My deadbolt is of the battery-operated keyboard variety, so it’s a bit more complex to remove. You should have jotted it down before installing the lock in the first place, but if not, you’ll need to take it apart and write down the programming code. If you get a red X, press the Schlage button to start over. How to Enable Photoshop’s Old Undo Keyboard Shortcuts, LEGO Education Introduces Two New $99.95 STEAM-Focused BricQ Motion Sets, This AI-Powered Raspberry Pi 'Swear Bear' Berates You for Using Curse Words, Apple Now Has a New Weekly Fitness+ Series with Apple Music Playlists, 8 Ways to Eat More Veggies In the New Year, How to Install and Set Up the Schlage Connect Smart Lock, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), How to Create and Manage User Codes for the Schlage Connect Smart Lock, The Amazon Echo Plus Is a Horrible Smarthome Hub. Once the screws are removed, you can separate the entire lock and remove it by starting with the inner part. Then hit “Done”. Type in the new user code. If successful, the green checkmark will blink twice and you’ll also hear two beeps. Here’s how to create and manage key codes for the Schlage Connect smart lock, both on the lock itself and on your phone. In my case, I will connect the lock to my hub Wink . Ensure you are near the lock you wish to setup and … Done a lot of reading and understand I need a smart app and device handlers to make my schlage connect lock pair with my st hub. Set up to 30 access codes, providing secure, keyless entry for anyone you choose. To delete a user code on the lock itself, press the Schlage button followed by the programming code, and then hit “2”. This is required to put the lock into programming mode, which allows you to change and manage the lock’s settings. To change the user code length on your phone, tap on the arrow off to the right to access the lock’s user codes and select “User Code Length”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To get started, open your door and extend the deadbolt so that it’s in the locked position (you’ll begin all programming this way). ), the big kicker of this lock is the ability to control and manage it from your smartphone. Iˋm able to do it with a smartapp, setting the action there and set the app to be trigger by a routine. After you have downloaded the Schlage Sense app and paired it with your lock using the Schlage mode setup, you can quickly and easily set up your Wi-Fi Adapter. The Connect isn’t an add-on to your existing deadbolt, but rather a full replacement. Start by opening the door (keeping it unlocked) and pressing the “Schlage” button at the top of the keyboard. Before we begin, you’ll need to know your lock’s programming code, which can be found on the back of the interior portion of the unit. I need to be able to add user codes, and have an easy to view list of lock activity so I can see who is locking/unlocking and when. This will prevent you from unlocking your door with a user code (since there are none) until you create a new user code. Can You Use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch? You can use a different hub, and it should follow a somewhat similar process. Make sure the center hole in the door latch is centered in the hole in the door. After that, give the user code a name, as well as a reminder if you ever need to delete it in the near future. Once you have written them, hold the assembly up to the lock and plug the cable into the back. From there, tap on the user code that you want to delete. Start by removing the deadbolt that is currently installed on your door, which usually involves removing some screws from the inside. Once these screws are removed, carefully remove the cover. VIEW PRODUCT 1. To login in this app, you will use your common Amazon app. The first step is to install the latch. Add, delete, and name user codes from the Wink app or lock CONTENTS Schlage Connect Deadbolt, one back-up key, four AA batteries (see battery status and get alert when battery is low), user guide, installation instructions These connect the inner part of the lock to the outer part. It can be used to program user codes, be notified when user codes are used and also take actions when codes are used. Reinsert the latch making sure the “TOP” mark on the latch is facing up. Your email address will not be published. Insert the four AA batteries provided with the lock. If this is not the case, remove the latch, hold the deadbolt latch, and turn the mechanism 180 degrees to change the position of the middle hole. Schlage connect with app . If successful, the deadbolt will expand and retract. Can operate the lock via the keypad, the app, or Alexa. To change the length, press the Schlage button, enter in the programming code followed by “8”, and then hit the number on the keypad that corresponds to the length you want to use (you’ll press this number twice). Schlage Connect review: The Z-Wave version of Schlage’s smart deadbolt is big on brawn, not brains You'll want to run a smart home hub to get the most benefit from this strong smart lock. $199 MSRP. The Schlage Connect comes with a couple of default codes out of the box, but it’s best to come up with your own code to use. Take the long black bolt and secure the inner set to the support plate. This includes the Amazon Alexa and Amazon Key app. Most of the time the Smart Things app can’t detect the lock when it scans. Take a look at your previous door latch and match it with the new one to see which one you need to use. Fortunately, the Schlage Connect comes with everything you’ll need, but you’ll need a few tools to put everything in place: a screwdriver or an electric drill, and maybe a hammer. Under Things, choose Add a Thing and follow the directions in the app. The way you do this depends entirely on the type of hub you have, but the process should be the same everywhere. Keep in mind, though, that changing the user code length will also erase all current user codes, so you’ll have to create new codes after you do this. Here is one related topic for a similar app, take a look there and in the forums, if you really want to setup your ST system, I will need to learn this kind of tricks.