Images. Open the map and look for the small lava pools in this area. Azura's Coast — A mostly uninhabited region of rocky islands and peninsulas on Vvardenfell's eastern coast. This chapter will be updated in next few days. Regions []. Southeastern Vvardenfell; West from Erabenimsun Camp, southwest from Nchuleftingth (group dungeon), east from the Suran wayshrine. Because it being a road it can only be a 1 block incline at most. Name: Antique Map of Vvardenfell Quality: Fine Found in: Library > Maps. The zone encompasses the entire island of Vvardenfell, although the regions of Sheogorad and Red Mountain are inaccessible. Vvardenfell is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. This is a somewhat complex public dungeon containing seven sub-areas. Vvardenfell is a large island located in Morrowind's Inner Sea. Map of Nchuleftingth public dungeon located in Vvardenfell, including the location of skyshard and bosses. It was added with the Morrowind Expansion and is accessible to all characters of all levels and Factions.As the Summerset chapter was released, The Morrowind Chapter, with Vvardenfell has been moved to the DLC section in the Crown Store. VVardenfell CE Treasure Map 2 – Pond. Ashlands — A forsaken ash desert in the areas surrounding Red Mountain. Library item: Antique Map of Vvardenfell. Upload an image Upload an image. Painting the roads is not too bad but you cant have the road be too steep and when it is you need to adjust the angle in that location. Vvardenfell Skyshards maps, instructions and video guide for ESO. The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell. There are nine regions in Vvardenfell with their own weather and unique landscape.. Ascadian Isles — A fertile agricultural region of islands and peninsulas in southernmost Vvardenfell. Lead Location: The Lead can be bought from general goods merchants throughout Vvardenfell for 1,000 gold. It actually shows me where trees should go. … The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell. It … Skyshards. I am using actual pictures from the actual map. Owning ESO+ will give you Vvardenfell for the duration of the ESO+ subscription. Head toward the southernmost one. The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell. Vvardenfell Skyshards is a Skyshard in Elder Scrolls Online. Next Ancestral Tombs Hunter Trophy Prev Map of Vvardenfell. Key points of The Elder Scrolls Online:Morrowind - Vvardenfell - Skyshards Location Map. In this chapter you will find location of all Skyshards hidden in Vvardenfell. Easiest way to complete it is to follow this path: From the first area (#1 Approach), take the right path to 2(b) Morrowind Pathfinder achievement required.