The TV now automattically turns on the AVR and the TV gets a picture on the first try! My sister got a 46″ Samsung 120Hz TV LN46A630M1F-S that started to turn on/off when plugged in, shows distorted pictures when on, off then on with bright screen with screeching sound reminding me of the TV in the original movie “Poltergeist”. Issue just started. In my case the the TV blackens (no picture) and the audio continue playing. I have a Samsung - 75" Class - LED - NU8000 Series (UN75NU8000FXZA). TV not outputting sound In some cases, a software update can correct the problem. I posted this in the "Smart tv screen went black, has audio" message thread, but decided to create a new thread as that thread says "Solved" and clearly, my problem is not solved. Television Has No Sound Answer 7: Turn off the TV, cable box, and anything else connected to the TV. I asked him if it was the "secret" service menu (which I have gone in before), but he said it was not the service menu but something ONLY technicans can access. 5. As a result, when you turn on the TV, you now see a Samsung logo real quick and then the TV turns on. Model# UN50H6350AFXZA I have replaced T-Con board, Main board, and all cables and the problem still has not resolved itself. What are the odds?! Unplug your TV device, wait a minute, and plug it back in again.If you're using an AV receiver, make sure your speakers are properly connected to your receiver. Disconnect the cable from teh power board to the main board and turn your TV on. You might have accidentally turned the sleep timer or the … So here we go:  I have a Samsung - 75" Class - LED - NU8000 Series (UN75NU8000FXZA). Initially the screen goes: Can a 50" lg plasma TV be fixed?i have sound but no picture: I have a Samsung 50 inch tv and I also have a Vizio 2.0 soundbar that won't gave sound come out! I would have them do that and turn off Instant On. Technician's Assistant: Are there any HDMI cables or A/V jacks (red, yellow, and white cables) plugged into your LN-T4671F? Just tried that, and exactly the same. 0 Likes Reply. I've had almost the exact same experience as you so far. After about a day of being off the TV will turn on but have a Black screen. Everything... Re: Blank/black screen after initial power-on but gets sound - Help! Select Sound using the up and down keys, then push the center OK button.. You can make adjustments to the Bass, Treble, Balance, and such here. Turn the TV on, and then off, then check. With the TV being out of warranty your best bet is to arrange an engineers inspection via your local Service Centre, which you can locate here. No fix. Blank/black screen after initial power-on but gets sound - Help! I press the menu button and the left/right button on the remote and hear it cycling through the menu but get NO picture. Make sure the volume on your TV is not low or muted.Try playing another show or movie to see if the issue is limited to a specific show or movie. Turns on and I have sound but no picture. Turn on the TV. Can some one let me know what I can do? TV model is LN46A540P2FXZA 3.5 YRS OLD no picture but we have sound. Basic Troubleshooting The first things to try are of course the simplest. I saw that this functionality was available for Samsung TV models until recently. It is not powered off just no picture or sound. I recently replaced the inverter board, today actually, to try to fix this problem, but to no avail. FIX TV SCREEN THAT RANDOMLY GOES BLACK. Unplug the TV from the POWER OUTLET for 5 minutes to reset. Then I need to turn the TV off and turn it on again. I was able to get it to work for about three minutes and then it shut off. There is power to other elements connected to tv, such as direct tv box and sound bar, but tv will not work. If you hear nothing, try to stream something you know will make noise. happening again. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. I have same problem. Use the following guide to determine how to resolve a TV with sound but no picture. Television Has No Sound Answer 6: If you have a receiver or surround sound connected to your TV, turn it on and see if you get sound coming from the external speakers. 