The Sheriff’s Office, which consists of two Departments, employs 28 people comprised of 8 sworn peace officers in the Law Enforcement Department, 16 certified Detention Officers, 3 cooks, and 1 part-time nurse in the Detention Department. Facility's update the sheet daily in order to not miss on any Inmate who have been shifted from another Location. Inmate Commissary is a fast and secure way to place a commissary deposit by friends and families for an inmate. By going to the jail and using the jail kiosk in the lobby you can deposit funds into an inmate’s account. People who have never been to jail would be surprised by the large amount of candy, snacks, art supplies, playing cards, hygiene products and clothing that can be purchased through a jail's commissary. ), Your loved one’s full legal name (first, middle, and last), Note that some tools may suggest or require additional information from you about your loved one, depending on individual circumstances. Many jails also allow an inmate to bail himself out of jail if he has the funds in his account. Always send a Money Order from the US Post Office, a reputable bank or Western Union. The Kleberg County Jail has been around since 1999. Inmates can use their commissary account to purchase writing supplies. The standard monthly limit an inmate can spend is between $300 and $400. The jail houses nearly 124 inmates at any given times, and the jail staff also work with visitors, attorneys, friends, and family. Also, note that the search engine limits the number of results to 100 – meaning a bunch of other inmates with the name John Smith didn’t even show up. Some inmates, specifically those who are targeted for being weak or are in jail for rape or child molestation, are forced to relinquish their commissary to avoid regular beatings from other inmates. *Additional fee for agent assisted deposit Pigeonly Inmate Locator in Kleberg County Jail Pigeonly Inmate Locator is a useful tool which has been created for the families of the incarcerated in order for them to learn where someone is housed. THE ONLY EXCEPTION WILL BE SOFT COVER BOOKS. The county implemented the program about three weeks ago. In other words, if you include either of these numbers, you don’t need to include the inmate’s name and birth year. If you can't get your questions answered online call the Kleberg County Jail at 361-595-8500. A roster or inmate list is available at the Kenedy County Jail in Texas. This is why it is important to use inmate services to make things easy. The Kleberg County Jail inmates will need money to make purchases from the commissary. Inmates can purchase snacks and hygiene products through our commissary system. (Express-News file photo) In his final weeks in office, ex-Kleberg County Sheriff Tony Gonzalez OK'd giving Premier Management Enterprises a contract for his jail. If an inmate is being targeted, most jails will intervene and have the victim placed in protective custody, away from the general population. Inmate accounts are also used to pay the co-payment for medication and visits to the jail's medical clinic should they become ill. Medical Copays, Jail Fees and other Inmate Expenses. Choose your inmate and services related to staying in touch with your loved one. Inmates that are held here get 3 meals a day but are very restricted […] The Kingsville Police Department is in charge of operating the Kingsville City Jail where the inmates are housed in single cells on two levels. If your inmate is spending more than $10.00 a day on commissary items, you are most likely paying for him or her to gamble or buy drugs. Anybody can contribute to an inmate's books or commissary fund as … Families can look for their Inmate in any of the facilities they have been assigned to, the current location of an Inmate, in which facility Kleberg County Jail they are housed or where they will be placed next. Commissary contracts have been a big source of alleged corruption in Texas Sheriff's Departments in the past year. Please note that the database only contains currently incarcerated inmates. Every department of corrections correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. Put your financial needs first and the inmate's second. Of these inmates, 30 were transferred to the Brooks and Willacy counties with Kleberg County paying $40 a day to house them. ... WILL BE ALLOWED. Most people want to get in touch with an inmate. The information below provides complete instructions regarding the Kleberg County Jail: Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to commissary, and in some cases medical and bail money, as soon as possible. Kleberg County Jail. Sometimes an inmate's commissary money is used to purchase items to pay gambling debts or purchase prescription medicine from another inmate.