In an industry where safety is fundamental, there is a universally accepted measurement: the Experience Modification Rating (EMR). It is a measurement used by the insurance industry to credit or penalize a company’s specific safety history. An “average” company pays 100% of its insurance premium and scores an EMR of 1.00. Exceed 1.00 and you are penalized. Fall below 1.00 and you are credited for your safety record.
Recently, SCE was advised that its EMR for 2016 is .760 – a significant drop from last year’s already impressive .783. The decrease represents the fifth straight year of improvement and a best-ever mark in this key company measurement.
The accomplishment is of much greater significance than simply a cost savings. A decreasing EMR signifies a company’s long term dedication to the safety and welfare of its employees. A rate as low as SCE’s comes only with a continued commitment to safe work practices, a safe work culture, and extensive safety training.
Among the six core values at SCE is safety. The value is stated as such: “We believe that safety awareness, safe behavior, and accident prevention are conditions of employment. We accept no excuses.”
Director of Health & Safety, Dale Nat, and Site Safety Inspector, Dean Argenta, champion the cause. “SCE’s commitment to safety is rare in its scope and commitment,” notes Nat. “I know of many companies that give the obligatory nod to safety and put the words on their shirts and jackets, but I know of very few that actually incorporate safety into their culture. At SCE, safety permeates every decision and every task.” Argenta agrees, “when it comes to safety,” he notes, “there are no shortcuts … there are no cost-cutting excuses. We do it right, we do it safely, and the company dedicates the resources to back up that commitment”.

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