Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Day Cream contains antioxidants sourced from Grape Seeds and Kiwi Fruit, which help repair the effects of sun damage and scarring. This cream does what it says, it lightens your skin, it doesn’t whiten … First of all, we’d like to talk about a product called Meladerm from Civant Skincare. The market for skin-lightening creams in Nigeria is big — according to a 2011 report by the World Health Organization, 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products. Jergens is one of the most reputable brands in skin care, and their Fair And Soft moisturizer is one of the best-selling products in Nigeria. Our 2nd choice from one of the best … I am also in love with all things tech and always keep my finger on the pulse of new smartphone and gadget releases. 4. Wow Fairness Cream. Now, Nivea Natural Fairness isn’t just that really perfect body cream for fair … In certain countries like India and Philippines, commercials popularizing creams with skin whitening abilities take a big part of television airtime. Product Claims. It contains the the most number of skin lightening ingredients (10+), making it far superior than other skin lightening creams. When you are using products like Bio Clear, you should also be prepared for the Bio … You may experience redness and flakiness of your skin. By now you probably know that in order not to lead to uncomfortable side effects, the skin whitening product you’re using should be hydroquinone-free. In order for your skin to look its best, it’s not enough to just lighten – it also needs to be regularly moisturized. This fairness cream offers multiple benefits. The Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream is one of the best body creams for fair skin in Nigeria, that is produced and ... 2. If you’re dreaming of smooth and even-toned skin all over your body without the risk of side effects linked to hydroquinone, consider the Natural Fairness body lotion from Nivea. Prejudice against darker skin has led to a thriving industry of whitening and lightening creams. Shop thousands of popular whitening skin care products on Jiji. Top lightening cream without hydroquinone. Instead of reaching an even, lighter tone, your skin can actually change its colour for a darker shade. It is designed to improve the look of your skin for a flawless and fair complexion. NPR’s sites use cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about the device you use to access our sites (together, “cookies”) to enhance your viewing, listening and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic. Another big passion of mine is beauty and makeup – every day I read about new trends in skin care and makeup and always look forward to trying them. Get rid of DARK KNUCKLES, knees and spots fast, without the harsh side effects of mercury, hydroquinone or steroids? 1. Jergens is one of the most reputable brands in skin care, and their Fair And Soft moisturizer is … The Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream is one of the best body creams for fair skin in Nigeria, that is produced and ... 2. My name is Inna. Obagi Medical Skin Brightening Cream. Niacinamide actively reduces jagged pigmentation and age spots effectively lightening and soothing your skin. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Monday issued a strong warning to members of the public against the use of BB Glow Soul body cream. You may click on “Your Choices” below to learn about and use cookie management tools to limit use of cookies when you visit NPR’s sites. Here are 5 contenders for the title of the best skin lightening cream without side effects you can buy right now in Nigeria. Niacinamide increases ceramide and fatty acid levels in skin effectively increasing hydration levels in your skin. It is non-sticky. ​Revitol Skin Brightening Cream. MELADERM SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM. The Energy Glow Brightening Moisturizer from Dove has won the affection of thousands of Nigerian ladies thanks to its visible effect on the skin. 4. Here are 5 contenders for the title of the best skin lightening cream without side effects you can buy right now in Nigeria. You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time. Do you desire FLAWLESS, YOUNGER and HEALTHY skin? Common side effects of skin lightening creams, 2. 1. It protects your … THE BODY CREAMS TYPES FOR FAIR PEOPLE IN NIGERIA WITHOUT HYDROQUINONE. Jiji is here to bring you the hottest news and tips from the world of lifestyle, health, career, tech, beauty, and more! There are many dangers of skin lightening creams reported and observed among many users. Meladerm. FAIR AND BRITE fair and Brite Cream. The safest skin whitening cream in the market. Jergens Fair And Soft Fairness Moisturizer. MELADERM SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM. 1. Natural Best Skin lightening cream without hydroquinone in Nigeria. Using skin lightening products to get fairer skin continues to be a widespread phenomenon. According to the World Health Organization, four out of 10 women for Africa dey use skin-lightening products, experts say some of dis products fit damage not only di skin but internal organs. 