My PC processor fan and SMPS is moving but RAM beep and display not apper. Saying you have 3 fans, how are they connected? Try to borrow a known good PSU of around 550 - 600 watts. No POST beep, No signal / display, fans, LEDs, lights working. If a fan has failed (especially the heat sink fan for the CPU) your computer could be overheating and/or detecting the fan failure causing the computer not to boot. Checked the temperature and it showed the GPU was on 99 degrees Celsius, but there were no identifiable issues in the game or with anything else, no beeps whatsoever. I have took it apart, no dust from what Ive seen but am going in deeper later. Aug 21, 2020 #1 Hi! Hardware :-Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R rev2. Every Bios has a name. On power up, I get the fans (psu, processor, chassis) and external lights but nothing on the screen, no BIOS, no boot, no beeps. Well, with no RAM, your board doesn't even get past POST. There are no beeps etc to help diagnose what is happening. I have had this PC for around 2 years now, the base items I have acquired from Directron (Motherboard, Memory, Processor, Case). No beep, no display, fans and hard disk working. How can it POST with no video? I MAY have smelled something burning for a tiny fraction of time, I am not sure if my imagination was fooling me there! You've tried the clear CMOS route (by removing the battery), you aren't getting any beeps regardless of configuration ... so it is either the motherboard or PSU in my opinion. Did I say that? From what I have gathered, it's either the mobo, CPU, PSU or video card. So here is the setup: Asrock Z87E itx mobo Core i7 4790 12gb ram 600W Silverstone PSU GTX 1070 So I connect it all outside of the case since case is coming in still. Dec 17, 2011 #1 So this is what happened- Two days earlier while copying some files, my PC just hung & i had to do a hard restart from the cabinet. This is a simple trick and very quick to do. - posted in Internal Hardware: Hello! Computer worked fine, one day I got no display. However nothing comes on my display (display is on and connected to Mobo HDMI out) and, most telling, I hear absolutely no POST beeps. I would agree with your friend that it is either the motherboard or PSU. my subreddits. Here are few methods to fix the issue and steps to recover data lost to the issue, with the help of Stellar Data Recovery software. ...and you aren't getting any beeps regardless of the configuration ... with everything plugged in? It could be a bad power supply. No beeps whatsoever, with ram removed, with ram in, with disc drive removed, with disc drive in. • no beep codes or anything. I reseted the CMOS, using the jumper. In this video i am showing how to solve of the problems that causes the no display problem. My computer turns on: the fans spin, the hard drives turn, the CD tray opens and closes. No display, no beep.. but fan, keyboard and lights are on. Now that we know, great! All that happens on startup, is that the drives spin and fan noises. If you have an extra PSU laying around (or could borrow one) you could try it ... though I'm inclined to believe your motherboard went to silicon heaven. This is not a tutorial. So, no, there wouldn't be any beeps. 1. If you know where they are, short-out the two pins with the jumper OTHERWISE just leave the computer unplugged for at least 10 minutes or longer. Any flicker, etc. No idea. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. When your computer turns on but no display, especially if it's a new product like the best 40 inch 4K monitor which cost you pretty penny, there are some things you may consider aside from panicking and worrying. Removed the RAM (another popular fix), I didn't even get a 3-beep from the machine. Hi Experts, This is regarding the Acer Veriton M2 series desktop computer which is not sending any display … If no light comes on after several attempts, proceed to the next section. No POST beeps but all fans and drives run. - posted in Internal Hardware: Hello everyone, Ive never asked for technical support on a forum before so I hope this is clear. many thanks, stewart. Thread starter Jimi Mono; Start date Feb 23, 2018; Jimi Mono. Then plug power cable in and switch on. no power surge). Over the last two years I have only made a few upgrades (Video Card, more Memory, Hard Drive). Re: T530, no boot, no beep, no fan, no response to power button 2014-11-13, 9:43 AM I have had this problem sometimes too from July 2014 till date (November 2014). Cloudflare Ray ID: 60e1e3947a6e01b0 Remove any USB devices you have connected. Your IP: That makes zero sense. I thought it was the RAM, so I unplugged the power cord and removed the RAM and cleaned it but still nothing happens. © Since 2000 Neowin LLC. Your petty "corrections" get annoying FYI. 5. same with ps2 keyboard. Thread starter Xanusus; Start date May 16, 2006; Status Not open for further replies. Thank you for any help suggestions. There is no beep sound, all fans are turning on. No beep no display but fan is steel moving \015 Hello, \015\012I ahve a Acer veriton 7700 desktop Pc. Connected everything. Think he needs to test it with a new/okd/used PSU. Fans on, no beep, no display... troubleshoot. I had tried to boot up after cleaning RAM and also cleaning the Heat sink, I built a computer for my mom 6 months ago, and now it won't POST or show display or any beep codes. Most recently, I had to replace a dying fan stationed at the back of my PC (Thermaltake TT-1225). in Linux/Unix. Urgent. I brought it to a technician to check