Source(s ... For the best answers, search on this site The Horn of Celebration. Are there good educational, non-sexual life games online? I know alot of crops won't bring but a gold piece or two in a standard general store so it's best to make a farm run instead for ez gold. Farms are usually bunched together too. She’ll make a hot wife and is really sweet too. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Like all innkeepers, she will sell some food and ingredients, and offers a bed for rent at a rate of 10 gold. 5)Which faction should i join Imperials or Stormcoats? Now I'm in White run, over encumbered and can't figure out who will buy it. Feel free to skip the silly story below and go to the detailed description. One in Skaal Village, southwest of the well in the center by Deor Woodcutter's House. report. Doesn't have much a purpose other than to add a bit of average joe jobs to the game. 1 comment. Troll is in the forum. 6. items and potions at Arcadias Cauldron and right next to that place is a general goods store where you can sell pretty much anything. Hulda, the owner of the Bannered Mare Taveren in Whiterun, will buy your firewood for 5 gold each. 100% Upvoted. The gags (from Zaz's mod) are craftable equips, mostly just need firewood, leather strips, and some iron for a couple of them. Is it true that there are no female gamers? 1. I factory reset and formatted the memory card on my hacked ps vita and now everything is gone? Struggling Ravens player: 'My family is off limits' Glitches You Can Still Find In Final Fantasy 7 Remake . Juan Marquez. All of my belongings have been transferred from the Bannered Mare to my new home near the city gates of Whiterun. save. Includes, ball gag, 2 different bit gags (including one in the picture), and a ring gag. where can i sell my firewood? what was the most recent video game you played? I know I can, and I know someone said I could now in Whiterun but yet I don't know how.Am I not far along yet or is there something I'm missing? I HATE it when false fans think that The Elder Scrolls 6 will suck. There may be no limit to the amount of firewood that you can chop at any one wood chopping block, and then sell. It popped up as a conversation option. One in Highpoint Tower, behind a beam. Plz help & msg me if you do thx! The towns folk watch me now with a different look as I make my way through the wind blown streets. One simple—if painfully slow—way to get the money to purchase a house is to chop the required amount of wood. btw i wanna sell for 5 gold each and not really cheap to storeowners. Alternatively, you can also chop the firewood first and then sell the firewood to … 2.0k votes, 133 comments. hide. They are fairly easy to find since 9 times out of 10 they will mention you chopping wood and them buying it when you walk past. Complete the Companions’ story arc ‘Glory of the Dead’ to open up marriage as an option. I know alot of crops won't bring but a gold piece or two in a standard general store so it's best to make a farm run instead for ez gold. To sell the firewood, just go to Inn in that area and ask Inn keeper to sell them. Aela the Huntress Nord companion in Jorrvaskr, Whiterun. She will also pass on rumors about quests and give bounties to complete for Whiterun's jarl. These lists are always going to be subjective but Ysolda in our opinion, is the best wife in Skyrim. In the first add-on, … Quicksilver can be mined right outside Whiterun's city walls. I am trying to work my way up to 5000 so I could get that house in Whiterun unless you know of a better city to settle. Where can I get firewood in skyrim? Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Corax. Still have questions? (not a mobile game)? 550. Additionally, she will buy firewood for 5 gold each, which increases her disposition and allows you to take low value items from the inn. I want gold so i started chopping firewood but the guy that buys it in riverwood i think his name is hog or sumthing well he is not there! Nearly every mod I use can be found at Skyrim Nexus. Yep. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4. 4)Whats the fastest way to make good money in Skyrim? © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. For the house in Whiterun for example, you will get 5000 gold if you accumulate 1000 pieces of firewood. Why not make armour from them then sell it? Follower/Wives; will go out and fight and die for you, they also have shopkeeper capability. The only thing I can't find is the fist fight. so you can get more out of it, or sell it at a general store or other merchant if you have the necessary perks. Firewood is also used to upgrade some weapons at grindstones (e.g. Day 67. It is only an add-on, not a stand-alone, and requires Dawnguard and Blacksmiths Sell Firewood. Can you return opened console games back to very ? where do you get the key to access Saarthal. 7)How do you get married in Skryim? Just keep talking around the city. 3. Jarl of Whiterun May 4, 2016 by Offdrykkja. You're in the topic. There's a farm just outside Solitude with a guy that buys firewood. Comedian, 64, recovering from stroke, family says. In the northeastern corner, there is an ore deposit right outside a "storage cubby" built in the wall. #4. smr1957. Is anyone else having trouble with Streaming like on Twitch? Firewood can either be sold directly to merchants for 2 or turned in to mill workers and innkeepers, who accept them for 5 a piece. Topic is in the forum. It varies, usually there is at least one person in every town who buys it. To obtain the "Ring of Sales," locate Goonie outside the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. 2. Can this game be fun for one kind of casual playthrough? Well I just started a new playthrough and as in every playthrough I want to start roleplaying. Additionally, she will buy firewood for 5 gold each, which increases her disposition and allows you to take low value items from the inn. I have invested in a store delivered a letter to whiterun and sold both firewood and metal. One in Damphall Mine, near natural light. Please help! Hmm, good point. Source(s): My "good" character initially made pretty steady money selling her firewood … Then just go sell it. Why is this game still so popular so many years later? Ysolda is a modest woman with her own house in Whiterun. Most merchants offer the same amount of gold wherever you go UNLESS you have Allure or Amulet of Zenithar inplace. Quick features list: 5. Remember The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS? Im a total noob in Skyrim, barely killed my first dragon near Whiterun. I sell everything to Belethors General Store in whiterun, if you have speech up or a ring or necklace on with speech or barter it could give better prices. Upon awakening, he asked Recorder on what does she think about Skyrim, and she responded with chaotic creatures such a dragons, and the Thalmor. common bows). To-the-point description: Blacksmiths now have 10 Firewood added to their inventories. 0 0. She is the only merchant who can sell you the ring. Wife’s Property: Ysolda’s House. You can go deal w/the scumbag bard for her, but she'll just thank you and try to sell you apples. I know its selfish but being stuck at home is really depressing me? Here is the list of potential wives •There are 2 types of wives "Shopkeepers" and "Followers" Shopkeeper the only advantage is they are are consider shopkeeper (buy/sell) and open at all times, bake homecooked meals and some have homes that you can store equipment; without buying a house. She will also pass on rumors about quests and give bounties to complete for Whiterun's jarl. Women you can marry. However, for convenience, a copy of the ring can be attained from the work table near the front door of Warmaiden's in Whiterun, across from the Drunken Huntsman. Most innkeepers and a few owners of sawmills. Originally she was supposed to be marriage material, but she got removed from the list, that's why the PC code is the only way to do it now. Or skip that, too. If you have extra spell tomes that you have the spell for and can't use, or a staff which you have multiples of, or just don't want sell them to a court wizard(eg.