1. This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other vendors or service providers. As a mother of a 4-year old son, I love learning about children’s health and development, as well as finding new interesting toys and activities for my little one. Revitol cream is a herbal based cream that is specifically developed … But the issue is that they do more harm than good because, long use of bleaching creams damages the kidney. Branded without side effects whitening cream formulated with … There are many pirated products in Africa but I found a cream made by a lady originally from Ghana that … I am a content writer with an English and literature background. Niacinamide. […] Admire my skin Retinoid Cream – 45mlp. Jergens Fair And Soft Fairness Moisturizer, 5. This cream is effective against dark spots, hyperpigmentation due to age, imperfect skin tone and this is not the end of the list. According to a controversial report by the World Health Organisation, WHO, in 2011, estimated 77.3 per cent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products regularly. Skin sensitivity. Fair & Brite Lightening Cream. Gluta Extreme Whitening Fade Milk. These creams to bleach are made harmful because they are made by people who do not even test the products and do not care of the safety of black people. The warning is contained in a statement signed by the Director-General of the agency, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye and made available to newsmen in Abuja. Unless they are issued on prescription by a doctor, creams containing hydroquinone, steroids or mercury are banned in the UK - because of their potentially serious side-effects… Best in industry packaging to preserve the sensitive ingredients. Skin Whitening Cream Side Effects. Even and glowing skin tone is the lifelong dream of millions of women, but you hear so much about Fair and White cream side effects or Dodo cream side effects that you start to wonder if there are any safe whitening products. Nigeria’s dangerous skin whitening obsession. Dove Energy Glow Brightening Moisturizer, best lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone, All The Infinix And Tecno Phones Released In 2018, Steps To Starting Cryptocurrency Business In Nigeria, What Nigerians Searched For The Most According To Google, Top Foods For Increasing Breast Size Naturally, 7 Fruits You Should Eat Regularly For Glowing Skin, Tecno Camon CM Unboxing And First Impressions, How to sell on Internet: guide for the beginners, Best Creams For Chocolate Skin Color In Nigeria 2019, How To Use Hair Wonder Cream: From A To Z Manual. Skin-whitening creams reveal the dark side of the beauty industry Capitalising on ideas of racial hierarchies and intolerance, companies continue … Shopkeepers across London have been fined hundreds of thousands of pounds - after being caught selling illegal skin whitening treatments. • natural form of hydroquinone derived from the bearberry plant. Bismid contains a whole range of products targeted at skin lightening and evening out the skin tone, and the Skin Whitening Cream is the most popular one. Top 5 skin whitening creams without side effects, 1. Best Body Cream Without Hydroquinone In Nigeria. Most people think that bleaching their skin is part of fashion or that it makes them look more beautiful. Nigeria has the world’s highest percentage of women using skin lightening agents in the quest for “beauty”. Features and Review: This Garnier white complete skin cream consists the revolutionary molecule that is one of the best… FAIR AND BRITE BODY CREAM. 3. It contains important vitamins and minerals for whitening, hydration, ... 2. This ensures you softer, smoother skin which is … It makes the skin appear younger, healthier, and smooth. It is one of the best skin whitening creams without side effects that is formulated with arbutin. If you want to get the best possible results, a single whitening cream may not be enough – you’ll also need something as strong as a lightening serum. 3. Forest Essentials Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion. Its lightweight but nourishing formula effectively locks the moisture in your skin, bringing out the best skin tone you’ve ever had. See details. The serum from Q7 Carrotte is very concentrated but rather gentle, which is exactly what you need for achieving your dream skin tone. Arbutin. It is a safer and effective alternative to hydroquinone and is less cytotoxic to the melanocytes. The results are permanent for most people. It’s … Shop effective and affordable skin care on the Jiji app. Meladerm skin lightening cream is definitely the best toning cream for black skin without hydroquinone that has ever existed! It is a unique remedy that acts as a natural skin lightening, bleaching and whitening cream. Nivea Natural Fairness. 1. Your skin can become too thin and sensitive, changing the way you react to even minor skin irritating factors. When using untrustworthy skin whitening products that contain hydroquinone, you risk experiencing the following skin bleaching side effects: read also: best lightening cream for black skin without hydroquinone. Even though our society is learning to appreciate the different forms of beauty across races, fairer skin is still coveted […] This cream is for all skin types. If you click “Agree and Continue” below, you acknowledge that your cookie choices in those tools will be respected and that you otherwise agree to the use of cookies on NPR’s sites. Bismid cosmetics originated in Nigeria, and no one knows better what Nigerian women want from skin care products than a local brand. Bismid Intensive Whitening Cream – 200ml. The global skin-lightening industry is estimated to … We only publish things you want to read about, so make sure to visit out blog daily to check the latest posts! So what exactly are the most common skin light cream side effects? Uneven pigmentation, where dark skin areas appear on your skin, are a very common skin lightening side effect. Dryness and itchiness are two other common side effects of aggressive skin whitening products, and prolonged use of the product will only makes things worse. Achieve healthy skin by choosing from the large selection of without side effects whitening cream on Plus, I love pop culture, travelling, crafts, and anything that can make our daily life more thrilling! It can be used both on the face and the body, giving your skin the desired shade without the dryness or irritation. A 30-day money back guarantee. These two ingredients contribute to a lightening effect on the skin, while the Kiwi has a prime role in further lightening skin, freckles, and age spots. Alpa Patel reports. BISMID SKIN WHITENING CREAM. According to dermatologists, skin bleaching creams can only be safe when prescribed by a specialist.