Available data on maternal medical indications, rather than social, are sparse. J., 1968,1, 171-175 There is a wide range of opinion in the medical profession on the indications for termination of pregnancy and this report is intended only as a general guide to the current state of medical opinion on the issue. Committee* on Therapeutic Abortion Brit, med. In this situation, chances of fetal survival are usually poor, either because of low gestational age and/or because of the fetal effects of the maternal condition. Oury, L. Carbillon, L. MandelbrotTerminations of pregnancy for maternal indications in the Paris area: a retrospective multicenter study in the period between the 2001 French law on termination of pregnancy and the new bioethics law The use of abortion to preserve the life of the mother has been widely accepted. Ending a pregnancy involves undergoing an abortion, where pregnancy tissue and products of conception, or the fetus and placenta, are taken out of the uterus. Medically Indicated Termination . Maternal Health Issues: A mother ... may also help prepare you for the onslaught of emotions that may accompany a pregnancy termination. The overall frequency and indications for termination of pregnancy for maternal indications were recently described by our group [6]. BACKGROUND: The majority of therapeutic terminations of pregnancy occur for maternal psychological, social or fetal reasons. Early Jewish scholars' interpretation of the Talmud required that the fetus be destroyed if it posed a threat to the mother during delivery. The amniocenteses were for indications including advanced AMA, a positive NIPT result, a positive aneuploidy screening result, abnormal ultrasound, history of abnormal pregnancy, and paternal/maternal carriers. The reasons for choosing to end a pregnancy are highly personal. The U.S. Supreme Court, in its classic Roe vs. Wade Decision, ruled that abortions are legal at any gestation to preserve the life or the health of the woman. OBJECTIVE: Maternal morbidity, either pregnancy related or pre-existent, can become life threatening and of such severity as to warrant termination of pregnancy (TOP). When prenatal screening and subsequent diagnostic tests return a definitive diagnosis of a condition with a poor prognosis, parents may face the decision of whether to continue the pregnancy. Why do some parents decide to terminate a pregnancy? Because the risk of death from a first- or second-trimester termination is less than that of a traditional delivery, any medical problem that increases that risk of death could be considered an indication for counseling patients regarding the option of termination of pregnancy as a … AIMS: To examine the maternal medical indications for the termination of pregnancy and use of contraception over a ten-year period. In some cases, they may be health-related. Indications for termination of pregnancy (TOP) in the Netherlands can be divided into: psychosocial reasons (unwanted pregnancies), genetic reasons (fetus with congenital abnormalities) and maternal medical disorders including psychiatric disorders. Introduction. A pregnancy termination under these conditions is sometimes called medically based or medically indicated termination. Late-Term Abortion Care for Maternal Indications. All requests for Maternal Indication Abortion Care are handled on a case-by-case basis. B. Piel, E. Azria, J.F. The indications and social context for termination of pregnancy vary with culture and time. Indications for Termination of Pregnancy Report by B.M.A.