03 has sound but no picture: samsung 50 inch no picture screen is purple No other devices plugged into the tv. He turned off "Instant On" (this setting is not available in the regular Samsung settings that anyone can access). I reset the TV to factory defaults - same problem. TV & Displays. Disable ENERGY EFFICIENT features in TV MENU. Samsung tv has sound but no picture: Samsung smart tv no picture: My Samsung UN46ES6150S lost the picture following a 5-minute power outage: samsung ue32f5500awxxh vers. Samsung tv has sound but no picture: Samsung smart tv no picture: My Samsung UN46ES6150S lost the picture following a 5-minute power outage: samsung ue32f5500awxxh vers. 2020. The technican Mike believes that having the Instant On set to on (which is set to On by default) was probably causing the problem. Model 55JU650D . Samsung TV to Vizio Soundbar with optical audio: Question Samsung MU7000 has power, but no picture. Connect the disconnected devices one by one to the TV. No just the cable line. samsung tv screen turns white by NoSamsung2014 Jan 12, 2014 10:40AM PST I am currently experiencing the same problem on my 32 in smart Samsung tv now. I have this tv and it will not turn on. Samsung TV. Same exact problem here with model UN58NU7100FXZC. Updates can take up to 30 minutes depending on network speed, so if the TV is … Perform a Sound Test . 1 Check Remote Batteries Lift the back cover up and away from the remote. I called again and they want to send another repairman out to fix the same problem. I even reset the second TV back to factory defaults and did all the same troubleshooting steps as above and nothing has changed. Here are a few things I have done:  I checked to see if there was any more firmware updates. Samsung 28" LCD TV - Turns on, no picture, now.... no sound. Sound" and "Auto Volume Leveling" are also here; they try to make soft and loud sounds the same volume, but can cause problems. Samsung TV has no picture or a black screen. Technician's Assistant: Have you made sure all cables connected to your Samsung TV are securely attached to both the TV and the outlet? Technician's Assistant: Was there a power outage recently? Can you help? Where there is a bad connection, faulty cables or improper installation. 1. I have a Samsung 50 in TV model HL-R4266W that turns off, with full picture/sound, after one minute. SHORT VERSION 1. replaced the bulging capacitor and the one next to it. We have Samsung Smart TV and V6 VM box is connected via 4k hdmi cable. Blank/black screen after initial power-on but gets... Royal Electronics and he did a fantastic job. by drader2 Oct 3, 2009 4:50AM PDT Model Number : LN26B360C5DXZA They fixed the problem, now it is . my 50 inch RCA tv has sound, but no picure. Fortunately still under currys warranty. They said that the "panel" probably needs to be replaced. Dim the room and shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. Hello, I have a 46" Samsung, model ln46c600f3f. I updated and noticed the problem. The TV will continue to work (turning off and on) as long as it hasn't been turned off in a while. Y[Wۺ ϧP * v {B1{A 4 K D , Z g / Nⶴ `K3 E3cߜ^5 g ob~ ; P b #{ oLr ^ Ő / ( ; G9 :| TP R=} ם ` х )Ν{s 6e ` B Your television should now turn off and a simple restart should proceed with the setup. Check the CONNECTION OF CABLES going to and from the TV. He waited a good 20 minutes or so and tested it and it works. 1. Features such as "A.I. I turned off the TV for a while and turned it back on AND THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM HAPPENS!!! Note: This help content is only applicable to the product purchased from Indian retailers. He provided me his number and told me to call or text him this weekend if it still works or not works. LG TV Has Sound But No Picture. Everything was fine except around December 2018/January 2019, my TV said that there was a firmware update. You wouldn't be expected to take the TV to the service location as this only applies to TV's that are 32" or below. Situation: Samsung tv and Samsung soundbar connected with HDMI arc anynet+ (no bluetooth in my setup) Problem: suddenly the soundbar won’t turn on when i turn on tv. I called and they set up a repair for March 3, 2016. Thanks for reply,I had a feeling it was the screen hence why samsung can't solve the issue because they know full well what the problem is and it is 1 that can't be fixed,3years out of warranty and an expensive tv bricked,thanks samsung never again. Features such as "A.I. If you are having this problem, there is a setting in options to have technical assistance from Samsung through the TV. If the TV turns off during the software update, it could damage the TV. by drader2 Oct 3, 2009 4:36AM PDT Model Number : LN26B360C5DXZA If a Samsung television is experiencing distorted picture or sound with an external device, make sure the device is connected to the television correctly. happening again. Samsung Smart TV No Picture but Sound - Fix it Now - YouTube An issue with the device connected to the TV. I've unplugged ALL HDMI cables - waited 20 minutes - and get the same problem. There is no picture or sound and the buttons don't seem to be doing Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! Sound. Here