Work is nearing completion on the Seaplane Hangar 38 on Miller Field. Miller Field was established prior to World War I as part of a system of aerial coast defenses for New York City. An early aviation building, Seaplane Hangar 38 was constructed at Miller Field in 1920 for the U.S. Army and is the sole survivor of a hangar group and base comprising of approximately 40 buildings. Hangar 38 remains significant as one of the last extant examples of its type remaining on the eastern seaboard.

On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy inundated Miller Field, bringing salt water, debris, and wave action to the Seaplane Hangar 38 and the rest of the site, triggering the need for mitigation of life-safety hazards and protection of the historic resource. Carrying contaminated mud and sludge into the hangar bays, the storm surge damaged features and exacerbated ongoing deterioration of
interior and exterior finishes.

Work is expected to be completed at the end of January.

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