Superior Performance Coming in at a whopping 400-Quart capacity this… AMD internal testing has shown IceGiant's ProSiphon Elite exceeds AMD thermal performance requirements for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors, and further supports overclocking*. Distance to carry. There was a problem. Giant coolers over 200-Quarts are great for commercial use, large groups or long hunting trips. If you leave the lid closed you may be able to leave the cooler for a week without the ice inside melting. This collar serves dual purposes as both a raised mounting bracket and as  a "well" for the base of the cooler to rest within to maintain lateral stability once the IceGiant is seated onto the CPU. Wherever you’re headed stay safe out on the road and enjoy your travels. According to their website, they appear to have a 12oz can holder as well as 20oz and 30oz tumblers. Issues & Limitations . If you’re heading off the grid, then this is not … As tedious as this might appear, the retention collar bracket maintains alignment of the mounting base in correct orientation to allow the tension screws to be easily seated. AMD recommends IceGiant's ProSiphon Elite cooling solution for AMD's high-end multi-chip packages. This massive cooler can retain ice for 8 days. Heatpipe coolers rely on the boiling and evaporation of a liquid (typically distilled water) within each individual heatpipe, which travels up the hollow center of the pipe, begins cooling and then fully condenses further up the cooling tower, while dissipating thermal energy in the process. Primarily being a cooler review site, we haven’t tested them but it was worth mentioning them so you can get a full picture of what all is available. IceGiant's Gravity-driven, Two-Phase Cooling. Features and Cooler Specifications. Engel cooler has got you covered in this aspect. This review covers 17 top ice chests available in 2020 we bought and tested side-by-side for their real-world performance. The 12 Best Hunting and Fishing Coolers . So, Ice retention will not be a … Once that liquid has fully converted back to liquid form, a sintered wicking material along the heatpipe walls then draws the liquid back down to the base to begin the process once again. Why Choose the ProSiphon Elite for Your CPU Cooler? The Cooler Shock Dry Cooler Gel Pack is a re-usable ice pack that can be stocked in coolers over and over. As it is, you have to refill the tank every 6-7 hours. For gamers & high-performance PC users. As its name implies, the IceGiant ProSiphon is, at least at this point in the prototype process, an absolutely massive thermal solution that's specifically designed for performance CPU cooling. This cooler features a Rotomolded Construction that makes it indestructible. For perspective, the image above isn't the cooler towering atop a compact motherboard. When your cooling tower weighs nearly 5 pounds, lateral stability is an important consideration. If you’re like us, you’re curious as to how a thermosiphon cooler operates while still being functionally different than the heatpipe coolers of which we’re familiar. The IceGiant ProSiphon offers a sneak peek of future performance CPU-cooling tech that easily bests some of our favorite Threadripper thermal solutions. The IceGiant represents that rare kind of innovation, and makes its way to us as a new thermosiphon cooling solution designed by a team of engineers with a background in industrial and enterprise thermal solutions. Using large, flat condenser cores, the IceGiant ProSiphon Elite utilizes greater surface area to effectively transfer thermal energy out of the fluid vapor, into the cooling fins and away from the cooler. #3 – Engel Coolers High-Performance ENG65 Roto-Molded Cooler Weighing 26.1 lbs., about 5 pounds lighter than the ORCA, the Engel Coolers ENG65 is as dependable as they get. This cooler is 2.2kg and it didn't break the motherboard. The rear of the IceGiant ProSiphon prototype provides some indication as to the fin structure, and shows off the dual condenser cores, each running the entire length and width of the cooler. