Witchplate 41 H Advanced Also includes a custom crossbow with standard and explosive fire bolts. The original armor comes enchanted, but if you’d like an unenchanted version, add this mod. If you want to wear something that looks like full plate but moves like the wind and be able to look good doing it, you have options. Light Elven Armor - UNP - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Elven” category.This is an intricately-detailed short leather dress with gloves, armwraps, boots, and legwraps. If you want to prance around Skyrim in a minidress and give Ulfric Stormcloak an up close and personal view of your perky sideboob, you can do that, too. LARP Fur Mantle / Faux fur / Faux leather fabric / Brown & Dark Brown / Cosplay / Viking / LARP Costume / LARP ... LARP Tunic / Gambeson / Padded Shirt / Brown / Viking Tunic / Cosplay Costume / Medieval / LARP Costume / LARP / Thin Gambeson ... $ 100.98. Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the ‘Ebony” category.Adds a really gorgeous armor set based on the Ebony armor and inspired by Assassin’s Creed. Nordic Ebony Light Shield 26 L Advanced+Ebony+* Simple, but nice looking. Brigandage has the Wanderer Fur Robes. Light Painted Round Shield 16 L * Immersive Armors - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Who hasn’t heard about Immersive Armors? At over 122k endorsements, it’s practically a household name. Hedge Mage Armor - standalone, hi-resSee optional files to select your preferred acquisition method.This wonderful mod gives you several options as to where to get the armor and how to utilize it. Gloves and bracers are brown leather. *Sithis Buckler & Shield require Membership in The Dark Brotherhood. Want a dash of color? This offers a craftable version of the fantastic original white/aqua/crimson set, as well as 7 other color variants. ), Drow Armor Set - standalone, hi-resLocated in a cave near Brittleshin PassThis is a dark black leather bodysuit based on the Nightingale armor set. Outfit is current an all-in-one, with optional hooded or hoodless version. choose from brown, green, or black. Heavy Splinted Body Shield 26 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+* DESCRIPTION. Thank you so so much :). The first outfit closely resembles an all-black version of Apotheus Armor. Mantle of the Silver Hand 15 L Advanced Bosmer Armor Pack - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Adds 5 beautifully crafted sets of Bosmer-themed leather armor in light and heavy varieties, as well as boots, braces, hoods, capes, and unique bone weapons. The author was considerate and bundled all of the retextures that others have made into his main file, so you get several mix and match color options for all the clothing and accessories. This mod makes you choose between the red, blue, purple, green, woodland, black, and white variants. )This is an attractive dark carved leather with fine details. The chest and bracers have been adorned with the white tree of Gondor (choice of large or small tree), and there are several optional files to tweak the look of the armor. I'm picky and I really prefer the clothes on my characters to look very pretty and feminine (pink and purple whenever possible) and I was having a hard time finding things I liked. Despite appearances this compilation actually includes a set full-coverage armour, and there are a tonne of accessories to mix and match with. Saber Dress by Hentai - standalone, hi-resCrafted at the forge under the “Leather” categoty.This is a pretty blue and white dress that rocks the Disney princess look with its laced bodice and poofy shoulders. Page 1 of 84 - Vaultman30s Armor Extended SE - posted in File topics: Vaultman30s Armor Extended SE A clothing/armor overhaul that merges and extends V30s mods, giving the game a more historical Dark Ages/Early Medieval feel, by replacing the vanilla armors and adding tons of new sets. Aura moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Slot wrists; Price 1,000 gp (+1), 4,000 gp (+2), 9,000 gp (+3), 16,000 gp (+4), 25,000 gp (+5), 36,000 gp (+6), 49,000 gp (+7), 64,000 gp (+8); Weight 1 lb.. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Karliah Armor by Hentai - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This armor was inspired by Karliah’s armor and is a long-sleeve black leather dress with a fairly short skirt, silver buckled thigh-boots, and gloves. For a bit of a different take on it, try this retexture (Must install original mod.). Nice to see orcish armor with a little finesse. Kite Shield v. Maul vi. *Heroic Stormcloak Armor requires Membership in The Stormcloak Rebellion at Ice-Veins Rank (at least). There are 3 main outfits for females - a short dress, short fur skirt,and trousers with bra top. ". R18Pn 00 - Heilige Mutter for UNP and CBBE v3 - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This is another long-sleeved dress with a short skirt. Warmonger Armory - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Adds 9 really great looking themed armors to the game, ranging from rogue-mage to Redguard mage and warrior wear, to Telvanni wizards, to Vigilant of Stendarr replacers. Check out this mod for black/blue, black/grey, and black/red. Imperial Mage Armor by Natterforme - standalone, high-resCraftable and added to leveled lists.This inspired design is what Legion mages should be wearing. ... Mjoll, the Lioness - Skyrim Cosplay! Seadog 34 L Advanced The color scheme