and he replaced my gpu to test if my gpu is at fault but still the same results. Press the power switch for 5 seconds (clears the capacitors). sepheronx. Now the first thing you’ll need to make sure about your monitor is, that it’s ‘Powered ON’ and the video cable is connected properly.Most of the times just because of some loose cable, a lot of people having this black blank display related problem. I've tried to remove the ram and gpu, still no beep and no display. Wonder if any of you could help this frustrated soul. Booted PC, fans came on, MOBO light on, but no POST beep and no signal. My PC is 2 years old, bought it on 2017. So, "A CPU with an APU" is the correct term. It requires a CPU with an integrated GPU which the Ryzen 1400 doesn't have. ", Why would you say a "CPU with an APU"? The 1 in is connected through a molex pin, the other exhaust fan is connected in the board and the other is through a molex pin, I said "It requires a CPU with an integrated GPU which the Ryzen 1400 doesn't have. I'd appreciate some help on this one. I have tried everything in HP online steps. If it is still under warranty, I would RMA the board. In the absence of a single short beep, they also do not indicate that the system is booting. No video, no beeps, lights on motherboard,fans work. While using my PC, the monitor suddenly turns off (no display), then i checked my system and it was still running but the power button switch is not responding to switch off the computer so i just turned off the power supply. But for some reason, there's no signal on the monitor. Windows 7 Home Premium. My computer turns on, but has no display through my TV. Opened PC up and took 1 RAM module out and it booted fine. many thanks, stewart. I've noticed something strange when I powered my computer with the RAM in place I can't shutdown my PC through the power button, but when my RAM is removed I can shutdown it through the power button. You should get a beep code that tells you there is no memory. Archived. Pl help me for that problem.\015 Answers : Hi Rajesh_KS \015\012 How many beeps did you hear? It may seem obvious, but make sure the monitor is turned on. Why the beeping doesn't work for him? I've called a colleague to checked it, he suspects it's either the mobo or the PSU. (3ghz to 2.2ghz dual core) i put the old one again, but same thing happen. Go. Then reconnect the AC cord and power it up. Bitcoin hits $40,000 but will the bull run continue? I have tried everything in HP online steps. I tried booting it without any memory, no beeps. (nothing to do with this, just curious), Actually, you don't say "A CPU with a GPU". When I power on my pc, the cpu fan spins, the green mobo light is on, no beep, and no display on monitor. Sign up for a new account in our community. on monitor screen? TL;DR My computer is not booting up at all. Newb, If the computer has never beeped keep the monitor or display connected to see if any change occurs. mother board light on. You can tr… Either his speaker is bad, or his board is a brick. • Then add the video card and connect it to the monitor. My video card fans... jump to content. Removed the RAM (another popular fix), I didn't even get a 3-beep from the machine. Replaced PSU and tested it … 8 years ago. Hi everyone! NOTE: The Voltage Reads Normal And There Are No Physical Signs Of Any Blown Capacitors, EVERYTHING Checks Out! Hi everyone, Computer powers on, fans run, no video or post or beeps. please help, thanks! I've tried to remove the ram and gpu, still no beep and no display. So we concluded that the motherboard gave up on my system. Thread starter Kyully; Start date Aug 21, 2020; Kyully. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. But there are no beeps, the computer doesn't boot, and there's no monitor output. There was no display on the monitor and no beeps from the board. I'm assuming you have a case speaker hooked up (since you mentioned "still no beep")... but you aren't getting any beeps? Troubleshooting. Sometimes, your computer will appear to "not be on" when actually it's just having problems resuming from either the Standby/Sleep or Hibernate power saving mode in Windows, resulting in your computer being turned on but having no display on the monitor or keyboard. No display, no beep.. but fan, keyboard and lights are on. I'm a bit stumped as to where to go from here. edit subscriptions. Thanks. Edit: specs: i5-4690k. Ran Seagate repair but then Windows 10 had problems loading. X. Xanusus. Next Last. I have a Dell Inspiron N5010, having problem to boot up, when press power key, only lights up power key, no display, or no any beep, but fan is working. I heard that could help but to only do that for 5-10 seconds. Hello Bro, I have a hp laptop that does not display when i power it on. However, yesterday when I turned it on, after 2 seconds the only thing that happened was the fan turned on full blast after about 2s. Open the case and remove the CMOS battery for about 10 minutes. (Award, AMI, Phoenix, IBM ect). PC now turning on, fans whirring, lights on MoBo appearing, but no beep and no display on monitor. Any beep codes after turning on? No beeps, and nothing on the monitor. The last thing it showed on the display was the info when it POST's and then went blank. I have concluded that theTV orHDMI plug in is not the PROBLEM! If this doesn’t work … So... here is the problem: … If you do not see a power LED (blue, green, or orange light) on the front or bottom of the monitor, press the power button again. No, no BIOS or any indications a POST has occurred.