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, While the IceGiant ProSiphon Elite is currently available for pre-sale on the IceGiant website, the unit we got our hands on is a working prototype that the company says will see some substantial improvements by the time the units arrive in retail packaging. The mounting arm and tension screws are factory assembled to the cooler’s base on our prototype. For faster cooling, the cooler comes with an ice pack. Igloo BMX Cooler Review Last Updated by Brandon F. on 10/5/2020 Igloo appears to be going through a bit of a facelift among its cooler lineups. Start by filling up the pack with 3.5 cups of cold water and use an iron to seal it shut. Extra Large Coolers. For our testing to make sure we weren't giving the IceGiant any unfair advantage, we used our standard Arctic MX-4 thermal compound as we do for all cooler evaluations. Extreme Reliability, Originally designed for the harsh environments, high-performance requirements, and maintenance-free specifications of industrial applications, IceGiant's patented ProSiphon technology will soon be available for your PC, Only gravity-driven, two-phase CPU cooling solution available, Compatible with sockets AMD AM4, TR4, and sTRX4; Intel 115x, 1200, 2011/2066, and 1366, Click here for the ProSiphon Elite specifications, Click here for all included hardware with each ProSiphon Elite. As we will see, it also provides excellent cooling performance when compared against some of the best Threadripper heatpipe coolers we have tested. There is some uncertainty as to which fans will be shipped on the retail versions of the IceGiant, but we’re told they will be chosen and optimized for fan speed, noise level and airflow through the dense cooling tower fins. Updated: November 7, 2019. If your system is based around another socket, note that the website says the final product will support AM4, 115x, 2011/2066, 1366, as well as TR4 (and presumably TRX40). The IceGiant ProSiphon Elite prototype model we received is so large, it nearly dwarfs the rest of our AMD Threadripper hardware, while the memory DIMMs are nearly obscured beneath the cooling tech. While the rear hub decal was not present to determine exact model and ratings, we measured their max RPM at 2300 while in operation on the cooler during testing. Considering the small tank capacity, a garden hose adapter would have been a nice addition. Acer Introduces Its First HDMI 2.1 Monitor, Grab This AOC 24-inch 144 Hz Gaming Monitor for Just $125, 4.25" / 107.9mm (5.25" / 133.4mm w/ fans), Retail version intends to improve design and performance over prototype, Fan noise at full RPM (fan choice may differ in retail version), Prototype and retail version may be too large for compact builds. When we ordered this cooler, we were just thinking of a cooler that would keep our beverages and snacks cold at our tailgate parties, but it's much more then that. Thanks to the FatWall design, this cooler is … An extra large sized cooler offers plenty of room for ice, drinks and food, and fun. Tom's Hardware is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Sporting a classic design that is reminiscent of the 1950s, this cooler may be a nostalgic choice as far as looks go but it has modern features that many people want. Excellent Ice Retention The Kong Cooler is known for its excellent ice retention. A thermosiphon instead makes use of natural convection of warmer and cooler states of coolant to effectively ‘pump’ the energy-rich evaporated vapor through the cooler. You will find a thick insulated wall that is made up of polyurethane. Some of these overbearing stats could improve when the finalized retail version arrives, but it's clear that whatever form it takes, this cooler is going to earn its giant epithet. The prototype we tested is massive and noisy, though that should improve with final versions. 100% aluminum. This cooler is meant using thick polyurethane insulation that maximizes the ice retention capability of this cooler. the engineer in the pcworld interview indicates there are 3 condenser loops (horizontal bars in the fin stack) so theoretically you could try to separate the fin stack in two like the noctua d-series. The upcoming retail version of the IceGiant ProSiphon Elite will reportedly utilize three condenser cores, while also trimming overall size with a smaller fin stack. IceGiant says its giant cooler can even tame AMD's giant Threadripper An old technique could take it where no air cooler has gone before. The cooler features a 550 mL capacity and offers space for ice for added cooling. That by itself practically justifies the purchase. Our IceGiant prototype was shipped only with the bare essentials: a magnetic Phillips screwdriver, a TR4 mounting plate/collar machined from a single block of aluminum, and machine screws for the mounting plate. That sounds like exactly the kinds of things all cooler fans should optimize for. IceGiant originally developed the ProSiphon technology to handle the massive heat loads  generated by today's data centers and industrial machinery. man i'd love to put it on top of my r5-1600 and see how far can it clock haha. Best Coolers and Ice Chests – Reviews. Since it is so large and made in the United States, it