is white and dark grey with touches of crimson. I guess if you’re hundreds of years old and evil you just don’t give a f**k if Jarl Balgruuf and his entire court see your underpants. Bosmer Reinforced 36 H Dwarven [X] Let the operation go forward. *Heroic Imperial Armor requires Membership in The Imperial Legion at Quaestor Rank (at least). Ebony Mage Heavy Robe 43 H Ebony Comes in black/silver, white/green, and green/gold. While there aren’t a lot of author pictures showing variety, the outfit is composed of 6 pieces, with 14 meshes and 2 textures. DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Iron” category.This is quite possibly my favorite armor mod of all time. It’s vaguely military in appearance, which is enhanced with the plate-look knee boots. While these are generally just black recolors of existing outfits in the game, they're done very well, and having the matching black accessories are a nice addition. Sadistic Magician Mash-up Outfit for UNP - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Despite the name, this is a sweet outfit with white halter top and black laced bodice, pants, boots, and gloves. I also have a bit of a soft spot for this Spriggan Armour. Buckler of Ysgramor 18 L Advanced+* These high quality designs served as the bases for a lot of the clothing in the Common Clothes mod listed above. Shield of Ysgramor 30 H Advanced+* There are plenty of other retextures, though, if you want more color options:Tru3Magics Light Elven Armor Retexture offers 11 color variants - choose 1. From shop UKetsyshop. Tribunal Unarmored Robe U Arcane I wanted to do a Skyrim roleplay that was a little less focused on the civil war or on the dragons, and tell a more personal story. Boiled Chitin Light 32 L Elven Also available in Red/Black, Deep Black, and Steel/Purple (all require installation of the original mod.). Pyro Mage Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest in the Archmage Quarters at the College of Winterhold.This is an attractive 5-piece armor set with a mixed plate/chain/scale appearance. There’s also an optional file to greatly increase how many NPCs have the new clothing. It’s a sharp alternative to the the rather bulky looking thief armor, but is utilitarian enough to be worn by anyone. Trollsbane Light Armor 37 L Arcane+Glass Choose 1 of 4 color variants - all black, white/grey, green/brown, blue/black. Magus Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Offers 4-tiers of a light armored black mage robe that resembles the Expert mage robe. Queen of the Damned Dress - standalone?, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Glass” category.This is a crimson/black armored retexture of the Queen of the Damned-Akasha Dress. A blue Stormcloak version is available in the optional files. Dwarven Mage Heavy Robe 34 H Dwarven Barbarian Hero 33 L Advanced Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack. If it’s too shiny for you there is a “less shiny” version in the optional files. The coat is cropped to the waist in front and long in the back. A stylish piece of kit with a generous drape for added warmth. The Witcher 2 - Iorveth Light Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Steel” category.This armor is inspired by Iorveth’s armor from The Witcher 2 and is a skirted cuirass in shades of muted greens and blues with crimson and chainmail accents and leather straps and pouches. Includes blue hood and blue/brass gloves and boots. If you happen to have HDT physics enabled, the Imperial Shadow Armor is a very attractive dark variant of this armor set. )Although any character can wear the armor, you need to be a werewolf and have the Ring of Hircine to unlock the full potential of this armor. Dragonhide Heavy Robe 45 H Dragon Take a look at the Princess of the Woods addons and alternative sexy textures. Northgirl Armor UNP - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Hide” category.This is a long-sleeve knit sweater with tight leather pants, filigree patterned gloves and boots, and a fur shawl. Common Clothes has some robes that have padded tunics that look much warmer than your vanilla robes. Unclaimed Delivery (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a crate at the Riverwood Trader and craftable at the forge under the “Leather” category when in possession of delivery note.This is an adorable brown light leather outfit made up of a white blouse, brown leather bodice, pants, bracers,boots, mantle, and custom daggers. Ebony Buckler 21 L Ebony It’s a black and gold bodice, separate sleeves, shorts, thigh-high leggings, and boots/gloves with gold claw tips. Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and Male - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.Adds over 100 pieces of clothing and accessories with a woodsy theme. I highly recommend this author’s work. Please Note: This is a heavy Item and postage has been calculated to … Light Painted Kite Shield 18 L * (Must install original mod.). - A list of clothing and robe mods for vanilla and UNP female bodies. Try the Mavari Armor - Black Retexture. It has its own map marker, a tent, safe storage, toggled fire and lantern, craftable fortifications, and a broom to tidy up the place. (Must install original mod. Nordic Orichalcum Shield 32 H Advanced+Orcish+* Nordic Ebony Shield 34 H Advanced+Ebony+* Ok noob question probably but I can't find any info on bast, as in where to find it, can't find anything online for it either, sorry