Cons: "No complaints. Los Angeles. There was never any explanation as to why they did this. Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth largest in the United States. Constantly delayed, cheap airline with forced fees, only one I could take and I can’t believe you exist. Cons: "Low airfare. Everything was satifactory and as expected." They were super helpful and had excellent customer service. Earlier this year, Southwest Airlines also grew in California by adding service to Palm Springs International Airport (PSP). Everything you have to pay for. Items in my suitcases were shattered and crushed even though they were well packed and protected. You ended up paying for your carry on luggage, ypu pay for seat assignment if you want to guarentee sitting with you party, you pay for soda. Fly from Salt Lake City from $34, from Phoenix from $34, from Seattle from $63, from Denver from $65 or from Dallas from $65. The seating for me (6"1") was too close to the seat in front. Cons: "Our luggage was lost for 2.5 hrs in PHX airport, due to mix-up by service rep at customer service. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. so was unable to pre board on line. ", Cons: "Agent at gate said overhead compartments were all full and no more room for any bag. ", Pros: "Heavy Hispanic woman got ill and I was really worried she might pass away because she kept laying forward asleep or passed out on the back of the seat in front of her. We were told we could not get hotels and had to argue for an hour. FAT Departure Filters. She made me pay $50 because of little overweight. Super friendly attendants. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly" Not even a cup of water is free. 8.20.2020 | Volaris Expands List of International Destinations Between Fresno and Mexico 7.27.2020 | Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Resources FAT forward is the largest terminal and parking expansion program in the Airport’s history. Sat in the middle seat. ", Pros: "Safe flight" Then once aboard, the seats were hard and I could feel the metal pieces through the seat and the back rest for the entire 4 hour flight. ", Pros: "Just to clean the cabin a bit more and the folding table tops. Looking for American Airlines flights from Fresno? Cons: "I am tall, 6'4", so my complaint is the same with every plane I have been on. I was very taken back by how she acted. Not that it matters to us, because entertainment wasn't available on the flight to cabo. You have two top international carriers to choose from: Volaris ; Aeromexico ; What terminal at Fresno, CA (FAT-Fresno Yosemite Intl.) ", Pros: "Crew were very nice and helpful. They charge you to print out your boarding pass. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Efficient boarding got us in the air a little ahead of schedule. Hard to stay comfortable during a 3 hour flight. No way to treat a $10,000 bike! Leg room was less than usual. ", Pros: "Crew was awesome, very friendly. ", Cons: "Got a stiff neck cause the seat would not go back. Cons: "I have to pay for my carry on . When we finally arrived the systems were down and could not get new flights or hotels. The plane was old and dirty, the armrests were sticky. $5 for boarding passes? 2 Short Term Parking (Cash or Credit) $3.00 per hour up to 5 hours | $18.00 flat rate 5 hours to 24 hours. I ask for help and the agent came over and read the computer screen to me as if that was all he was there for. When I left from Fresno onto when I left from Pheonix! They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. Cons: "They were out of ginger ale, my beverage of choice :-)", Pros: "Very friendly hostesses and Avery welcoming feel", Cons: "Terrible experience ever!!!!! Cons: "PA system was awful when the captain spoke. Hoped that at least one-way we would have managed seats with a window. Edible but now much more . The airline announced the Valley's airport would be one of … Cons: "Communication", Pros: "All was good" ", Pros: "This leg of my journey was fine. The older planes have hardly any room under the seat in the isle seats. I get so cramped in that it gives me muscle cramps over the period of the flight. They offered meal vouchers. ", Pros: "Awesome prompt and courteous service." Cons: "NO snack though, was offered just water from a large botter", Pros: "I was running late to board and they waited for me. ", Pros: "Everyone was perfect..!!" ", Pros: "Friendly staff and helpful" ", Pros: "We eventually got to Las Vegas." Cons: "I did not like how cramped the plane was. ", Pros: "Flight was on time" ", Pros: "Flight crew was great and funny!" Thanks for giving me the chance to express my feelings. Albuquerque flght was still at gate when I got there, having run through airport along with several others. ", Pros: "Friendly and helpful crew. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute international flights from Fresno. I'm not sure if it's just bad luck, or has something to do with the company. I was uncomfortable and will never fly through them again. As we were boarding the plane from Austin to Phoenix, we got a notification that our layover had been delayed an additional 5 hours due to construction at SFO. Very dry in the cabin but all-in-all, it was a pleasant experience. ", Pros: "Better than on time Smooth sailing through south bend airport!" ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and not a lot of space. When call for customer service you can't even get a human representative. ", Cons: "More comfortable seats. Cons: "Delayed departure (due to Air Traffic Control) Finding my bag damaged on arrival More refreshments would have been nice", Pros: "Tv on flight" Like a game of chicken between 100 people. Cons: "United baggage check in at Orlando Airport was chaotic with huge crowds, inattentive United staff ignoring passengers, and a baggage conveyor belt that was broken down. She acted like I was stupid and said "well did you turn it down?" I missed an opportunity to pay last respect to my dad. Also, don't make us download a sketchy app to view in-flight entertainment. Was able to sleep most of the way. ", Pros: "Mechanically safe Entertainment monitor and USB charging" Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Seat very comfortable" Would not summon someone to retrieve it. Santa Barbara and Fresno Yosemite International Airport will be the newest destination for the airline, as well as Southwest’s 12th and 13th destination in California. AS 3482. Cons: "i had my boarding pass and chose my seat some time ago, in row 4. Otherwise, the equipment was old and dated. Overall horrible flight", Pros: "Good on the price." ", Pros: "Everyone was friendly." Cons: "7 ½ hr maintenance delay. ", Pros: "Once the seat assignment snafus were fixed, everything went fine." ", Pros: "Plenty of drink passes." The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. ", Pros: "GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR A FIRST TIME FLYER", Pros: "Nothing." ", Pros: "Loved the complimentary beer and wine!" ", Pros: "Basically on time, fast luggage retrieval, clean bathrooms, great coffee, especially the brewed decaf." Allegiant also failed to update the revised departure time. ", Pros: "Nothing" It would not recognize my number for the first flight. Could only get into economy and seated at the rear. It wasn't until I called that it got updated and when I called I had to point out that the airplane hadn't even left Vegas and Allegiant was still showing an 8:50 departure time. ", Pros: "Got an upgrade to econ comfort" Cons: "Took too long to get on board. ", Cons: "It was freezing cold on that flight. Makes it difficult to see the entertainment with my progressive lenses", Pros: "Wi-Fi and movies to pick from,super!! ", Pros: "Crew was very good" ", Pros: "It was easy to book. It was difficult for my 87 year old mother, and the if the weather had been bad this would have been very unpleasant and extremely difficult for everyone! Cons: "The seats were not comfortable. Southwest Airlines plans to begin serving Santa Barbara Airport and Fresno Yosemite International Airport next year. ", Pros: "I liked how fast the flight was and how quickly everyone was able to board" Ahead of schedule." This was 1.5 hrs delay on a 58 minutes flight. There was no way to charge outlets devices. ", Cons: "This flight was added as they cancelled my flight directly to London then they dropped this flight and had just Phoenix to Lindon! ", Pros: "The ease of booking on line seemed like a great idea. I will never fly American Airlines again. ", Cons: "If you dont have TSA precheck....get it...lifesaver", Cons: "The plane was filthy. Cons: "All was good", Cons: "As usual, the food is pretty mediocre even in first class. I was not able to choose seats when trying to get boarding passes ahead of time unless I wanted to pay for each seat?! Cons: "The staff was rude. KAYAK is a travel search engine. Also the tickets were bought with 24hrs and they didn't refund or give us a flight credit." 10:52. Cons: "Old plane, hard seats designed for humans less than 3 years old. Airport and save. Updates from the cockpit were informative and I could even understand them. ", Pros: "Nice people to fly with" Southwest Airlines announced its plans to add service to Fresno Yosemite International Airport and Santa Barbara Airport in the second quarter of 2021. ", Cons: "There was a snow delay in Chicago, but nobody offered assistance when we were on the ground. Cons: "When we make the reservation, WE TELL YOU that we have two kids ages 3 and 5 travelling with us. Stay far far away." At end of flight overhead announcement that our section of airplane using wrong bathrooms. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. I was feeling sick to my stomach and after landing i used the restroom. It made me sick thinking that im stuck on this plane that they never the peak of sick season. ", Cons: "Flight delayed due to weather. You could then fly to your destination with an airline and back to Fresno with another airline. This is the second disappointing flight in a row in 2 weeks I have had with AA. Cons: "No complimentary beverage is kind of a bummer, since you do get quite thirsty during a flight", Pros: "Not much" Ticket counter . No recline, no room. We were refused admission to plane despite delay being United's fault. Confirm policies on booking site. ", Pros: "Nothing." The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. Rebooking was a zoo, had to pay for hotel room and worst of all waited over an hour at baggage claim to get our bags back. Airlines serving Fresno Yosemite FAT Airport with direct and connecting service. ", Pros: "Alaska airlines employees go out of there way to be friendly and engaging with