is easily worth the price. There is not an internal pump...the fluid inside is distributed by thermal convection, and the fluid is designed to change phases rapidly to allow for heat to be expelled quickly. A syringe of Shin-Etsu thermal compound was also included, although retail versions will reportedly ship with Thermal Grizzly thermal paste instead. Full details and specifications of the IceGiant ProSiphon prototype and IceGiant ProSiphon Elite can be found on the IceGiant website. YETI Tundra 110 Cooler Review. Great Ice retaining Capacity – What matters most while looking for a cooler is the cooler’s ice retaining capacity. Get instant access to breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips. From picnics in the park to the beach, we carted these models everywhere to learn which are portable and enjoyable to use. We hope this review article has helped you choose the best cooler refrigeration product for your needs from among our top picks for cooler ice packs. requirements for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors, and further supports overclocking*. Should You Care if Your Monitor Is Certified G-Sync Compatible? Thank you for signing up to Tom's Hardware. It is a durable ice chest cooler with a great insulation performance that can keep food for up to 5 days and ice … So it dominates even the largest motherboards you can buy. so.....its a giant rad pump combo that sits on cpu. Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler Review. New York, the overall size seems to be mandated on matching aio 240's, so if 3 loops are needed to beat aio performance i cant imagine a smaller 2 loop split fin stack matching that performance on an epyc rig. And the now publicly traded, Austin, Texas-based giant in the super-cooler space has upped the price ante once again with its new YETI V-Series. If you are looking for the best large cooler for camping, then you … Obviously at this point, Installing the IceGiant will severely limit your chassis choices. Cold hard facts: 45-quart capacity; includes dry storage tray and bottle opener; bear-resistant; limited lifetime warranty. A set of deep grooves are milled into the trunk of the cooler, behind the mounting hardware, though we’re not certain if this design serves a specific purpose or is simply an aesthetic choice. A cooler is an indispensable tool for the traveling cook, coming in handy for camping, beach trips, long car rides, parties, and tailgating. Brazed into single component- No pump Uses dielectric fluid- No water Compatible with sockets AMD AM4, TR4, and sTRX4; Intel 115x, 1200, 2011/2066, and 1366 The IceGiant ProSiphon Elite prototype model we received is so large, it nearly dwarfs the rest of our AMD Threadripper hardware, while the memory DIMMs are … However, the Hydro Flask 18L Soft Cooler Tote can reliably keep ice cold for longer than standard soft-sided coolers – up to two days, according to reviews… This makes it good for large parties or several days in the wilderness. There should be some real excitement building as we await  the IceGiant ProSiphon’s final form -- though it's not entirely clear what form that will take yet. The YETI Tundra 125 Cooler is designed to keep your ice intact for as long as possible. What we liked most is that it is USB powered, making it very versatile as this makes it very energy efficient. We've tested 30+ models over 7 years in search of the best cooler. Please refresh the page and try again. So when we see new thermal technology coming to market and happen to be one of only a few in the world to get the opportunity to share our early experiences, things become very interesting very quickly. By Michael R. Shea, and T. Edward Nickens. We tossed 12 top-end ice chests off a speeding truck––for science. Put the pack in the freezer and use it in the cooler when it is extra hot. See the specifications of IceGiant's cutting edge CPU cooler, the ProSiphon Elite. Only gravity-driven, two-phase CPU cooling solution available . The Grizzly 400 is one of the best large coolers you need to look for. To help you choose the best ice cooler for keeping ice at freezing temperature and food at a safe storage temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit as indicated by the FDA, this guide shares fair reviews of 5 best coolers for keeping ice and a buying guide. That giant, 54-quart cooler only yells ‘cowboy’ — with all an weathered, grey-wash finish, the Texas celebrity and horseshoe, and also the powder-coated hardware, not merely A thermosiphon works on similar principles, as it also requires the boiling, evaporation and condensation of a liquid - in this case, a dielectric fluid.