is what he determined: The issue seemed pretty perplexing at first and he reached out to a few other techs. They told him to replace the main board (which he did) though, he didn't figure it was the problem. Normally, this turns from RED to GREEN, then picture comes on screen. He was very competent, knowledgeable, patient, waited 20 mins each time to make sure, and even checked this message thread! Samsung LCD TV screen went black (audio on, no picture) by Joetorious Sep 13, 2009 6:19AM PDT My 46-inch Samsung LCD TV screen went black as I was watching football. I have a Ue55hu8500t tv. Select Sound using the up and down keys, then push the center OK button.. You can make adjustments to the Bass, Treble, Balance, and such here. There were none. Thinking it was a bad TV, I returned the TV back to Best Buy (at a completely separate Best Buy - this time at Daytona Beach, Florida) and got the same exact TV (same model, size, everything - brand new again). Push the Menu button on your TV Remote. Try to update the software. was okay. Ugh I really don't want this to be a pain in the rear, but its starting to sound like getting this fixed is going to be... Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. His name was Mike from Royal Electronics and he did a fantastic job. 2 – Check to be sure all cable and cords are securely connected to the TV inputs and component outputs. When did you buy it? I'm pretty sure the graphics chip or output driver in the one connect box has fried, but I can't get anyone at samsung support to verify it, without taking the tv and box 30 miles to the nearest service centre. Turn on, it gives a black screen; no channels, but flashes. Try applying gentle pressure on the stuck pixel. Its probably only a 2-3 second difference. Same exact problem (every last detail) here with a 55" Samsung Q6FN... A service center called Royal Electronics called to setup a date/time for them to come and service the TV. The tv … Find out if your screen is faulty or cracked and research to see if a new screen replacement is worth buying vs getting a new TV… I set it all up and downloaded and installed the latest firmware. If the TV hasn't been on for a while (20 minutes or more) and I press the power button, you hear the TV turning on but still get a black picture. If you have a non-smart TV or an older pre-smart Samsung TV, you can reset the picture and sound settings through a similar onscreen menu as a Smart TV, but there's no Smart Hub or Remote Management option as the TV doesn't have internet capabilities. Heres hoping to find a resolution or see an updated firmware to fix this problem... Can I have your full model code and serial number via private message? By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 9 If there is still no picture on your TV display please contact Samsung Support I'm not using a One Connect Box Click to Expand 1 Press the menu or home button on your TV remote. Technician's Assistant: What's the make and model of your tv, and has turning it on been a problem in the past? The software/firmware is the latest: T-KTM2AKUC-1202.3, BT-S. Could it be the firmware?! No tru: How to fix a samsung smart tv that has sound but no picture I have my TV on "probation", it happened today. Yes thanks. What else should be tried? Alright! It's been a day and no call back. Technician's Assistant: Does your screen still light up in … I purchased my Samsung 40 inch 4K TV in Novemember 2015. Please either explain what is going on or provide a solution, otherwise I'll return the TV. 2. An … No other fix. Replaced remote batteries. model un49mu6500fxza version fa01 # Suggestions? Check that POWER SAVER/ENERGY SAVE MODE is set to OFF. (Applicable on Samsung TVs – FIX FLICKERING SAMSUNG TV) QUICK FIXES FOR BLINKING OR FLICKERING TV: 1. Last Update date : Sep 17. Output options selected are 2600 and 2600 passtrough. We keep losing the picture but WM interface and sound there. 3. Turn your TV on and make sure that you are at a station that has sound. There should be test points for Vs and Va on there, among others. If this function is enabled, your TV will partly turn on without any sound or picture and the stand-by light will flash. Many thanks. I was at work, however my wife was home when the repairman came. My Samsung HD LCD TV has no picture or sound. If these are your Samsung symptoms then there is an easy fix for it. This is what happens: If the TV hasn't been on for a while (20 minutes or more) and I press the power button, you hear the TV turning on but still get a black picture. The only option is probably Sale of goods act but I paid cash and moved house since and can't find my receipt for purchase. Fairly certain this must be a software/firmware issue as there is absolutely nothing else wrong with the TV. Other symptoms this fix would most likely solve: - picture shows inverted colors - screen has vertical lines IF YOUR SAMSUNG TV STILL HAS NO PICTURE AFTER THE CAPACITIORS ARE REPLACED READ THIS. Many thanks. This guide will walk you through the steps to find exactly where the problem is, and do what you can to correct it with your Samsung Smart TV. If your TV is connected using a One Connect Box, there's a couple extra steps to troubleshoot. Listen for sound. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung … Up until recently the sound connect has been working flawlessly but it has now stopped turning on the the sound bar. Samsung un60h6300af. A blank screen on your Samsung tv can be caused by several factors. Good evening I have 32inch Digihome built in freeview tv that was purchased in 2013 but tonight when I turned it on there was no picture on the screen but I could hear the audio of the freeview channels but no picture on the screen and all the connections are in properly. No picture comes up, only sound, and this happens every 3 seconds. Permanent burn-in. Help! 4. NO PICTURE. The Main board/etc. What are my next steps? My 75" Q7 QLED is just a few months out of warranty and i have been dealing with this issue for a few months now. If it's something internal and needs to be serviced/fixed, how is it possible that it's happening on two different Samsung UN75NU8000 TVs that were purchased from two different places?! I'm glad to know I'm not crazy and that there are several others experiencing the same problem. TV is fine except for this problem. Glad to see I'm not the only one. This appears «out of the blue» Solution: On the Samsung tv, choose «TV» as Source - a blue checkmark appears showing that the current source is tv. After Mike left, my wife turned off the TV and waited a good 2 hours and tried it again. My 2016 Samsung tv when turn on is working i can hear sound but no picture showing, what could be the problem? Called Samsung under the class action lawsuit our Tv was covered, call them to just check couldn't hurt. What do I do? HOW?! Remove and re-insert the 2 batteries. Turn the TV OFF and then back ON to RESET the TV. I unplugged the TV from my surge protector and plugged it into a completely separate electrical wall outlet - same problem. I am suspecting the graphics card/driver. Push the Menu button on your TV Remote. Watch regular content for a few minutes. TV turns ON but no picture or sound black screen FIX - YouTube From what i understand this is a common issue with Samsung QLED TVs. No I looked the internet and it seems this problem is wide spread with Samsung smart TVs. I have tried various hdmi ports but the result is the same. If many stuck pixels, return, or contact manufacturer support. So, it seems that the solution is to turn off this "Instant On" feature - which, unfortunately, we the customers cannot do. Turning the Power Saver/ Sleep Timer Off. Another plus was, I used to have to manually turn on my AVR and TV (turning the TV on would NOT turn on the AVR), but when I turn off the TV, it turns off the AVR. Solved! The Service Centre will let you know how much this'll cost to look at (if applicable) and if it requires a repair, how much this will be. Television Has No Sound Answer 6: If you have a receiver or surround sound connected to your TV, turn it on and see if you get sound coming from the external speakers. Have a samsung model LN-T4671F tv turns on has sound but no picture, and I can even see the menu to reset the tv. After a short while I noticed the screen would just go black, sound but no picture. Again, this only happens on the initial boot / start up of the TV. I have amazon prime and get the picture on my samsung smart tv, but the sound is from the tv program: I connected DVD w/ red/green/blue cable to converter box to samsung smart tv via HDMI cable, picture quality terrible. Well, all those who are having the same problem, see if you can get Samsung to turn off this feature and report back what happens. 3. Typical range for Vs and Va on 2012 series Samsung is 205 to 215V and 50V to 58V respectively. If you immediately turn the TV off and then back on, it will work. Technician's Assistant: Are there any HDMI cables or A/V jacks (red, yellow, and white cables) plugged into your Samsung TV? Turn on the TV, then make sure that the indicator does not blink (which means the TV has no issues). Here is what to check when your TV is turned on, power light is ON, but no picture is seen or sound is heard: 1 – Be sure the component you are using (Xbox, Cable, SAT, ROKU) is turned ON.