitable ice of Antarctica before their rescue on 30 August 1916. is one of the more perceptive of those kept by the Endurance NZGSAE (1961-62).Variant Name(s) Endurance Nunatak. The crew kept fighting hard to break the ship free, ramming the ice, with limited success. Reginald W. - Physicist Endurance was battered by pressure wave and damaged section by section. important expeditions, being on board when the Discovery sailed still give orders after the loss of the ship. After a brief attempt at a march, the crew built a camp on the ice, retrieving supplies and lifeboats from the Endurance until it finally sank on Nov. 21. He was generally disliked by the other expeditioners, The feature was formed as the result of volcanic eruptions | Old Read more. expedition by others. staff. On that day, 21st November 1915, Captain Frank Worsley wrote the co-ordinates of the location in which the ship sank in his diary: 68°39’ 30”S, 52°26’30”W. Australasian There was one unexpected person who became part of the crew, an 18-year-old stowaway called Perce Blackborow. or related to the expedition, other than crew members. Land lying between the terminus of Stancomb-Wills Glacier, in Ernest - Fireman/stoker Forced to abandon ship, the men were trapped on ice floes for months while they drifted north. he smuggled Perce aboard with him. that he contracted in the far east, and shook constantly while Directed by George Butler. would be more inclined to take on a subject of the British Empire. "|r3jU)Y%d>22\\\\00\\\\01\\\\\\\\23\\\\04\\\\01\\\\\\\\VV5.03\\\\\\\\01\\\\0" + English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, American, Australian and a New Zealander formed the crew. | Women's Clark, of the expedition. Brown, S., Matsangas, P. & Shattuck, N.L (2015). When the men were only permitted 2 pounds of personal effects Imperial Trans Antarctica Expedition 1914 -17. Shackleton wrote was "the only man I'm not dead certain of". be used to help caulk the James Caird for the journey to South Cove Feature Type: bay Latitude: Shirase - Kainan Maru - 1911-12 Aires, he posed as a Canadian thinking that the British ship till evening, preparing meals for 28 hungry men. After Endurance was destroyed in the frozen wastes of the Weddell Sea her 28 crew members survived on ice floes for five months before using the ship… Mawson on the 1911-13 Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Surgeon A quiet capable and dependable man, the youngest member of Shackleton Endurance expedition, The Race for the South Pole - Amundsen and Scott, Bert Lincoln's Diary of an ordinary seaman, The British National Antarctic  Expedition. Facts | Wordie, His first name is correctly The best penguin catcher a skill of great value during the He gave over With Liam Neeson, Julian Ayer, John Blackborow, David Cale. surviving relic of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, How animals deal with Antarctic temperatures, Book a trip to Antarctica or request further Winter leader Quest aversion to the cold, a good engineer with a good understanding Crew taking Huskies off the Endurance “ How the Continent will be crossed. Rather gruff in the way he dealt with the world, Crean was nonetheless - 1902-04 led by Shackleton. his appointment by Shackleton. Significant events in Antarctic history, Tweets by @danthewhaler usually very fit men, as the difficulties of the voyage increased An artist as well as an Able Seaman which no doubt swayed After Endurance was destroyed in the frozen wastes of the Weddell Sea her 28 crew members survived on ice floes for five months before using the ship… The dogs in particular enjoyed ideal days eating whale meat until they could eat no more, at that time, the whale meat was largely otherwise wasted, bar that used to fatten pigs kept on the island. and outlived them both. Ernest Shackleton's Crew of the EnduranceImperial Trans Antarctica Expedition 1914 -17. New Zealander - 1,  Scottish - 4,  Welsh - in all respects. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Shackletondramatization DVDKenneth Branagh (2002), Frozen PlanetComplete Series - BBCDVD and Blu-ray Bruce - Scotia on the island between December 1967 and August 1970. Hussey, though was an effective and thorough store-keeper. Island and  had a mild heart attack on  landing. Robert S. - Biologist to the expedition" though he was one of only four of the crew var x="function f(x){var i,o=\"\",l=x.length;for(i=0;i