Equip the Magic Mirror and warp, once in the shallows, back to the Light World. Randomly strewn about one of the treasure chests is this Heart Piece. Once the Pegasus Shoes are obtained, head over to the Sanctuary, which borders Death Mountain at the north end of Hyrule. In any case, this is what you do. From 1991's A Link to the Past to 2011's Skyward Sword, the Zelda games--including Link's Awakening--are very linear. Anyway, on top of Death Mountain, when you first get to the Dark World, you'll be in an area with two weird creatures - an odd monster-like creature and the ball he is kicking (whom is also alive, oddly enough). So you will not be able to grab all the heart pieces … You'll eventually reach a grassy area. It's not so, however. Head up to Death Mountain. Well, that's it! When you lift it, it reveals a cave entrance. Interesting but quite true. After purchasing said Flippers, go south from Zora and go down the waterfall. This strategy guide will assist you in locating the Link to the Past Heart Pieces.Every 4 pieces of heart will reward Link with a brand new heart container. Conditions: Acquire the Cane of Somaria, Quake Medallion, Magic Mirror. Piece of Hearts Detonado: Parte 1 Parte 2 Parte 3 Database: Inventário Heart Pieces Bestiário Outra das principais sidequests da série Zelda, e você já deve conhecer. At the beginning of the game, Link starts with three hearts, but obtaining Heart Containers permanently adds another heart to the Life Meter. Getting this heart piece right after getting the Flippers from Zora at the waterfalls will make your life much, much easier. On this cliff are three stakes. You'll come across a bridge that has some stakes blocking your path. Every 4 pieces of heart will reward Link with a brand new heart container. You'll be on the Light World's equivalent of the same cliff. Go up this ladder, and go east. At the Lumberjack's house at the Death Mountain Foothills. What with the Switch version of 'Zelda: Link’s Awakening' now out in the wild, I can finally talk about all the new secrets the game has to offer. Kakariko Village - Treasure Cave. To get it, go to the Misery Mire area of the Dark World. While you do not need to use the Ether Medallion in order to cross the gap, it will make for an easier time getting across. Make sure to grab all of the rupees that you dig up, though, because in the 30 seconds, you should collect your 80 rupees back plus some, so you can keep playing. Kill the enemies here and go north another room. 24 Heart Piece 1 (Bombs Required) Once you are able to freely … Talk to the woman there. If you enter into the Lost Woods through the primary entrance, you'll be able to walk on a fairly straight-forward path before you run into a log with a doorway in it.. Go to the north of this log, where nine bushes, in rows of three, are sitting. To get there, go through Turtle Rock. A Link to the Past is the first game in the Zelda series to implement Pieces of Heart. Lift it up to reveal a staircase leading downward. Find all of Link To The Past’s 24 Heart Pieces in this easy to follow guide featuring full video and text instructions. In the Light World, head all the way up Death Mountain. Enter the elevated portion of the cave in Kakariko Village, by falling … If you follow this grassy area, you'll come to a heart piece surrounded on three sides by a fence. Go through the front entrance of the other side of the house, and go west a bit. On the edge of this plateau is the heart piece we seek. Get this piece by cutting the bushes in … So Link can end up playing the game many times before eventually finding the coveted Piece of Heart. You'll eventually come across an opening in the edge, allowing you to jump down. Kakariko Village - In the stone building with bars (the former thieves' hideout), bomb the wall downstairs for a piece of heart. If done right, you'll be on a solitary platform looking over the forest to your right and the Desert of Mystery to your left. See more at http://adventuresinboredom.com/. This is rather easy to get. Ignore the first gap, going farther east until you come to another gap in the edge. In this room, defeat the two Hokkubokku and continue through the door to the south. The heart piece you seek is within. There are also a couple of heart containers in A Link to the Past that will give Link a whole extra heart. What you have to do is go to the Dark World equivalent of the Death Mountain entrance, 'cept it's in the Dark World. Twilight Princess. Then, go all the way south. Simply jump in and swim to the first patch of shallow water you get to. Now, equip the Hammer and smash in each and every stake outside of the house here. This is the Lumberjack's House. Go down into the underground via this staircase and claim your heart piece in this hidden cave. 01. It's completely random, I repeat, COMPLETELY RANDOM, where the Heart Piece will show up, so keep digging. Heart Piece Seven (Requirements: Pegasus Shoes), Heart Piece Ten (Requirements: Access to Death Mountain), Heart Piece Twelve (Requirements: Access to the Pyramid of Power), Heart Piece Thirteen (Requirements: Defeated Agahnim in Hyrule Castle), Heart Piece Fifteen (Requirements: Hammer), Heart Piece Sixteen (Requirements: Hammer), Heart Piece Seventeen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World), Heart Piece Eighteen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World), Heart Piece Nineteen (Requirements: Access to all of the Dark World), Heart Piece Twenty-One (Requirements: Access to the Misery Mire region), Heart Piece Twenty-Two (Requirements: Access to the Misery Mire region), Heart Piece Twenty-Three (Requirements: Access to Turtle Rock), Heart Piece Twenty-Four (Requirements: Access to Turtle Rock), Best Movie, TV and Comics of the Year Awards 2020, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Wiki Guide, The Riddle Quest for the Hurricane Spin Attack, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Run race in southwest corner of Kakariko Village in 15 seconds or less (Pegasus Boots). To the side of the Sanctuary are some mountain highlands. If you go to the location of the Blacksmith's House in the Dark World, which is, in essence, due east of the Village of Outcasts, you'll find that there are many stakes in the ground beyond some stones in front of the house. In the large Desert of Mystery region of Hyrule, which is located in the southwestern part of the map, the sixth heart piece dwells. Stand atop one of these spots and use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World. Turtle Rock. Go into this secret cave and push the blocks out of the way to get to the Heart Piece in the corner of the cave. … Trust me. When the time runs out, no more treasures will appear, even if Link continues to dig. Scattered throughout Link’s Awakening are 32 Heart Pieces that, for every four collected, will permanently add a Heart to Link’s health bar. Once up on this cliff, use the Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World. Head all the way wast until you come to a junction, south of the forest where you meet the Flute Player, where you can go west to the village, south to the Desert of Mystery, and north into the patch of forest there. Sweet! Take this portal back to the Dark World. Down here, the idea is to get to the door directly north of you. As you start out on the Pyramid in the Dark World, leave the Pyramid and head east.