Do not use this form for COVID-19 related matters. Only use this on-line service if: You have a valid and current email address. Qld Weapons Licensing Branch: Qld contact: South Australia: 08 8204 2495: 08 8204 2314: SA Firearms Branch : SA email: New South Wales: 1300 362 562: 02 6670 8558: NSW Police Firearms : NSW email: Western Australia: 08 9223 7000: 08 9223 7029: WA Firearms Inquiry Unit: WA email: Northern Territory: 08 8922 3543: 08 8922 3540 : NT Firearms Policy & Records Unit: NT email: Back … Get the buzz. Changing your address. :* *** Please go to to become a member prior to booking Induction *** SSAA Membership Number:* Membership Receipt Number:* Current Licensing Details: Do you have a current Firearms Licence:* Do you have a current … 0 / 180. Follow … Do you work in the security industry? Closed Sunday and Public Holidays. Dealers Licence Number: 50001572. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Share. (e.g. Online Firearms Licence Application Request . Saturday 8am - 1pm. Address: Unit 1/2 Paul Ct, Jimboomba QLD 4280, Australia. Minors are not allowed to buy weapons in Queensland. Queensland Clay Target Association . Phone Number. Other Links. Featured services. Posted on May 30, 2012 by borysSNORC Several weeks ago I wrote a disgruntled post about the absolute incompetence of the Qld Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch and the now commonplace but ridiculous and unjustifiable delays being experienced in processing paperwork though them. Forms. You must apply again each time you want to get a weapon. Beretta Australia. Changes to your current licence must be made before you renew. Phone Number : Course Category : ... "Eligibility to hold a Weapons Act Licence": The QRA conforms to the requirements of the Qld Weapons Act which governs the use of firearms. Weapons Licensing staff continue to process applications and will contact applicants should further information be required. Search. Please use the contact us form on the bottom of the website for all order enquiries. E107 Licence to store – Individual, Corporate or Partnership (Page 1/4) 23/07/2020 (Ver 2.0) Important information on completing this application form This application form is intended for a person applying for a Licence to Store Explosives in Queensland other than at a Government Magazine (refer S29, Explosives Regulation 2017). Acquiring a Firearm. Message. Send Message. Firearms Format ; FAQs: Application for a Firearms Licence : Firearms safety booklet: Licence application process brochure: Firearm Storage Requirements brochure: Firearm Dealers - Handgun Security FAQ's: Contact Us Police Licensing Services (Firearms) Locked Bag 9 East Perth WA 6892. Professional support and advice relating to weapons licensing matters in Queensland. Assessment of the importation and exportation of firearms and other weapons. WHERE WE ARE. Obtaining a licence. Tasmania Police Firearms Services. Please contact Triple Zero, 000. Contact Us. There is a mandatory waiting period for a PTA of 28 days from the date the application is lodged. This request applies to licences issued under the Explosives Act 1999 and not under the Weapons Act 1990. These are:- A person who is eligible to obtain … FAQs. You can check if a Queensland driver licence is current using this online service. FirearmsLink System - Firearms Dealers. Join the ETU Qld & NT Branch. COVID 19 Firearms Registry Response . Weapons Licensing have introduced an online form to enable applications for Import Permits to be completed on line. Come down and have a chat and a shoot. Submit. Firearms must be registered with Victoria Police, and a Permit to Acquireas well as an appropriate firearms licence is required to purchase, possess, carry and use such devices in Victoria. Contact Us. Interstate. Business Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. You may still choose to apply in hard copy using 'Application for an Import Permit' Application for an Import Permit: Application Type * Which type of Import Permit are you applying for? Online Services. Terms Of Registration. Security Industry Firearms. Phone number:* Email:* Address:* Additional information: Must Be at least 11 years of age. COACHING; NEWSLETTERS ; RANGE UPDATES; FAQ’s; CORPORATE BOOKINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS; FIREARM LICENCE; Discipline Captains. News and Events. If not disqualified or prevented from obtaining a licence under the Weapons Act 1990, a person may possess and use a weapon without a licence under certain circumstances. Date Of Birth:* Registration type: Unit cost: Qty: Select registrations: Rimfire $100.00 - ($20.00 Deposit only) $20.00 ea: $20.00: Light Centerfire $140.00 - ($20.00 Deposit only) $20.00 ea: $20.00: Please note: All prices are inclusive of GST. Please use the contact us form on the bottom of the website for all order enquiries. 12345678, not 12345678-01) * Details of the licence number, I request the weapon(s) to be transferred to. Saturday 8am - 1pm. Regulation and licence requirements. Qld firearms safety courses held weekly on the Gold Coast category A,B,C,D,H, and M, our gun courses are held by qualified licenced trainers