customers. Southwest Airlines will fly out of Fresno-Yosemite International Airport Alex Tavlian December 16, 2020, 5:11 am Southwest Airlines, the long-elusive budget airline, announced its intention to fly into Fresno-Yosemite International Airport in 2021, marking its first foray into the San Joaquin Valley, the airline announced Tuesday. I had a very short flight where entertainment and food were not an option. When I mentioned this to the flight attendant her response was that she had not received a report that the electric was not working. Spend an it make and book with someone else. Find flights to Worldwide from $33. I find that extremely infuriating when you are a passenger and have to show up two hours before your flight. Inside security: At … Cold air from side panels above the windows was blasting in our faces. I had flown with U.S. Airways for years and never experienced any major issues. Granola bar was good. Cons: "5 hour delay. I could easily redistribute the weight among my bags if she gave me little chance. Announcements from crew at max volume. The moment long anticipated by the Central Valley’s frequent business travelers has finally arrived – Southwest Airlines announced early Wednesday morning its intention to serve Fresno Yosemite International Airport. When I got back to my seat to retrieve my things a man from the cleaning crew had one of the bags I had under my seat. The prime seat was comfortable (of course I had to pay for it, though it wasn't expensive). As a result, being lst off the plane, I almost missed my connection as I had to go two terminals over for my connection. Cons: "Our layover was originally supposed to be an hour and a half in Phoenix. Cons: "Late", Pros: "Fast boarding, everyone nice." Horrible flight", Pros: "Cheap fare" Cons: "The customer service is just horrible. Cons: "When will airlines end cramming in as many sardines/passengers in the plane? Both of my suitcases were mangled and broken. Cons: "No leg room", Pros: "Having all the rodeo people going to the rodeo to Las Vegas" ", Pros: "On time and no issues" We live in Mexico and we usually fly Volaris...I think AA just became our favorite airline! Reviewed: Jun 2018 " Smooth and easy check in at Fresno Punctual flight. I will never recommend that airline to anyone and I wanted to like it since I looked at their website and it looked very military friendly, but it was just disappointing", Pros: "Their flights are always delayed. Worst customer service and tons of issues with maintenance, luggage handling, and delays. Parking Rates. However the flight was on time the staff very helpful and being a premium One World member really helped. ", Pros: "The flight attendants were very friendly", Pros: "Crew was fantastic! Fresno Yosemite International Airport (C) 2018 Not the official airport website This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. So booked thru LAX and arriving 5 hours later ! Soar high with Frontier Airlines at the lowest fares when you fly from Fresno, CA to 50+ destinations across the U.S. Book today for the best rates! She was super snarky, made rude comments, and almost made my family miss our connection to EWN. ", Pros: "The FA was great, she was always checking on us and ensured we were taken care off." Cons: "Blanket provided", Cons: "Last minute emergency reservation so had to settle for what was available interns of travel class and seating. Cons: "Food is okay and not much. Ended up flying out of John Wayne Airport. Book with Travelocity and find flights as low as $69! Limited snack options. Cons: "I called American Airlines as ssoon as I book my trip to set up and make sure my small dog could fly with me. ", Cons: "Late flight , now stuck on plane for 20 mins and being moved to another gate . Cons: "I will never fly you again. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Unacceptable! I arrived a day late and had to take extra leave. Desk agents are rude and unhelpful, airlines break regularly, flights always delayed, baggage always lost, awful. ", Cons: "Our engine seats at the rear of the plane were of course a little noisy at first. Couldn’t have been any better! 50 minute flight versus a 6.5 hour drive, what a bargain." I have never experienced this before and was so disappointed in my ingnorance. Cons: "Airplane went to the wrong airport and caused 3 hour delay . Sure you don’t care. Allegiant posted an initial delay of 30 minunutes but then, when there was a further 2 hour delay due to a problem with the plane in Vegas Allegiant didn't update the time. Having them assigned at the gate is illogical and does not reward the passengers who reserve / check ahead of time. Cons: "The entertainment wasn't working for most of the flight, so it really wasn't worth the $10 I paid for it. Cons: "Difficult to recline chair. ", Pros: "Good landing, good boarding, smooth flight" ", Pros: "the flight was smooth." This policy maybe Makes sense in LAX Or chicago but not in tiny airports like fresno. Still on plane", Pros: "Checking was fast" Cons: "Kind of a small plane. Departure Airport. After my bicycle box was inspected they failed to secure my bike the way I had it in the box. Didn't like that I was charged for a carry-on bag, those should be free. Also, I've never been to an airport where you exit the boarding doors in the terminal then head down stairs to the tarmac to board a bus that make a complete lap of the terminal going near every AA plane obviously trying to figure out which one they need to drop us off at. Luggage arrived quickly and unharmed." The seats are too close together, both the seat in front and the seat next to you. Flight was on-time. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. ", Pros: "Love the ticket price, but charging $44 for a carry-on? - crowded, smelly", Pros: "The seats had plenty of leg room and I enjoyed the movie selection" Parking Map. Cons: "Boarding. ", Pros: "The flight was delayed by 50 minutes and then they underestimated the time to de-ice. ", Cons: "Got stuck for two hours sitting in the plane because the computer systems went down. ", Pros: "Would fly again- irritated at how does a flight manage to get overbooked" ", Pros: "We had a delay in landing. My luggage did not arrive with me. Cons: "I don't like that they charge for carry on bags and they don't have a toll free number", Pros: "The from take off to landing was smooth" Cons: "Departure was 3.5 hours late. Fresno is served by Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT), eight miles (13 km) northeast of downtown. Search flexible flights from Fresno Airterminal. I am 73 years old and the closer to the front I can be helps. Cons: "Our connecting flight left early", Cons: "I arrived at the airport and had already checked in and had m boarding passes. Cons: "Should load plane from rear first Takes too long to load from front to back. Reaching the Fresno Airport. Fresno's top attractions. They projected that they really enjoy their job and that made it a pleasant trip. Made me wait until entire plane was disembarked and cleaned, and made me wait some more after. ", Pros: "The price of the flight was cheap, but i know why. It is an international flight and I am allowed 23kg one checked bag . Cons: "The planes could be a lot cleaner. ", Pros: "Quick boarding with no fuss." The selection for those who want to eat healthier or have more is pretty limited. ", Pros: "It's hard for me to write this review as the first 4.5 hour leg was incredible. Cons: "The app for movies wouldnt download, the signal was too weak. Added charges that were worth it? Cons: "45 minutes is too tight a connection in JFK when you have to change terminals even if the flight were on time! thanks! Was told very last minute. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Fresno Airterminal, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Fresno Airterminal, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Fresno Airterminal, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Fresno Airterminal, Waiving of change fees. ", Pros: "AA put us in a hotel and gave $12 (per person) food voucher for missed connection due to delay for maintenance." Then I had to buy an American airlines Ticket to reach san diego via LAX 5 hours Later. Otherwise, fairly typical United cattle carrier. Cons: "Staff is ticketing were unhelpful in straightening out Boarding process. Cons: "The delay in Fresno Saturday June 4th, 2016. ", Pros: "We got through the airport quick, they took my luggage when I had less than an hour to board, friendly crew." Cons: "Delayed waiting on a crew person to get to the airport to fly to Dallas. ", Pros: "Nothing!" I did not receive an actual ticket until the very morning if this flight!! Of course I tried that. The plane from LAX to Tokyo was horrific. Access the airport's free Wi-Fi while you wait for your flight from Fresno. Cons: "More vegan options", Pros: "Service was ok not a big deal. The worst thing was my brand new suitcase was torn. The airline attendants were attentive. Second flight was delayed by 2 1/2 hours , I just can’t catch a break !!" Cons: "My bag was lost but my husband's, checked at the same time, made it. So I had to check in my carry on luggage . Daily: 4 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 1 Long Term Parking (Cash or Credit) $12.00 flat rate per day. ", Cons: "Was not offered a drink in first class prior to take off. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. There are ways to deliver entertainment that don't require installation of software for just a flight. Cons: "We had originally reserved a window seat and an aisle seat but when they changed our flight they put us by the window seat and the middle which we didn't like. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Comfortable chair, spacious since I upgraded to Premium." ", Pros: "loved having a movie to pass the time. They didn't tell us what the delay was for until we had been waiting 30m. Cons: "Screaming child boarded", Pros: "People who help me with my 87 year old mother we extremely thoughtful." Seats were uncomfortable and have to pay for all snacks and drinks including water. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. If … I booked a window seat, was stuck in the very middle. ", Pros: "EZ play newer plane nice staff" Rooms. Cons: "We initially were put on a plane with defective air conditioning.... it took 90 minutes to finally decide to put us on another plane. ", Pros: "Nothing, honestly. Everything was better than expected", Pros: "The complimentary upgrade to first class was unexpected and a nice surprise at check in. The flight itself was fine." Should have directed this instruction earlier in the flight. Cons: "Delayed flight caused me to miss my connection and caused numerous problems. The plane smelled old mildew-y. THis airline is the pits. Lastly each and every time I call I was on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes before being able to speak to a person", Pros: "I did not like anything about it. We landed at 730am our connecting flight was supposed to leave at 750 it actually left at 744am" No other assistance was offered. Bike was flipping around in box. Cons: "Plane was delayed, but wasn't the airlines fault just bad weather. Gracias to her!!" Compare the best deals and lowest prices to find your next flight from Fresno (FAT) on Airfarewatchdog. Finally they found a doctor who was bilingual and he took great care of her. ", Pros: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding." Cons: "Better snacks", Pros: "Fast flight" They leave the desk and hour before take off which doesn't help people who are running late. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for cheap international flights from Fresno, Search flexible flights from Fresno Airterminal, Best time to beat the crowds with an average. The electric outlets at each of our first class seats were not functional, both the USB ports and the electric plugs did not work so we were not able to charge our phones during the flight. Our luggage was also rerouted to follow our flights and was there in Phoenix!" Finally they found a doctor who was bilingual and he took great care of her. And my new luggage was also damaged with even more items destroyed. ", Cons: "The flight was delayed. Cons: "Did not fly out of Ontario, I was being led to fly out of LAX since there was a delay. Thank you!! When I boarded, there was no room for my carry-on luggage. I missed my flight", Pros: "Check in was easy, seating comfortable, staff very polite" Cons: "Flight attendant skipped me for drinks", Pros: "Got a window seat, my luggage arrived with me" Cons: "Seat comfort", Pros: "Nice crew, plane was decent" ", Pros: "Cheap" Cons: "Refused to delay connecting flight in Denver even though severL of where already on ground in delayed flight coming into Denver. There was only one attendant at the ticket counter for the entire airline. It was rudely stated. I told the luggage agent the incident and she said they had no liability what so ever. Cons: "Flight was 3 seats overbooked, they had to wait until 3 people willingly took a later flight. Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying from Fresno up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. Thanks, United. Missed my connecting flight. We got stuck on the terminal in MSP and missed our connecting flight. Cons: "The planes are old and crowded", Pros: "I liked the customer service from the employees trying to help everyone get situated from the flight cancellation." Main Terminal This location does not accept cash or checks. She told me I am the last passenger on the plane which wasn't true. ", Pros: "Overall experience was good" She asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and when I asked her what she had, she proceeded to point to the magazine and told me to look there. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. That was the only time my bag was left unattended. The Departure flight was two hours late. Very inconvenient missed some of my planned festivities that were prepaid. I had $500 cash in my wallet that my husband gave me to deposit in the bank upon my arrival. Rear skewers were uncoupled. Didn't get economy plus that I paid for, seats didn't recline and luggage got damaged and was not replaces or compensated for. :(", Pros: "Crew, chairs, entertainment" Cons: "Great flight fast Only thing was I didn’t get my boarding pass for my second flight and I had to go through security all over again", Pros: "first class food selection: muffins and drip coffee. Seats don't recline. Won't make it for almost 8 more hours. ", Pros: "The crew was helpful and friendly." Cons: "Private screening does not work well. So bravo for that UA! ", Pros: "Friendly staff" Cons: "Once beverage service was complete, flight attendants retreated to the back of the plane. Cons: "N/A", Pros: "The flight attendant finally took care of it after I complained a couple of times." ", Pros: "THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS WERE VERY KIND AND READY TO HELP AT ANY MOMENT. ", Pros: "The crew was good , plane was delayed and late for departure. And so ensued 24 uncomfortable hours of pain. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. A tight, uncomfortable seating space. I had already checked in online but becAuse of a glitch couldnt access it. ", Pros: "Flight crew was ok and boarding was really quick" In the end, I was given a seat at the back of the plane, even though booked my seat some time ago and am a Sapphire member. Drinks and snacks were nice and were given in larger portions than some other airlines I've flown." Nice music while loading and unloading. I want to make sure that my way back to Oslo London London San Diego has no charge . Cons: "Baggage was damaged and took a long time to get to the claim area. The chairs were very comfortable. Cons: "2 hour delay...and once in seat it was too hot with traffic of planes in front of us. ", Cons: "The information that was given was awful. I’d have appreciated more of a heads up than as I’m boarding. ", Pros: "Everything went smoothly, i had a good seat.