if it's a dumb question but I'm actually stuck with this I cannot tell if the original mod is required. Ebony Mage Light Robe 35 L Advanced MATCHING SET perks: Some Armor sets do not have headgear as part of the set. ARMONIZER Armors Pack - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge, and added to leveled lists.This mod adds 34 armors to the game, but for the purpose of this list I’ll just mention a few that work as clothing options or have good mix and match accessory potential: Dark Alchemist, Forest Archer, Marauder, Master Ranger, Nord Ranger, Ringmail, Spellweaver. Black Mage Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories. Base color appears to be a gold filigree, but there are user pictures of green, dark, and silver variants, so it may be that the main file contains other color options not mentioned in the very short author description. Grace Darklings Ranger Armor V3 - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This outfit is a light chain dress over an emerald green shirt. Like what you see here? *Gildergreen Aegis requires completing the Divine Quest - The Blessings of Nature. Hunting Grounds Outfit - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Leather” category - special. Might as well go through with it as this point. Want a miniskirt version of this retexture? Tribunal Light Robe/Mantle 38 L Arcane+Glass List Of Ranks With What They Unlock Unlocks: 2. a. Armour b. The laced boots are cute, too, but you must install HDT HighHeels System in order to utilize them. The outfit itself is an asymmetrical black dress with crisscross leggings, boots, bracers,a wolf’s head pauldron, and a glorious fur-trimmed hood (hoods with hairs optional). Tali Armors - standalone, hi-resLocated in barrel in Whiterun or craftable at the forge.This set is inspired by the Tali character from Mass Effect. True Thief Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated at the Thieve’s Guild Headquarters in Riften (no, I don’t know exactly where. If that’s not enough for you, though, check out these retextures:Noldorian Re-Texture of the Royal Elven Set - blue and tan.Purple Royal Elven Set - purple and black - quite lovely. Anything that looked like the character wouldn’t have to remove any “clothing” to get a full-service medical exam, however, was not included here. It’s magnificent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Grace Darklings Elven Scout Armor (and Diviner Robes) (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest in High Hrothgar, in leveled loot and merchant lists, and in qasmoke.Adds 2 different outfits: 1) the Elven Scout Armor, a short-sleeve light armor chain shirt over dark leggings in 8 color variants, and 2) The Diviner Robes, a retexture of the Cultist robe in muted forest shades of gold/brown/green. (Must install original mod.). Weapons i. Cleaver ii. Arcane+Daedric+Dragon+* for example, means the set requires the Arcane Blacksmith perk AND the Daedric Smithing perk AND the Dragon Armor perk before the set can be crafted AND the * means there is a special note about the crafting which is detailed at the bottom of the list. (Must install original mod.). For a slightly different look and 2 more color variants, check out this retexture (Must install original mod.). the Roadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated in a barrel near the guard gate in Riverwood.This is a nice looking outfit with a white blouse, brown leather corset, cuffs,and pants, and a blue half or hooded cloak. Apotheus 35 L Advanced+Arcane+* Nicely done. (Must install original mod and HDT Physics Extensions for the dark version. Try Scarlet Dawn Armor - Color Variants (must install original mod.) Orcish Masked Helm 20 H Orcish Body style is a bit curvier than vanilla, but author assures that any body type can wear it. Ulfric was angry, as usual, would many say. Imperial Ranger Elite - Studded Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge and tanning rack - special. The answer is that I was looking for armor for my own use, and I’m perfectly happy with the vanilla female body. Of course you do. (Must install original mod.) For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone know what fur hood this is? The dress itself is nothing special, but the boots and gloves are nice and might mix and match well with other outfits. (Must install original mod. Shrouded Armor - True Assassin - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.A standalone ninja-style reimagining of the DB Shrouded Armor. Light Spiked Kite Shield 26 L Advanced+* ), Berserk Sonia Armor for UNP and CBBE Slim - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Steel” category.Adds a red dress with steel breastplate inspired by the armor worn by the character Sonia from Berserk. It renders him The Comically Serious. Tribunal Robes and Masks - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.A gorgeous set of dress robes and masks available as clothing, light, or heavy armor, as well as carved masks in gold,silver, ebony, and bronze. Robes come in variety of colors - red, blue, black, white, and possibly other variants (pictures unclear). The armor itself is a warm and cozy 3-piece hooded brown/grey leather and knit outfit. Some are better than others, of course, and none are fancy, but there are a few promising options in the mix. It takes a total of 42 Harbinger Catalysts to craft a full suit. Dragonscale Ebonsteel 43 L Dragon+Ebony