If you still want a bigger space for the family, without sacrificing your […], Are you looking for a small yet spacious one story house for your starting family that can fit your budget? The combination of cream […], Are you planning to buy or to build a new house for the family? Everybody wants to be beautiful. People from the ancient times considered having white skin as a symbol of nobility and elegance. When I was younger, I am really that particular with the color of skin of women but rather how they bring themselves and their self-confidence. Is it a sign of colonial mentality or inferiority complex brought by Spanish colonizers? For some reason they think it is better to be white, so they use these products to lighten their own skin. A 22-year-old call center agent from the Philippines, J.R.,* tells me that he takes whitening capsules and uses a soap and facial cream that both claim to have whitening effects. Furthermore, recent research also shows that skin-whitening use is most common among Filipinas, and among the lower … Filipino value system is both indigenous and westernized. Some aristocrats are using lead oxide powder to make their faces whiter to set them apart from the slaves with darker skin color. Whitening is very popular, but the methods for whitening teeth vary greatly, and there are a lot of scams out there. They are effective and helps in providing cleaner, whiter teeth at the comfort of home. According to a research conducted by Professor Margaret Hunter entitled Sociology Compass, having a lighter skin tone is valued by Filipinos due to their European colonial history. This house design is typical for places that are prone to […], If you are looking for a two storey house plan, then here is an ideal house for you. “Growing up as a kid, I used to hate my skin as I was teased a lot because of it.”, “As I entered the puberty stage, I had a brief stint where I tried out ‘whitening’ products my mum bought for me, but now I see that there is more to the world than the beauty standards set by some traditional people.”, “Although many people, including the media are starting to embrace the beauty of being ‘morena’, it’s been so deeply ingrained in our Filipino culture and society that I think it will take a really long time before we get rid of this skin tone standard.”. This house plan for today might be the house plan that you’re looking for. well, people have different preferences. Keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons women use high-quality skin whitening products and why you might want to as well. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Even if Filipinos are born with golden brown skin, the pressure from society taught many of us not to be proud of our natural color. But why use whitening products, if not because of colourism? There’s also less general awareness of these … Whitening lotion, whitening soap, whitening deodorant, and even capsules of glutathione - an antioxidant which purports to prevent skin cells from producing darkening melanin - fill the bustling shopping centres of Manila.Â. If you do, then you will be amazed at this simple one bedroom house. Melanin is responsible for our skin tone and color. There's even some old text about local princesses bartering for skin whitening plants from China 600-700 years ago … Glutathione is not only a potent skin whitening ingredient, its antioxidant properties are an added bonus as well. In the country, having white skin can give you unspeakable advantages: people will admire you, they will envy you, and also give you perks that people with brown skin tone could just wish for. Many women believe that fine line and wrinkles are their only opponents, so they start using special anti-age creams early on in life to prevent these from occurring. In the Philippines, many Filipinos would spare a hefty chunk of their wages to splurge on whitening products, such as lotions, soaps, creams, or even oral capsules. The leading cause of dark spots is the excess production of melanin. Santo Tomas University student Arianne Suarez, says the incessant advertising of whitening products only compounds the problem. (Getty Images ). Whitening/Brightening Products Should not be used for the long term. During the pre-Qin China, having white skin is associated with wealth. Why More Asian Men Are Using Skin Whitening Products In Asia, using various skin whitening products is a common practice among women, but clearly, the trend is also catching up to many Asian men. “The horrible beauty standards in the Philippines that favour white skin are merely one of the lasting impacts of western colonisation on Filipinos.”.