Just be sure that after you bleach, you dried this piece of clothing, and gave it a cold bath. Use sanding paper for the sides. Method Five: Bleach. 21. You can make it specific for the back, below the collar, and on the sides. Sponge T-shirts with a bleach and water solution for a patchy fade. And that was that. Custom Bleach Splatter Shirt: Customize your own t-shirt with an edgy bleach splatter effect! Mix and match techniques to get the perfect worn look. Click for more details. If you have a fabric that is too dark, or you would like to give it an aged, broken-in look, chlorine bleach can help you successfully fade the fabric. Blot your shirt with the sponge, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it out. I just made a few small slits using scissors near the shoulder and near the hem. This shirt is all beat up looking. Simply put - just wash it once separately, and then you're free to wash it … OR, if you want to really get the Balmain tee, start w/ a white tee & dye it army green first! See you later! Afterwards, while maintaining my bleach pattern, I flipped my shirt and heavily sprayed that side as well. Distressed Denim Shirt DIY. Aug 24, 2018 - Have you seen those bleach flannels at the trendy junk shows, flea markets and hip antique shops? Sep 22, 2016 - Hi Nuggets! Dip a sponge into the solution, then squeeze the excess out. Custom bleach dyed distressed "Nirvana" Smiley Face, band concert t-shirt, reverse tie dye shirt, concert shirt, band shirt, bleach dye Shopsbyash From shop Shopsbyash It's really easy to do. ... For my t-shirt, it took just about 10 minutes per side. This will obviously bleach out some spots, which looks really rad, but even better- it softens up the fabric so that it looks & feels like it’s been worn & washed for 10+ years. Step 3: Distress Don’t forget to wash and dry the cloth before you paint and bleach. I repeated Steps 1 and 2, creating a full shirt pattern. To give it the light blue color, soak in bleach … You don’t have to rip this just anywhere. Simply create a stencil for your t-shirt then spray bleach mixture on the shirt for an eye-catching pattern.Supplies Needed: Blank t-shirt - can be cotton o… Try not to overthink it and it will come out great! Then wash, dry and wear!! How to Fade Fabric Using Bleach. Step Five: Distress (optional) I added some distressing at the end for an added detail. Learning how to distress a t-shirt is easy, but if you like the result, be forewarned – you’ll want to do more. After making all your cuts and tears, put a spotlight on them by putting the distressed tee in a bleach wash. Cotton-blend fabrics are ideal candidates for the distressing process because they are malleable and more durable than a 100 percent cotton fabric. Here The Junk Parlor shares her method for bleaching those trending flannel shirts. The water was turning a rust color from the bleach, so I just kept on rinsing until I got all the bleach out. Just a quick video on how to distress and bleach t-shirts. Lots of distressed t-shirts are designed with bleach … The holes will look years old, circled by the rusty color of bleach on certain colors. Pull on a pair of plastic of rubber gloves, then mix some bleach and water. Because if you didn't - you may still have leftovers of bleach inside of fabric, and this may end bad for other cloth in your washing machine. I then untied my shirt and folded it in half the opposite way in order to create a pattern for the back of my shirt. No messy fabric dyes needed. Distressing fabrics is a fantastic way to get that aged look without waiting a few years for the results. Fill a spray or squeeze bottle with a mixture of 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water.